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Yakuza series story chronology

Yakuza / Movie Version
Yakuza 2
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 4

This is a main characters guide to Sega's video games and movies franchise Yakuza also known as Ryu Ga Gotoku (龍が如く, lit. "Like a Dragon"). Characters are sorted by organizations or groups according to the original works. The English language adaptation equivalents are mentioned when available.

"[1]", "[2]", "[3]", "[4]" are notes at the character's evolution through the respective episodes with "[P]" and "[M]" referring to the Prologue and Movie Version live-action films and "[K]" referring to the spin-off.

Key characters of the Yakuza series have their face modeled and mapped after their Japanese seiyu actor since the Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! 2008 spinoff. Cyberware Inc.'s head & face color 3D scanner is used in the Hollywood's film industry and was exploited by Sega CS1 to reduce 3D model production time[1]. Sega AM-2's Yu Suzuki introduced 3D scanning technology back in 1998 for Project Berkeley / Shenmue;[2] which can be considered a Yakuza prototype in many respects. Shenmue series's clay busts have been replaced by famous Japanese actors in the Yakuza series; as in Capcom's action-adventure game Onimusha series.


Main characters

Maitan's Lightning series figure of Yakuza 2 "Kazuma Kiryu 4th Chairman of Tojo Clan Dragon of Dojima".
Kazuma Kiryu (桐生 一馬)
Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese), Darryl Kurrylo (English)

[P] Kazuma is the main protagonist in the series. Born in June 17, 1968 (blood type O), he was raised during the 1970s in the Sunflower Orphanage with Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama, who became his best friend, the latter's sister Yuko and Yumi Sawamura who joined in 1980. When he was a child his parents were killed by Shintaro Kazama, a Tojo Clan affiliate Dojima Family lieutenant, who brought him to the Sunflower orphanage he financed. Later Kazama introduced Kazuma and Nishiki in the Dojima Family. Kazama became a father figure for Kiryu who supported him within the Family and years later when he was released from prison. Kazuma rose the hierarchy and earned the nickname "the Dragon of the Dojima Family" (堂島の龍 doujima no ryu) because of the dragon tattoo on his back. He was planning on starting his own subsidiary group until he took the blame for the murder of his God father, Sohei Dojima, to protect his best friend, and was imprisoned for ten years.

[1] 37 years old. 184cm, 88kg. December 2005, after his release, Kazuma returned to his home town Kamurocho but due to his patricide, he is marked for death by the entire yakuza community. He quickly find himself pulled back into the Yakuza underworld. His fighting style uses a mixture of street fighting, Pro Wrestling and jujutsu.

[2] 38 years old. When the fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Yukio Terada, is assassinated in December 15, 2006, Kazuma Kiryu wants Sohei Dojima's son Daigo to take the clan's leadership and prevent an upcoming yakuza families war. But the young man called Daigo Dojima does not want such a responsibility.

[3] 40 years old. Kazuma Kiryu moved from Kamurocho and now runs the Morning glory Orphanage (asagao) in Okinawa. There he raises nine children including Haruka Sawamura.

Haruka Sawamura (澤村 遥)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Debi Derryberry (English)

[1] 120cm. Haruka is a young girl searching for her mother, Mizuki, whom evidence seems to indicate is Yumi's younger sister. Haruka is also somehow connected to the money that went missing before Kazuma's release. A combination of these reasons and pure chance leave Haruka in Kazuma's tentative custody. Before arriving in Kamurocho, she too lived at the Sunflower Orphanage.
[3] 12 years old. Haruka is an orphan raised by Kazuma. Her mother was Yumi Sawamura, Kazuma Kiryu's childhood love and best friend Nishiki's fiancée, while her father was Jingu, the head of the MBI. Haruka was abandoned at birth by her mother and grew up as an orphan until she met Kiryu Kazuma who took care of her as a father figure though she calls him ojisan (おじさん) the Japanese equivalent for both "Sir" and "Uncle".

Shun Akiyama (秋山 駿)
Voiced by: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese)

[4] A former homeless gone finance worker, Sky Finance employee. He gathered money fallen from the Millenium Tower.

Masayoshi Tanimura (谷村 正義)
Voiced by: Hiroki Narimiya (Japanese)

[4] A National Police Agency dropout who left police after a case involving his father and a yakuza oyabun.

Taiga Saejima (冴島 大河)
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese)

[4] A physically imposing yakuza who has just broke out of prison; he was sentenced 25 years for having killed 18 enemies all by himself back in 1985. He met Goh Hamazaki in jail. Taiga has a tiger tattoo on his back, this is a pun at his name since taiga (大河) also means "tiger" (タイガー) in Japanese.

Tojo Clan (東城会)

Tojo Clan members lapel pin.

The Tojo Clan or "Tojo Association" (東城会, toujou kai) was founded by Makoto Tojo and since 2008 is headed by its 6th Chairman Daigo Dojima of the Dojima Family. It is Tokyo largest yakuza organization federating several affiliate families.

Chairmen generations
Character name
1st Makoto Tojo (Tojo Family)
2nd unknown
3rd Masaru Sera
4th Kazuma Kiryu (Dojima Family)
5th Yukio Terada (Omi Family)
6th Daigo Dojima (Dojima Family)
Makoto Tojo (東城 真)

Founder of the original Tojo Clan (東城会, toujou kai).

Masaru Sera (世良 勝) / Masa Sera
Voiced by: Ryūji Mizuki (Japanese), Alan Dale (English)

[1] The third chairman of the Tojo Clan. He headed up all the affiliate families that made up the Tojo Clan. He was regarded as a legend for achieving the position in his 40s and under his leadership the Clan prospered. Akira Nishiki called an emergency meeting of all the captains of the Tojo Clan where he revealed that the 10 billion yen that the Clan had gained over the years had been stolen. Sera went to investigate what had happened to the money only to be assassinated when he found out what happened. The chairmanship was left open as a result, and the top captains; Fuma, Shimano, and Nishiki all vied for the position.


Dojima Family (堂島組)

Sohei Dojima (堂島 宗兵)

[1] The honorable but violent head of the of the Dojima Family and the top captain of the Tojo clan of which he is affiliated, Dojima was known for getting his way by any means necessary. His death caused discord among the men of his family, and forced them to choose a new oyabun to follow. Nishiki was responsible for his death but Kazuma took the blame.

Yayoi Dojima (堂島 弥生)

[1] Sohei Dojima's wife and later widow. She sets up an ambush for Kazuma believing he was responsible for her husband's death, but after he defeats the ambush and stands face to face with her Yayoi then realizes that Kazuma in fact took the blame for another (not knowing it was Nishiki) and lets him go.

[2] Sohei Dojima's widow, she has taken interrim chairmanship of the Tojo Clan.

Daigo Dojima (堂島 大吾)

[2] Daigo Dojima is Sohei's son.

[3] Daigo is the 6th Chairman (会長, kaicho) of the Tojo Clan a powerful yakuza syndicate.

Kazama Family (風間組)

Shintaro Kazama (風間 新太郎) / Shintaro Fuma
Voiced by: Tetsuya Watari (Japanese), Roger L. Jackson (English)

[P] Shintaro Kazama/Fuma had provided funding for the Sunflower Orphanage Kazuma Kiryu, Akira Nishikiyama, and Yumi Sawamura grew up in. Later as lieutenant of the Dojima Family, Kazama introduced both Kiryu and Nishikiyama in the family as his protégés. Adult Kazama remained a father-figure to both of them.

[1] 177cm, 70kg. A kind and honourable man, a Tojo Clan affiliate, first captain of the Kazama Family (Fuma Family) he founded at Sohei Dojima death taking over the remains of the Dojima Family, thus making this new family the most powerful in the Tojo Clan. This advantage helped keep the other affiliate captains in check. However, five years after the murder a rift was created in the Kazama Family when Nishikiyama, a supposed lieutenant, broke away and declared his own family. This caused many of Kazama's men to desert to the rival Nishikiyama Family. Kazama was the one that helped inform Kiryu about the current state of affairs when he was released from prison. At Masa Sera's funeral, Kiryu met up with Kazama but was shot by an assassin. The bullet pierced his left shoulder. The assassin was Nishikiyama. Shinji Tanaka, Nishikiyama's lieutenant, took Kazama to a hospital to recover. At some point Shinji would turn Kazama over to Yukio Terada, a lieutenant of the Omi Family that owed Kazama a lot for things that he had helped him get through. Kazama was kept on Terada's yacht until Kiryu could come. Futoshi Shimano than attacked this yacht and was defeated by the Kazama Family's reinforcements. Kazama was killed while protecting Haruka Sawamura from a grenade that Shimano had thrown. Shortly before he died, it was revealed that he was the one who assassinated Kiryu's parents and that the Sunflower Orphanage was where Kazama sent the children of the people he assassinated, making them into orphans. Despite this, Kiryu forgives Kazama and calls him the only parent he ever had.

Osamu Kashiwagi (柏木 修)

[3] The Second President of the Kazama Family (二代目風間組) as the successor of Shintaro Kazama. He is mortally wounded after an helicopter attack in the Millenium Tower.

Nishikiyama Family (錦山組)

Akira Nishikiyama (錦山 彰) / Akira Nishiki
Voiced by: Kazuhiro Nakatani (Japanese), Michael Rosenbaum (English)

[P] Along with his sister Yuko, Kazuma Kiryu and Yumi Sawamura, Nishiki grew up in Shintaro Kazama's (Fuma) Sunflower Orphanage. Nishiki was the one actually responsible for the death of Sohei Dojima, but reluctantly allowed Kazuma to take the fall for it so he could tend to his ill sister, who disappeared shortly thereafter.

[1] Born October 8, 1968 (blood type AB) When Kazuma returns to Kamurocho, he finds that Nishiki has not only started his own subsidiary group of the Dojima Family, but has changed into a cold, heartless man completely unlike his former self. He has a koi tattooed on his back. In the Japanese version, Nishiki's name is actually Nishikiyama and Nishiki is only his nickname.

Yuko Nishikiyama (錦山)

[P] Yuko is Akira's younger sister raised with him, Kazuma Kiryu and Yumi Sawamura in Shintaro Kazama's (Fuma) Sunflower Orphanage. She suffers a disease which had her periodically going to the hospital since 1983. In 1995, her surgery operation of the last chance and reliance on her elder brother Nishiki is the reason why Kazuma Kiryu took the fall for Sohei Dojima's murder. She died shortly after and her death spiraled Nishiki's descent into darkness.

Shinji Tanaka (田中 シンジ)
Voiced by: Takafumi Yamaguchi (Japanese), Daniel Capellaro (English)

[1] Kazuma Kiryu's "little brother", Shinji looks up to Kazuma and helps him out when he can. He is Nishiki's lieutenant, but his true loyalties lie with Kazuma and Shintaro Kazama (Fuma). While many of Kazuma's old friends forgot him when he was in prison, Shinji did not. He is part of the Dojima family. He dies from wounds made by Arase's subordinate Mochizuki.

Koji Shindo (新藤浩二)

Initially a lieutenant of the Nishiki family in the first game and serves as a boss in Chapter 7. Eventually becomes the second Captain of the Nishiki family in Yakuza 2.

Kazuto Arase (荒瀬和人)

A cold hearted Yakuza who is renowned for his brutality, he was killer of Reina. He is a skilled marksman. Appears in Yakuza 1. In Yakuza 3, it was revealed he was disowned from the Nishiki family by Shindo for his failure to kill Kazuma. He forms the Yakuza assassin group "Avenger" made up of disowned Yakuza with his ultimate goal to kill Kazuma out of revenge. He fails and disbands the Avenger's but swears to have one final showdown with Kazuma in the future.

Tsuyoshi Kanda (神田 強)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Miyasako

49 years old, bald with golden costume. Kanda is the third head of the Nishikiyama Family (三代目錦山組) created by Kiryu Kazuma's childhood best friend gone deadly enemy Nishiki.

Hasebe (長谷部)

Hasebe is Kanda's lieutenant. He is noticeable for his dreadlocks and his blue costume with a yellow shirt.

Shimano Family (嶋野組)

Futoshi Shimano (嶋野 太) / Futo Shimano
Voiced by: Naomi Kusumi (Japanese), Michael Madsen (English)

[1] Shimano is the head of the Shimano Family, an affiliate of the Tojo Clan. Much like Dojima, he has a reputation for his ruthless, violent nature, and has a brutal grudge against Kazuma for Dojima's death. At Masa Sera's funeral, Shimano had fought with Kazuma after Kazuma was found out in the funeral. After Shinji turned Fuma over to Terada and was kept on the yacht until Kazuma came, the Shimano family attacked the yacht with Shimano leading the attack. After being defeated by Kazuma and Fuma Family reinforcements, Shimano threw a grenade towards Fuma and Haruka shortly before getting shot a few times by Terada which led to his death. He has a tattoo of a tiger on his back.

Takahashi (高橋)

A character.

Majima Family (真島組)

Goro Majima (真島 吾朗)
Voiced by: Hidenari Ugaki (Japanese), Mark Hamill (English)

[1] A lieutenant of the Shimano family, Shimano's right-hand man and head of the Majima Family, Majima is an acquaintance of Kazuma with a twisted sense of loyalty. His temper and lack of mercy earned him the nickname "the Madman of the Shimano Family". Because of his friendship with Kazuma he believed himself to be the only one entitled to kill him, and nearly died attempting to protect that right. Majima and Kazuma fight each other twice in the game, the first time in the batting cages (and nearly died) and the second time in the soapland, Shangri-la.

[3] Goro left the Shimano Family and founded is own which is based on construction works. He is asked by Kazuma Kiryu to watch over Daigo Dojima and the Tojo Clan business while he left Kamurocho for Okinawa. Majima has promised Kazuma but is not enthusiast with this matter.

Hakuho Clan (白峯会)

Yoshitaka Mine (峯 義孝)
Voiced by: Nakamura Shidō II

[3] 33 years old. Mine is the President of the Hakuho Clan (白峯会, hakuhou kai), a Tojo Clan affiliate. He has a golden dragon tattoo on his back.

Hamazaki Family (浜崎組)

Goh Hamazaki (浜崎 豪)
Voiced by: George Takahashi

[3] Goh is the tough leader of the Hamazaki Family (浜崎組). He earned the nickname "Hama Emperor" (ハマの帝王, hama no teiou); "hama" being short for Yokohama, the Family's hometown. It is rumored Hamazaki is linked with the Chinese Mafia's Yokohama Chinatown Snake Flower triad.

Omi Family (近江連合)

The Omi Family or "Omi Alliance" (近江連合, omi rengou) is a powerful yakuza association based in Osaka.

Jin Goda (郷田 仁)

[2] Jin Goda is the elderly 5th chairman of the Omi alliance, and adoptive father of Ryuji Goda. However, he has difficulty controlling it since it has become so big. He is kidnapped by Ryuji and absent throughout much of the game. In the final chapter of the game, Jin reveals the truth about Ryuji's original family. He took care of Ryuji even though he knew that he was the son of the boss of the Jingweon mafia, and that Ryuji's mother actually escaped the Jingweon massacre 20 years ago, thus revealing she had another child afterward who turns out to be Kaoru Sayama. In the end, he is killed by Ryo Takashima.

Yukio Terada (寺田 行雄)

[2] Yukio is the 5th Chairman of the Tojo Clan succeeding to Kazuma Kiryu. His murder in December 2006 started a war between the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance, his last wish being peace between the Tojo clan and Omi Alliance. In the final chapter of the game, it is revealed that he is actually Daejin Kim, a survivor of the Jingweon massacre 20 years ago and that he faked his death in order to start a war between the Tojo and Omi. He did this in order to avenge the murders of the Jingweon members. He also conspired with Ryo Takashima, but he is betrayed by him.

Ryuji Goda (郷田 龍司)

[2] Ryuji is the son of Jin Goda, and Korean, and is known as the "Dragon of Kansai". He dislikes this nickname because of the Kansai part, believing that there should only be one true dragon in Japan. To that end he seeks to defeat Kiryu Kazuma. Ryuji stages a coup in the Omi, unwilling to make peace with the Tojo clan. He kidnaps his father and takes over the organization, recruiting the Jingweon mafia in the process. Ryuji is actually the son of the boss of the Jingweon mafia, however, he does not care about their code of honor. Kaoru Sayama is actually his half-sister.

Ryo Takashima (高島 遼)

[2] Ryo Takashima is the Chief Director of the Omi Alliance. He took over when Yukio Terada had left the Organization. He was actually working as Terada's mole in the alliance. Takashima however, betrays him, intending to take both the Omi and the Jingweon to spread them throughout mainland Asia. However, he is killed by Ryuji Goda before his plans can be realized.

Toranosuke Sengoku (千石 虎之介)

A character appearing in the second episode.

Hiroshi Hayashi (林弘)

[1] Hiroshi Hayashi is a member of the Omi Family working for Akira Nishikiyama to kidnap Haruka Sawamura. Hayashi and his men meet Kazuma Kiryu at Mizuki's Ares bar on top of the Millenium Tower. Hayashi corners Kazuma and wanted the girl to come with him. Kazuma resisted, and Hayashi and his men fought. Hayashi is defeated only then return to Yakuza 2.

[2] In Yakuza 2, he quitted the Omi Family and started working for Ryuji Goda and Go-Ryu Clan. Hayashi and seven men are sent to invade one of Kage`s power supply rooms at the Purgatory. When Hayashi`s men are defeated, he engaged in a fight with Kazuma. At the end, he is once again defeated. Hayashi is a Japanese that has black hair and wears a black suit and a black tie.

Kunieda (国枝)

A character appearing in the second episode.

Snake Flower (蛇華)

A Chinese Mafia triad headed by Lau.

Lau Kar-long (ラウ・カーロン, 劉家龍) / Lau Ka Long
Voiced by: James Horan (English)

[1] Lau is a Chinese martial arts master and the President (総統, soutou) of the Chinese mafia triad called Snake Flower (蛇華, jyaka). Lau Kar-Long and Kazuma Kiryu were enemies for twelve years and Lau seeked for his revenge. Lau, hired by Futoshi Shimano, hired gang members from the Blood Eye Gang to kidnap Haruka. When Kazuma found a restaurant, the Snake Flower`s hideout, he is ambushed and survived the attack. Kazuma confronted Lau and learnt that Lau sold Haruka`s pendant to Nishiki and said the girl worths more. Kazuma, confused, tries to gather more information but Lau cuts the conversion and engages Kazuma with a weapon. Kazuma defeated and knocked out Lau and freed Haruka, but then he is caught and is blamed for Haruka`s adduction.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (警視庁)

Jiro Kawara (瓦 次郎)

Voiced By:Masakazu Morita(Japanese) [2] Kaoru Sayama's father.

Wataru Kurahashi (倉橋 渉)

Wataru Kurahashi is a detective working for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Secretly, he was a Korean named Yingmeon Ji and a survivor of the Jingweon mafia that were killed 20 years ago by the Dojima Family of the Tojo Clan. Kurahashi took Japanese citizenship and joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. He, Daejin Kim, and Ryo Takashima plotted to take destroy the Tojo clan. Kurahashi and his men kidnapped Makoto Date and forced Kazuma to come to his location. He set an ambush with the Jingweon mafia members but Jiru Kuwara knocked down Kurahashi and told him that he kept a eye on him ever since he took Japanese citizenship. Kurahashi revealed to Kaoru Sayama that Kuwara is her father and shot Kuwara four times. Kazuma, furious, engaged in battle with Kurahashi and his henchman and defeated him. Kurahashi was knocked out and tried to get a gun, but Kaoru held him at gunpoint. He then managed to got and shoot, but Kuwara used his body for the impact of the bullet. Kaoru was shocked and can't move so Kawara wrapped his hands around the gun and shot Kurahashi to death.

Kiryu's cooperative workers (桐生の協力者)

Junichi Sudo (須藤 純一)

A character appearing in the first episode.

Osaka Prefectural Police Department (大阪府警察)

Tsutomu Bessho (別所 勉)

A character appearing in the second episode.

Kiryu's cooperative workers (桐生の協力者)

Kaoru Sayama (狭山 薫)

[2] Female Lieutenant Sayama is a Lead Detective of the Osaka police. Sayama's work within the Division 4 earned her the nickname "the Yakuza Eater". She is also Kiryu's love interest.

[3] Kaoru Sayama meets Kazuma Kiryu at the graveyard and reveals him she's leaving Japan to pursue her career in the United States.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Joji Kazama (風間 譲二)
Voiced by: Tetsuya Watari

60 years old. He is the younger brother of Shintaro Kazama (Fuma) founder of the Kazama Clan and a father figure for Kazuma Kiryu. 30 years ago, Joji was an elite member of the National Police Agency within the Secretariat of the Minister of State's international section. He received persecution because his brother Shintaro was a known yakuza of the Tojo Clan, so Joji had to resign and he eventually joined the CIA.

André Richardson (アンドレ・リチャードソン)
Voiced by Charles Glover

51 years old. André Richardson, a.k.a. the "Man in Black" (黒の男, kuru no otoko), is a CIA agent and the secret leader of Black Monday, a powerful illegal arms dealer organisation.

Politicians (政治家)

Kiryu Kazuma is invited to the National Diet Building by the Minister of Defense in Yakuza 3.
Kyohei Jingu (神宮 京平)
Voiced by: Robin Atkin Downes (English)

[1] The Korean mastermind behind the Tojo Clan robbery. He moves in Tokyo using his helicopter. He is Yumi's husband and Haruka's father. The 10 million the Tojo Clan has is Jingu's money the whole time. He and Yumi met in the Tojo Clan and had a child, Haruka. Both of them aren't officially married and Yumi left him when Jingu received a marriage proposal from the Prime Minister's daughter. He then became ruthless after he attempts to keep the position he's in and to keep his future secured. He left the Tojo Clan and approached the Omi Family. He then killed a reporter that is blackmailing Jingu to give money to him or he'll reveal the truth about Yumi or Haruka. He told Third Chairman Sera about this and Sera's men invaded the deceased reporter's home and burnt his notes and pictures. He then requested Sera to hire an assassin to kill Yumi and Haruka to protect both of their future. Before the assassin can kill Yumi, who still have lost her memory, Shintaro Fuma arrived and shot the assassin's arm. Due to that incident, Yumi regained her memory. When Kazuma and Haruka went to Ares to meet Yumi, outside of the bar, Jingu's men and Jingu himself have been waiting for them. He then shot Haruka, but Kazuma took the bullet and fell down. Kazuma is shocked that Haruka's own father would shoot her. Jingu explained that Yumi and Haruka is a thorn for him. Then Yukio Terada, the lieutenant of the Omi Family, came with his men and held Jingu in gunpoint. Jingu laughed up and the Omi soldiers grabbed Terada. Jingu revealed the Omi Family works for him no and Terada is knocked down. Yumi opened the bomb that has the ten million and took Haruka in her wing. Kazuma then revealed to Jingu that Sera what he was doing the whole time and beat the Omi Family's traitors. After that, people from the MBI, working with Jingu, surrounded Kazuma. Just at the moment, Makoto Date came in a helicopter and issued Jingu's arrest. Jingu's men shot Date's helicopter and ordered every witnesses to be killed. Kazuma beaten Jingu and the MBI. When Yumi revealed the safe for Jingu whole 10 million, Jingu shot Kazuma. Jingu shot again but Yumi took the shot and died. Jingu laughed and raised his gun at Kazuma, but Nishika charged behind Jingu with a knife and stabbed him to death.

Democratic Party of Japan (民自党)

Ryuzo Tamiya (田宮 隆造)
Voiced by: Akio Ohtsuka

He is member of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (民自党) and the Minister of Defense. Tamiya launches a plan to expand an United States Forces Japan base in Okinawa for the purpose of testing a new Ballistic Missile Defense system (新BMDシステム, shin BMD shisutemu). Minister Suzuki in charge of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism opposes this enlargement plan submitting a resort proposal instead. But the B.M.D. project is actually fake and is part of an anti-criminal plot set in conjunction with the CIA against an Okinawa relocated American weapon smuggling organisation called Black Monday (ブラックマンデー, buraku mande). Concerned about the threat upon his Private Secretary, now the CIA is after him for disclosing the plot, Tamiya sends back Kiryu to Ryukyugai in order to save the lives of both Toma and his long time friend, Joji Kazama.

Yoshinobu Suzuki (鈴木 善伸)

Suzuki is the Minister of Land (DPJ) who opposes Tamiya's B.M.D. project, promoting his own Okinawa resort development (沖縄のリゾート開発, okinawa no rizoto kaihatsu). In order to force the land purchase for his resort plan, Suzuki connects with the Tojo Clan through its affiliate Shiramine Clan and the Okinawa local Tamashiro Family. However the resort proposal is regarded as a threat by the CIA for it would cancel the whole Black Monday operation.

Shoyo Toma (當眞 昌洋)

Toma is the Okinawa graduate Private Secretary of Minister Tamiya (DPJ). When the CIA learned Toma betrayed Minister Tamiya for his rival Suzuki, thus threatening the Black Monday project, Joji Kazama was sent to Ryukyugai's Canal Grande cabaret to assassinate him.

Kamurocho inhabitants (神室町の人々)

The Kamurocho area is modeled after Tokyo's Kabukicho (歌舞伎町).

Kiryu's cooperative workers (桐生の協力者)

Makoto Date (伊達 真)
Voiced by: Kazuhiro Yamaji (Japanese), Bill Farmer (English)

[1] After Dojima's murder, Detective Date was the only one not fully convinced of Kazuma's guilt. He continued to investigate the case even after Kazuma's incarceration, which earned him an unwanted transfer to the Organized Crime Unit. He is the father of Saya Date.

[3] He becomes a reporter in Yakuza 3, and continues to assist Kazuma in any way he can.

Kid (若造)

Detective Makoto Date is his superior.

New Serena's Mama (ニューセレナのママ)

[3] Mama is the New Serena snack owner replacing Reina and her Serena bar. She has a love affair with Makoto Date in a sub-scenario.

Yuya (ユウヤ)
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake

[1] Yuya is a no.1 host at Stardust and Kazuki's right-hand man. He is outspoken, proud, and more than willing to fight for both Kazuki and Stardust. His girlfriend, Miyu, is the main attraction at Kamurocho's Asia strip club. It is revealed that he has a deep hatred for the Yakuza when Yuya mistakes Kazuma for a yakuza before getting beaten by him. He holds a deep respect for Kazuma.

Kazuki (一輝)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida

[1] Kazuki is the young owner of Stardust, a popular host club located directly across from Serena. Kind and charismatic, he is indebted to Fuma and helps Kazuma at his request.

Doctor Emoto (柄本)

Emoto heads Kamurocho's Emoto Clinic.

Sai no Hanaya (サイの花屋) / Kage
Voiced by: Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Japanese), Dwight Schultz (English)

[1] The mastermind behind a self-sufficient underground world called Purgatory and a district-wide surveillance system, Sai no Hanaya (Kage) is a notorious professional informant, and can provide any piece of information for a price. Sai no Hanaya (Kage) was once a police detective until he was busted by fellow detective Makoto Date for selling informations on the black market. He abandoned his family when he went underground, but still watches over them. His son, Takashi, is involved with a girl called Kyoka, who happens to be the daughter of the head of the Atobe Family.

Cabaret girls - Tokyo (キャバ嬢)

Aya (あや)
Voiced by: unknown

[1] 20 years old. Blood type O. A bar hostess at Shine.

Erina (エリナ)
Voiced by: unknown

[1] 21 years old. Blood type B. A bar hostess at Shine.

Yuzu (ゆず)
Voiced by: Yuzuki Aikawa

[1] 22 years old. Blood type B. A bar hostess at Shine.

Reika (レイカ)
Voiced by: unknown

[1] 22 years old. Blood type AB. A bar hostess at Jewel.

Chisa (ちさ)
Voiced by: unknown

[1] 20 years old. A bar hostess at Jewel.

Hiromi (ヒロミ)
Voiced by: Hitomi Aizawa

[1] 23 years old. Blood type O. A bar hostess at Jewel.

Karen (カレン)
Voiced by unknown

[2] A bar hostess at Shine.

Kaede (かえで)
Voiced by Kaede Matsushima

[2] A bar hostess at Shine.

Maiko (舞子)
Voiced by unknown

[2] A bar hostess at Shine.

Yuma (ゆま)
Voiced by: Yuma Asami

[2] A bar hostess at Jewel.

Natsuki (なつき)
Voiced by: unknown

[2] A bar hostess at Jewel.

Anna (杏奈)
Voiced by: unknown

[2] A bar hostess at Jewel.

Sayaka Araki (荒木さやか)
Voiced by: Sayaka Araki

[3] A bar hostess at club Ageha.

Rina Sakurai (桜井莉菜)
Voiced by: Rina Sakurai

[3] A bar hostess at club Ageha.

Riho Nishiyama (西山りほ)
Voiced by: Riho Nishiyama

[3] A bar hostess at club Ageha.

Nemu (ねむ)
Voiced by: herself

[3] A bar hostess at club Ageha.

Eri Momoka (桃華絵里)
Voiced by: Eri Momoka

[3] A bar hostess at club Koakuma.

Shizuka Mutou (武藤静香)
Voiced by: Shizuka Mutou

[3] A bar hostess at club Koakuma.

Rina Ayakuwa (鮎川りな)
Voiced by: Rina Ayakuwa

[3] A bar hostess at club Koakuma.

Minor characters

Yumi Sawamura (澤村 由美)
Voiced by: Miyako Uesaka (Japanese), Eliza Dushku (English)

[1] Born June 30, 1971 (blood type B). 165cm, 45kg. Yumi grew up with Kazuma and Nishiki, and worked as a hostess at Serena with Reina. She was abducted by Sohei Dojima, and the trauma of the event caused her to lose her memory; shortly after, she checked herself out of the hospital and disappeared.

Mizuki Sawamura (澤村 美月)

[1] Mizuki is Yumi's younger sister. She raised Haruka at the Sunflower orphanage then managed her own bar, called Ares, located on top of the Millenium Tower.

Reina (麗奈)
Voiced by: Rachael Leigh Cook (English)

[1] 165, 43kg. A story figure who runs the bar, Serena. She's been friends with Kazuma and Nishiki for a long time as Serena was Kazuma and Nishiki's favorite hangout 10 years ago. Reina helps Kazuma by letting him use Serena as a hideout and takes care of Haruka whenever Kazuma has to go somewhere. In chapter 9, it is revealed she betrayed Kazuma out of love for Nishiki and became his informant. After attempting to kill Nishiki, she is rescued by Shinji and killed along with Shinji.

Akimoto (秋元)

[1] Akimoto is a frail and naive salary man in love with a cabaret girl called Mizuki.
[3] In substory no.5 (婚前旅行) he's on pre-marriage trip with Mizuki in Okinawa and the pair meets Kiryu Kazuma and Haruka Sawamura on Asagao's cove. She actually fooled him and don't want to marry him . In substory no.6 (懲りない二人) Akimoto meets Kiryu and Hakura in Kamurocho, this time Akimoto is about to fall from the Millenium Tower's roof but he's saved by Mizuki. In the end she apologizes to him for her bad behaviour and shows him her love. This character appears in special substories with their dedicated event scenes and becomes Kiryu's NPC ally in a Battle Missions extra mode which is available once the game is cleared.

Mizuki (美月)

[1] Mizuki is a sexy blonde cabaret girl who is loved by a naive man wearing spectacles called Akimoto.
[3] She's involved in two special substories along Akimoto. In substory no.5 (婚前旅行) Mizuki is on a pre-marriage trip in Okinawa with Akimoto and the pair meets Kiryu Kazuma and Haruka Sawamura on Asagao's cove. She doesn't love Akimoto but actually uses him, and tells him he is her brother, so he can't marry her. In substory no.6 (懲りない二人) she's after Akimoto whose thought to be about to commit suicide. Mizuki meet with Kiryu and Haruka on top of Kamurocho's Millenium Tower. As she feels guilty for fooling Akimoto, she decides to join him but this was a misunderstanding and Akimoto doesn't want to suicide. When he is about to incidentally fall from the roof she rescues him. In the end they apology and hug each other.

Gary Buster Holmes (ゲーリー・バスター・ホームズ)

[1] Gary Buster Holmes is the Afro-American Underground Arena 2003~2005 champion. He also works as a bodyguard for Sai no Hanaya (Kage) within the Purgatory area.

Tobe (とべ)

Tobe is the Bantam bar manager.

Akemi (アケミ)

A character appearing in the first episode.

Hirata (平田)

A character appearing in the first episode.

Hirata's son (平田の息子)

A character appearing in the third episode.

Yanai (柳井)

A character appearing in the first episode.

Ibuki (伊吹)

[3] Ibuki is the Kamuro Castle owner who contracts Kiryu Kazuma to find and arrests Kamurocho criminals. These specific substories are called Hitman missions.

Shota (翔太)

[1] Shota (short for Shotaro) is a host at Stardust and Saya Date's boyfriend in chapter 6. Later in the chapter, it is revealed he was merely using Saya for money when him and some yakuza beat up Date. He is not seen again after being defeated by Kiryu Kazuma.

Mai (マイ)
Voiced by: Mihiro (Japanese)

[1] Mai is the sexy girl appearing in the special sub-scenario Price of an F-Cup. She uses to be an entraineuse, within a Kamurocho bar called Paradise, pushing male customers to drink and spend all money in this place. Her voice actor Mihiro Taniguchi is a Japanese porn actress or AV idol. Mai is the cover girl of Kamutai Magazine December 2005 issue; a pre-order limited book bundled with Ryu Ga Gotoku (a.k.a. Yakuza).

Jo Omon (亜門 丈)

A character appearing in the first episode.

Utabari (二代目歌彫)

A character appearing in the first episode.

Manpuku Chaser (満腹チェイサー)

A character appearing in the third episode.

Saya Date (伊達 沙耶)
Voiced by: Nan McNamara (English)

[1] The rebellious only daughter of Detective Makoto Date, she often goes looking for trouble in the streets of Kamurocho.

Sotaro Komaki (古牧宗太郎)

[1][2][3][4] Komaki is an old martial arts master who teaches fighting techniques to Kazuma Kiryu in his dojo located in Kamurocho.

Mack Shinozuka (マック・シノヅカ)

[3] Mack is an Afro-American Japanese who trains Kiryu to improve his Chase Battle running performance in a yard located in Kamurocho.

Renji Kamiyama (上山 連次)

[3] Renji is Kamurocho's Works Kamiyama (ワークス上山) owner. He tunes up and repairs weapons, he also sells weapon tuning DVDs to Kiryu Kazuma. He is Renta Kamiyama's younger brother and is himself a fighter using a pair of kali sticks in Kamurocho's "Weapon Master GP" (ウェポンマスターGP) undergroung fighting tournament under the nickname The Weaponmaster (ザ·ウェポンマスター).

Ayaka Tsubaki (椿姫 彩夏)
Voiced by Ayana Tsubaki

[3] Ayaka Tsubaki is modeled after the Japanese TV personality and Koakuma Ageha (小悪魔ageha) magazine fashion model Ayana Tsubaki. Ayaka performs sexy massages in Kamurocho's Love in Heart. She reveals her transsexual nature to Kiryu Kazuma in a substory, the real Tsubaki is a transsexual herself.

Arena ring announcer (闘技場リング・アナウンサー)
Voiced by: Kei Grant (Japanese)

The arena ring announcer presents the Kamurocho underground fighting tournaments. Kei Grant, a.k.a. DJ K. Grant, is a famous Japanese radio DJ[3] and presenter of Tedman's Radio Show as DJ Teddy Kei.

Sōtenbori & Shinseicho inhabitants (蒼天掘・新星町の人々)

The Sōtenbori and Shinseicho areas are modeled after Osaka's Dōtonbori (道頓堀) and Shinsekai (新世界).
Tamiyo Sayama (狭山民世)

A character appearing in the second episode.

Egiki (江崎)

A character appearing in the second episode.

Murai (村井)

A character appearing in the second episode.

Gaki Bari (四代目風彫)

A character appearing in the second episode.

Cabaret girls - Osaka (キャバ嬢)

Jun (潤)
Voiced by: unknown

[2] A bar hostess at Prime host club.

Madoka (まどか)
Voiced by: unknown

[2] A bar hostess at Prime host club.

Ayano (綾乃)
Voiced by unknown

[2] A bar hostess at Prime host club.

Nana (ナナ)
Voiced by: Nana Natsume

[2] A bar hostess at Prime host club.

Okinawa inhabitants (沖縄の人々)

The Karyushi Arcade and Ryukyugai areas are modeled after Naha's Ichiba Hondorigai (市場本通り) and Kokusaidori (国際通り).

Asagao (アサガオ)

The Morning glory Orphanage (アサガオ, asagao) is located on Naha's coast close to a sand beach. The institution hosts eight local children plus Haruka Sawamura and is managed by Kazuma Kiryu, though the land belongs to Shigeru Nakahara. Kazuma was himself raised in a similar institution called Sunflower Orphanage (ひまわり, himawari) during the 1970s and 1980s.

Taichi (太一)

10 years old. Taichi he is tough boy and act as the orphanage children's natural leader. He is in love with Ayako and dreams about becoming a professional wrestler.

Ayako (綾子)

11 years old. Being the orphanage's elder she carries the "mother" role as her duty, she sometimes cares over the other children too much even at her expanse.

Koji (宏次)

10 years old. Koji is into sports and often plays dodgeball with the other orphanage boys on the Asagao's cove.

Eri (エリ)

9 years old. She is a poor and withdrawn girl that has difficulties getting into the other children.

Mitsuo (三雄)

9 years old. Mitsuo is the son of an African-American father and a Japanese mother. The latter raised her alone in Japan as her father returned to America without knowing he has a child. He joined Asagao at the death of her mother. His closest friend is Taichi and he tries to seduce Riona.

Riona (理緒奈)

9 years old. Her parents both died in a conflagration that burned her own right arm. Riona is the tallest, she tries to hide these scars under long sleeve clothes.

Shiro (志郎)

8 years old. He is shy but indeed smart and wants to become a doctor. Shiro has trouble at school with the other boys attacking him.

Izumi (泉)

8 years old. Izumi is Asagao's youngest and smallest, she tends to be selfish and loner. She takes care and trains Mame, the orphanage dog.

Ryudo Family (琉道一家)

Ryudo Family (琉道一家 ryudou ikka) is a small Okinawa bōryokudan headed by Nakahara.

Shigeru Nakahara (名嘉原 茂)
Voiced by: Shigeru Izumiya

[3] Nakahara is the owner of the Asagao orphanage's land. He is the old yet tough leader of the Ryudo Ikka yakuza family and has a shisa dog tattoo on his back. He is a father figure for Saki just like Kiryu vis-à-vis Haruka.

Rikiya Shimabukura (島袋 力也)
Voiced by: Tatsuya Fujiwara

[3] Rikiya is Nakahara's henchman. His surname "Habu the bare hands brawl" (ステゴロのハブ, sute goro no habu) comes from the habu pitviper tattoo on his back.

Mikio Aragaki (新垣 幹夫)
Voiced by: Daisuke Miyakawa

[3] Mikio is Rikiya's friend. He has blond hair and a purple shirt.

Saki (咲)

[3] 12 years old. Saki is a young girl that became mute after a trauma. She was raised by Nakahara.

Tamashiro Family (玉城組)

The Tamashiro Family is a powerful Okinawa yakuza group and a rival to Nakahara's Ryudo Ikka.

Tetsuo Tamashiro (玉城 鉄生)

[3] 54 years old, wears sunglasses and a red costume with a black shirt. Tamashiro is the head of the Tamashiro Family (玉城組) of Ryukyugai (Naha). His fighting style includes local brass knuckles tekko.

Cabaret girls - Naha (キャバ嬢)

Mika Tsuchiya (土屋美佳)
Voiced by: Mika Tsuchiya

[3] A bar hostess at Flawless.

Nao Kaneshiro (金城奈緒)
Voiced by: Nao Kaneshiro

[3] A bar hostess at Flawless.

Saya Unten (運天沙耶)
Voiced by: Saya Unten

[3] A bar hostess at Flawless.

Minor characters

Renta Kamiyama (上山 連)

[3] Renta is Ryukyugai's Works Kamiyama (ワークス上山) owner. He tunes up and repairs weapons, he also sells weapon tuning DVDs to Kiryu Kazuma. He is Renji Kamiyama's elder brother and Joji Yonashiro's alumni.

Joji Yonashiro (与那城 尚二)

[3] Yonashiro is an Okinawan kobudō master who teaches local weapon fighting techniques of kali stick, nunchaku and tonfa to Kiryu in a ring located in Asagao's cove. He also taught Renta Kamiyama before. Armed with a nunchaku he is a fighter in Kamurocho's "Weapon Master GP" (ウェポンマスターGP) undergroung fighting tournament.

Cameo characters

Hozoin (宝蔵院 胤禅)

[3] The Hozoin monk character from the Asia-only Yakuza spinoff Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! is featured as guest star in Kamurocho's "Weapon Master GP" (ウェポンマスターGP) underground fighting tournament where he uses his yari spear.

Mister N (ミスターN)

[M] The Korean mastermind behind the Tojo Clan robbery (replacing Kyohei Jingu in the Movie Version). "Mister N" is a pun at Toshihiro Nagoshi, the Yakuza series director who does a cameo in the movie version.

Goji Rokkaku

[1] The character Goji from Smilebit's (Sega) Jet Set Radio game -a.k.a. Jet Grind Radio- set in Tokyo-to makes an appearance.

RGG Kenzan! characters

Gion inhabitants (桐生(宮本武蔵)とその関係者)

Gion is a district of the former Japanese capital, Kyoto.

Kazumanosuke Kiryu (桐生 一馬之介) / Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵)

voice cast: Takaya Kuroda

[K] Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) was Japan's greatest swordsman famous for his two sword fighting technique (二刀, nito). After a political intrigue and the lost Battle of Sekigahara Musashi started his life anew under a fake identity, Kazumanosuke Kiryu. "Kazumanosuke" is a primitive version of the name "Kazuma" as this character is Kazuma Kiryu's ancestor.

Yoshino Tayū (吉野 太夫)

voice cast: Aya Hisakawa

[K] Yoshino Tayū (1606-1643) was a tayū, the highest ranking courtesan (see oiran) and most famous female entertainer in Kyoto. Because she draws a striking resemblance to a woman called Ukiyo whom Musashi once loved, Yoshino gets Musashi's attention from the very moment he enters Gion.

Haruka (遥)

voice cast: Rie Kugimiya

[K] Haruka is a little girl obsessed with vengeance against Musashi Miyamoto, who she believes killed her family. For that purpose she travels to Gion and submit an assassination request to Kazumanosuke. In order to pay for Kiryu's service she voluntarily becomes an indentured servant of Tsuruya (鶴屋), an opulent brothel, where she works as a servant to the celebrity-like oiran courtesans. This character is similar to Haruka Sawamura.

Itō (伊東) / Itō Ittōsai (伊東 一刀斎)

voice cast: Susumu Terajima

[K] Itoh is Kazumanosuke's senpai (senior), a good friend of him and also a work colleague as he is a yojimbo working for Tsuruya, Gion's greatest brothel. When Itoh eventually admits he knows Kiryu is actually Miyamoto Musashi he confronts him, in a riverbed duel, and reveals his own identity. Itoh Ittohsai (1560-1653) was a great swordsman and the founder of the Ittoh School famous for its "one stroke" technique, but after a rivalry with the Tokugawa's favoured Shinkage School Itoh's family and dojo students were assassinated by Kojiro Sasaki.

Tokugawa Clan (徳川幕府)

Sasaki Kojirō (佐々木 小次郎)

voice cast: Shota Matsuda

[K] Sasaki Kojirō (1585-1612), also known as Ganryū, was a prominent Japanese longsword swordsman and a serious rival for Musashi Miyamoto. The two fought a famous duel in the Ganryū Island in 1612.

Marume Nagayoshi (丸目 長恵)

voice cast: Naoto Takenaka

[K] Marume Nagayoshi (1540-1629) was a Tokugawa clan officer and a skilled samurai who founded the Taisha Ryu school. While travelling across Japan recruiting the best swordsmen he met Musashi who joined his army.

Yoshioka Dojo (吉岡道場)

Seijuro Yoshioka (吉岡 清十郎)

voice cast: Masaya Katō

[K] Seijuro Yoshioka is the elder son of Kempō Yoshioka, founder of the famous Yoshioka Dojo (or Yoshioka School). As current head of the dojo he will fight a deadly duel with Miyamoto Musashi at Rendaiji Field.

Denshichirō Yoshioka (吉岡 伝七郎)

voice cast: Taiki Matsuno

[K] Yoshioka Denshichirō is the younger brother of the Yoshioka family.

Gion Tōji (祗園 藤次)

voice cast: Takashi Tsukamoto

[K] Gion Tōji is a young student at the Yoshioka Dojo under Denshichiro. His tie bounds with Tsuruya and Itoh will open the Yoshioka Dojo's doors to Miyamoto Musashi.

Ueda (植田)

voice cast: Hisao Egawa

[K] Ueda is the strongest student of the Yoshioka Dojo and the first opponent to Miyamoto Musashi when the latter tries to join it as an alumnus.

Non-game characters

The Kamuro Theater, modeled after the Koma Theater, is a main landmark in the games and the movie version.

Sunflower principal

cast: n/a

[P] The Sunflower orphanage principal manages the institution that is secretly funded by Shintaro Kazama (Fuma). He raises Kazuma Kiryu, Akira Nishikayama, Yuko Nishikiyama and Yumi Sawamura between the 1970s and the 1980s. He ceased this work in the 1990s after Yumi Sawamura's departure for Kamurocho.

Satoru (悟)

cast: Shun Shioya

[M] Satoru is a Poppo convenience store employee.

Yui (唯)

cast: Saeko

[M] Yui is Satoru's girlfriend.

Detective Noguchi (野口刑事)

cast: Show Aikawa

[M] Noguchi the criminal police Detective who leads the investigation in the Kamurocho bank robbery case.

Park (朴)

cast: Gong Yoo

[M] Park is a South Korean hitman who was contracted to assassinate Mister N.

Weapon smuggler (武器屋)

cast: Yoshiyoshi Arakawa

[M] M. is a masochist Korean-Japanese weapon smuggler and infamous informer. His hideout is adjacent to Kamurocho's Beam DVD shop.

Imanishi (今井)

cast: Kenichi Endou

[M] Imanishi is the bank robber with the green mask.


cast: n/a

[M] Nakanishi is the bank robber with the red mask.

Barbershop owner

cast: Tomorowo Taguchi

[M] The Korean-Japanese barber owns the Kamurocho barbershop that is used as an undercover hideout by the criminal police during the bank robbery case. Because he is of Korean ancestries he helps Park the hitman.

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