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South Baden Cup
Map of Germany: Position of Baden-Württemberg highlighted
Flag of Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg
Qualifying competition for
German Cup
Current Champions 2007-08
SC Pfullendorf

The South Baden Cup (German: Südbadischer Pokal) is one of the 21 regional cup competitions of German football. The winner of the competition gains entry to the first round of the German Cup.



The three states that merged to form Baden-Württemberg in 1952

The Cup was established in 1945, after the end of the Second World War, in the French occupation zone in the southern half of the state of Baden, which existed as the state of South Baden from 1945 to 1952, when the state of Baden-Württemberg was formed. Due to the northern half of the state being under US occupation, the Baden football association was cut in half and a northern and southern federation was formed. The same happened with the regional cup competition.

The South Baden Cup is played annually, with the exception of 1946-47, 1951-56 and 1957-58, when it was not held.

From 1974 onwards, the winner of the South Baden Cup qualified for the first round of the German Cup.[1]

The cup was sponsored for some years by the mineral water botteler Peterstaler and carried its name, Peterstaler Pokal, but the current sponsor is brewery Rothaus, and the competition is the therefore named Rothaus Pokal.


Professional clubs are not permitted to enter the competition, meaning, no teams from the Fussball-Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga can compete. The only club from the region affected by this in the past years has been the first team of the SC Freiburg.

All clubs from South Baden playing in the 3rd Liga (III), Regionalliga Süd (IV) and Oberliga Baden-Württemberg (V) gain direct entry to the first round. Additionally, according to a quota system, the best eight clubs from the Verbandsliga Südbaden (VI) and the three Landesligas (VII) also enter the first round directly. The four semi-finalists of the six regional cup competitions in South Baden also qualify for the competition. Should more clubs be required to make up the number of 64 set for the first round, they will be selected from the Verbandsliga.[2]

In case of a draw, the lower tier club advances.

Cup finals

Held annually at the end of season, these were the cup finals since 1945:

Season Location Winner Finalist Result Attendance
1945-46 SV Rastatt 1
1946-47 not held
1947-48 Eintracht Singen 2 Offenburger FV
1948-49 VfL Konstanz 3
1949-50 FC 08 Villingen
1950-51 Freiburger FC
1951-56 not held
1956-57 Kehler FV
1957-58 not held
1958-59 VfB Bühl Offenburger FV
1959-60 SV Oberkirch
1960-61 Offenburger FV
1961-62 FC Konstanz/VfR 1900
1962-63 SV Oberkirch
1963-64 FC Konstanz/VfR 1900
1964-65 FC Konstanz/VfR 1900
1965-66 FC Emmendingen
1966-67 Offenburger FV
1967-68 FC Singen 04
1968-69 FV Lörrach
1969-70 FC Furtwangen
1970-71 FC Singen 04 FC Emmendingen
1971-72 SV Waldkirch Offenburger FV
1972-73 FC Rastatt 04
1973-74 FC 08 Villingen
1974-75 SC Freiburg
1975-76 FC 08 Villingen
1976-77 FC Rastatt 04
1977-78 SC Freiburg Offenburger FV
1978-79 FC 08 Villingen
1979-80 VfB Gaggenau
1980-81 FC Rastatt 04 Offenburger FV
1981-82 Offenburger FV
1982-83 SC Pfullendorf
1983-84 FC Rastatt 04
1984-85 SV Weil Offenburger FV
1985-86 FC Emmendingen
1986-87 Offenburger FV
1987-88 FC Emmendingen Offenburger FV
1988-89 VfB Gaggenau
1989-90 SC Pfullendorf
1990-91 Freiburger FC
1991-92 Freiburger FC
1992-93 VfB Gaggenau
1993-94 SV Linx
1994-95 VfB Gaggenau
1995-96 FV Donaueschingen SV Oberachern
1996-97 Waldkirch, 8 May 1997 FC Singen 04 SV Oberkirch 2-1
1997-98 FC Denzlingen FC Emmendingen
1998-99 FC Singen 04
1999-2000 Denzlingen, 31 May 2000 FC Teningen FC Emmendingen 4-1 aet
2000-01 Bötzingen, 30 May 2001 SC Freiburg II FC Teningen 3-2 1,200
2001-02 Teningen, 5 June 2002 Bahlinger SC FC Rastatt 04 1-0 1,000
2002-03 Herbolzheim, 12 June 2003 FC Emmendingen Bahlinger SC 2-1 1,500
2003-04 Endingen, 4 May 2004 FC Teningen FC Emmendingen 3-0 2,000
2004-05 25 May 2005 FC 08 Villingen SC Freiburg II 2-2 / 3-1 after pen.
2005-06 Villingen, 31 May 2006 SC Pfullendorf FC Denzlingen 2-0 280
2006-07 Singen, 7 June 2007 FC 08 Villingen SC Pfullendorf 2-0 3,412
2007-08 Radolfzell, 4 June 2008 SC Pfullendorf FC 08 Villingen 9-8 after pen.
2008-09 Bahlingen, 11 June 2009 FC 08 Villingen Offenburger FV 3-1


Listed in order of wins, the Cup winners are (2008):

Club Wins
FC 08 Villingen 7
FC Rastatt 04 5
FC Singen 04 5
FC Konstanz 4
Offenburger FV 4
VfB Gaggenau 4
FC Emmendingen 4
SC Pfullendorf 4
Freiburger FC 3
SC Freiburg 3
SV Oberkirch 2
FC Teningen 2
Kehler FV 1
VfB Bühl 1
FV Lörrach 1
FC Furtwangen 1
SV Waldkirch 1
SV Weil 1
FV Donaueschingen 1
FC Denzlingen 1
Bahlinger SC 1

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