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Kalyanavarman is also the name of a member of the Varman dynasty (5th century).

The Sārāvalī of Kalyāṇavarman is a foundational compilation of Indian astrology, dating to ca. 800 CE, somewhat post-dating the Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra

An English translation was published by N.N. Krishna Rau and V.B. Choudhari in 1961 (in two volumes. 1983 reprint by Renjan Publications).


  • David Pingree, Jyotiḥśāstra (J. Gonda (Ed.) A History of Indian Literature, Vol VI Fasc 4), p.81

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See Sārāvalī for the astrological treatise.

Coordinates 38°11′N 21°46′E / 38.183°N 21.767°E / 38.183; 21.767Coordinates: 38°11′N 21°46′E / 38.183°N 21.767°E / 38.183; 21.767
Periphery: West Greece
Prefecture: Achaea
Municipality: Messatida
Districts: 5
Population statistics (as of 2001[1])
 - Population: 866
 - Population: 11,873
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
Elevation: 75 m ­(246 ft)
Postal: 265 00
Telephone: 2610
Auto: AX

Saravali (Greek: Σαράβαλι, before the 1970s, -ον, Saraválion) is a community located 6 km SE of the centre and a suburb of Patras, Greece, north of Ovrya, northeast of Mintilogi and 9 km W of the Iera Moni Omplou/Omplos Monastery. Saravali is in the northern part of the municipality of Messatidi. The village population is 866, while the district is 3,943 with the town which includes the southeastern part of Demenika and Kefalovryso.



Nearest places

The neighboring places are Petroto in the north, Demenika in the west (but for the community, downtown Demenika) and Krini in the south along with a mountain of Omplos in the east.


Year Village Population Change District Change
1981 2,018 - - -
1991 795 -1,223/-60.61% - -
2001 866 +101 3,943 -


Saravali sits between the mountains of Panachaicus and Omplos. The panorama overlooks almost half of the metro area of Patras from Roitika to Rio. Houses are lined from north to south. The town sits next to pine forest in the south, along with an entry to the wine fields of Achaia Clauss. A mining pit is north of Saravali. Most of the agricultural lands is in the west while forests and grasslands cover the east and north.


Most of the houses are built between the 1970s and the 1990s. The main road between Petroto and Krini runs through the centre. The elevation is about 100 m and 150 m above sea level. Since 2003, the beltway GR-9/8/E55 runs through without any interchanges, and since construction between 1993 and 1994, it presently forms the western town boundary, not the settlement boundary between Demenika and Saravali, the perimeter is northwest of the town. Achaia Clauss is to the northeast


The village was named after De Charavales/t?[citation needed], a French feudal leader of the aera, he built a house around the area of Kastro. The Ottomans invaded the area in the 1450s, shortly, it was handed over to the Venetians for a short time, it was rehanded to the Ottomans. Between 1680s and the first decade of the 18th century, it returned to the Venetians and fell again to the Ottomans. The Ottoman rule did not end until the Greek War of Independence of 1821. In the battle, it included Palaiopyrgos and a person and became the most famous battle of the village. The battle happened between Kolokotroni and the Turks which were prisoned in the castle of Patras. It was during the first battles of the city of the Greeks and in the village, it battles and had a Greek battle field with the power of Kolokotrinos. Every year, the commemoration of the battle is celebrated. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, its buildings were mainly rebuilt, housing developments arrived in the 1970s and boomed until the 1990s overnumbering older architectural houses. Rarely any older architectural houses remain in Saravali and the area.

Sporting club

  • Achaios Saravali - football (soccer), basketball, it plays in the public field and is made out of turfy grass.
  • Galaxias (Demenika)

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