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Ryuho Okawa (大川 隆法 Ōkawa Ryūhō ?) is the founder of the Happy Science religious organization and the Happiness Realization Party political party in Japan.

His organization claims that he has devoted his life to the exploration of truth and finding ways to bring happiness to people all over the world.

Ryuho Okawa was born on July 7, 1956 in Tokushima, Japan.[1] After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he joined a Tokyo-based trading house. While working at its New York headquarters, he studied finance at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. On March 23, 1981, it is said that he achieved Great Enlightenment and awakened to the hidden part of his consciousness which he called El Cantare, who is from the 9th dimension of the spirit world. Happy Science has stated that he is the highest spiritual being of the earth with a mission to bring happiness to all humanity. Following the path of other new religions in Japan, Okawa moved into the political sphere in May 2009 with the foundation of a political party called the Happiness Realization Party.[2]

Since the founding of Happy Science, Okawa has reportedly written and published some 500 books,[2] of which some are best-sellers and three have been made into full-feature movies: The Laws of the Sun, The Laws of Eternity, and The Golden Laws.[1] These three books contain the core-teachings of Happy Science. In a related article (Tuesday, August 4 2009), The Japan Times quotes Okawa's political organization, which claims that he is a reincarnation of Buddha who achieved enlightenment in March 1981 "and awakened to the hidden part of his consciousness, El Cantare, whose mission is to bring happiness to all humanity". Okawa claims that before he founded Happy Science he had written books in which he channeled the spirits of Muhammad, Christ, Buddha, and Confucious.

He claims to have conducted over a thousand lectures on various themes such as the spirit world, business success, family utopia, relationships, love, self-reflection, health, politics, religion, philosophy and generally themes based on how to achieve happiness in life. The main path to happiness, as he states, is through practicing the Fourfold Path. This path consists of love, wisdom, reflection and progress.

He is married to Kyoko Okawa, former leader of the Happiness Realization Party and "the reborn Aphrodite and the bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect." [2]


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