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S. Enam Bukhari
Born April 15, 1952(1952-04-15)

S. Enam Bukhari (b.April 15, 1952) is a Canadian lawyer and author who uses a wheelchair and continuous life support.


Early life

Bukhari was born in Libya (April 15, 1952), but as the son of Syed Habib Ahmed, a Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, he lived in various locations in Africa and the Middle East during his upbringing. He had the privilege of meeting and being mentored by General Daniel “Chappie” James Jr. A Canadian movie director has described Mr. B’s early life as a true life “Jackie Chan” type story, which included incidents of almost being shot, meeting Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, being detained by the Somalian army, owning a pet lion, and being chased by the secret intelligence police in Syria.

He has many years of legal experience, having earned a Bachelors degree from the University of Waterloo, a Law degree from the University of Western Ontario, and a Masters Of Law degree in Negotiation/Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University.

Viral Pneumonia & The Intensive Care Unit

At age 34, as a young and ambitious Canadian lawyer, his heart stopped as a result of viral pneumonia and left him unable to breathe on his own. He was administered the final rites by the Catholic hospital priest, but went on to spend the next 12 months in the intensive care unit, much to the surprise of his doctors. Near the end of his hospital stay, Mr. Bukhari had largely adjusted to his new way of life and taught himself how to speak, and even began practicing law again and seeing clients, largely using the nurses for secretarial duties. For the past 23 years, S. Enam Bukhari, has used a life support respirator and uses a wheelchair.

Life on a Respirator

The average lifespan of a person on a respirator is reported to be 9 years, yet Bukhari has spent the past 23 years practicing law while concatenated to his medical ventilator, which has required him to teach himself how to converse despite his tracheotomy. In fact, he is still described as a workaholic and consistently works 14-20 hour days and once negotiated a business transaction for 29 consecutive hours.

Bukhari also serves on the Boards of Directors of several corporations, was the co-founder of OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group), is the President of Toys on Wings (a non-profit organization) as well as the founder of Food4Wills (a program which provides Last Will and Testament/Power of Attorney documents at cost with a food bank donation as well as Free Legal Advice). When describing his Food4Wills venture, he says, “I chose food banks as a cause to pursue as I knew it takes an effort at the community level to make a difference, and it was my hope that by helping awaken Canadians to the need to ensure that ‘no Canadian should go hungry’ it would make them think about those in need living on their own doorsteps.” Food4Wills garnered nearly 15,000 cans of food in 2007 but Mr. Bukhari would like to expand the program even more by getting more lawyers on board.

Despite his “unstable” and difficult condition, he has been able to accomplish much with his life:

- past Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society
- past Director of the Lincoln Multicultural Council.
- Member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Accessibility City of St Catharines
- past Board member of the Niagara Regional Placement Coordination Service.
- past member of the NCIL (a disabled organization)
- past President of the Sunshine Foundation
- Awarded Civic Award of Merit as Citizen of the Year
- Been given special recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year finalist
- President of the Tribenz Capital Group Inc.

He has been recognized for his accomplishments at all levels of Canadian government including the City of St Catharines, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin had this to say about Enam, '“I am a firm believer that Canadians from all walks of life must have equal opportunities. You have been a tireless advocate on this front and I hope you will keep in touch with your ideas on how to better achieve equal opportunity within Canada and internationally.”'

He is currently a family man; living with his wife, Nayyer, two sons, Amir and Adam, as well as a daughter, Leena, but is also recently an author who has released his publication entitled 'Chasing Good: Opening The Door to The Forgotten Message will Change you Life and Lighten The Path Towards Peace'. The book focuses on examining and relaying the ancient message found in different religions throughout the history of human kind, also commonly known as the ‘Golden Rule’. It outlines 5 Principles of Chasing Good which he credits were the five distinct areas of choice on which he bases his survival and productivity today. The books net proceeds go to Registered Charities approved by the Canadian Government.


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