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SAMPA: English Consonants
SAMPA Examples
p pen, spin, tip
b but, web
t two, sting, bet
d do, odd
tS chair, nature, teach
dZ gin, joy, edge
k cat, kill, skin, queen, thick
g go, get, beg
f fool, enough, leaf
v voice, have, of
T thing, breath
D this, breathe
s see, city, pass
z zoo, rose
S she, sure, emotion, leash
Z pleasure, beige
h ham
m man, ham
n no, tin
N singer, ring
l left, bell
r run, very
w we
j yes
W what (some accents, such as Scottish)
x loch (Scottish)
SAMPA: English Vowels
SAMPA Examples
RP GenAm AuE  
A: A a: father
i: i i: see
I I I city
E E e bed
3: 3` 3: bird
{ { {[1] lad, cat, ran
A: Ar a: arm
V V a run, enough
Q A O not, wasp
O: O or A[2] o: law, caught
U U U put
u: u }: soon, through
@ @ @ about
@ @` @ winner
SAMPA: English Diphthongs
SAMPA Examples
RP GenAm AuE  
eI eI or e {I day
aI aI Ae my
OI OI oI boy
@U oU or o @} no
aU aU {O now
I@ ir I@ near, here
E@ er e: hair, there
U@ Ur U@ tour
ju: ju j}: pupil
SAMPA: Other symbols used in transcription of English pronunciation
SAMPA Explanation
" Primary stress (placed before the stressed syllable), for example "happy" /"h{pi/
% Secondary stress, for example "battleship" /"b{tl=%SIp/
. Syllable separator
= Syllabic consonant, for example /"rIdn=/ for ridden
  1. ^ See bad-lad split for more discussion of this vowel in Australian and English English.
  2. ^ See low back merger for more discussion of this vowel in North American English.

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