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SBS Transit Ltd
Type Public (SGX: SBSTransit)
Founded 1973
Headquarters Singapore
Key people Lim Jit Poh (Chairman)
Kua Hong Pak (Deputy Chairman)
Gan Juay Kiat (Executive Director)
Industry Public Transport
Products Bus and Rail Services in Singapore
Revenue S$729.6 million SGD (2008)
Operating income S$47.1 million SGD (2008)
Net income S$40.6 million SGD (2008)
Employees 7312 (2006)

SBS Transit Limited (simplified Chinese: 新捷运pinyin: Xīnjiéyùn, SGX: S61) is a public transport operator in Singapore. Its major competitor in Singapore's duopoly transport system is SMRT Corporation, which also operates bus, rail, taxi and other transport services.

The company (organisation) was formed as a separately-listed subsidiary in November 1997 under the name of Singapore Bus Services Limited, although it can trace its history back to the formation of Singapore Bus Service in 1973 with the merger of three bus companies. On 1 November 2001, the company's name was changed to SBS Transit Limited to reflect its status as a bus and rail operator.

Its parent company is ComfortDelGro Corporation, which was formerly known as DelGro Corporation Limited. The parent company has Singapore Bus Service as its direct predecessor.

In 2003, SBS Transit started operating the North East MRT Line of the Mass Rapid Transit system in addition to its existing bus operations. SBS Transit announced in November 2009 that they were preparing to bid for future MRT lines, starting with the Downtown MRT Line.



Singapore Bus Service (SBS) was initially formed in 1973 with the merger of three private bus companies. The government-sanctioned merger was undertaken to improve service standards of the bus transport system.

With the shift towards the creation of multi-modal transport companies, Singapore Bus Service Ltd changed its name to DelGro Corporation Limited in November 1997. Bus operations were hived-off to a fully-owned subsidiary called Singapore Bus Services Limited, which was separately listed on the Singapore Exchange.

In November 2001, Singapore Bus Services Limited was renamed as SBS Transit Limited when the company formally became a multi-modal transport operator with the impending opening of the Sengkang LRT Line.


SBS Transit's primary business is providing public transport services in Singapore. Its more notable operations are the following.


Current bus fleet and pictures

SBS Transit currently operates 75% of the scheduled bus market share in Singapore with more than 265 bus services and has a total fleet of more than 2,800 buses. All but 100 buses are air-conditioned.All the different bus models have a common lifespan of 17 years,except the Mercedes Benz O405 buses whose lifespan were extended to 19 years and the Volvo B10M MK3s whose lifespan were extended to 18 years. This means that the 100 non-aircon buses will be retired in 2011. In the last 3 years, SBS Transit ordered 1,100 buses from Scania AB and 350 buses from Volvo as part of its fleet renewal programme, while evaluating wheelchair accessible chassis offers from Volvo ,Mercedes-Benz and MAN.

Model Image Bodywork Year Introduced Units Introduced Notes/Comments
Dennis Dart DennisDart-SBST-Ext.JPG Duple Metsec 1994 10 Deregistering
9.4 meters long
Registered as SBS8009A – SBS8018Z
Dennis Trident 3 Sgtrident.JPG Duple Metsec DM5000 1999-2000 20 Euro 2
Registered as SBS9671E – SBS9690A
Leyland Olympian 3-axle Leyland Olympian sbs9196x 143.jpg Walter Alexander Royale 1993 200 Euro 1
Registered as SBS9000S – SBS9199C
MAN 18.240 HOCL-NL Accessibility-directory.svg 8031J-6-final.jpg Gemilang 2008 1 Demonstrator registered as SBS8031J
Mercedes-Benz O405 MBo405 sbs423p 268.jpg Duple Metsec 1990-1991 700 Deregistering
Registered as SBS82P – SBS581R, SBS3723D – SBS3922X
MB0405 WA.JPG Walter Alexander PS
Scania K230UB Accessibility-directory.svg Gemilang 2007 1101 Euro 4
Demonstrator registered as SBS8033D
SBS8138K 174 311007 IMG1545sml.jpg 2007(Batch 1)
2008-2009(Batch 2)
Euro 4
Batch 2 K230UBs have an extra granny seat behind the bus driver
Batch 1 registered as SBS8034B - SBS8131D, SBS8138K & SBS8888D and SBS8132B - SBS8561X, except SBS8138K & SBS8888D for batch 2
KUB-EuroV-SBST.JPG 2009(Batch 1)
2010(Batch 2)
Euro 5
Batch 1 Registered as SBS8562T - SBS8999S (except registration numbers ending with "4" and "SBS8888D"), SBS8884P, SBS8894K, SBS8904R, SBS8934D, SBS8954X, SBS8984J and SBS8994E and batch 2 registered as SBS5001R - SBS5033Z; SBS5122A - SBS5193C(except registration numbers ending with "4")
Scania L94UB ScaniaL94UB-SBSTransit.JPG Volgren CR221L 1999 1 Euro 2
Demonstrator registered as SBS2888T
Volvo B7RLE Accessibility-directory.svg SBS8030L.jpg Soon Chow 2007 1 Euro 4
Demonstrator registered as SBS8030L
Volvo B9TL Accessibility-directory.svg Volvo B9TL SBS Transit SBS7357B.jpg ComfortDelgro Engineering 2006 200 Euro 4
Registered as SBS7300P – SBS7499A
Volvo B10BLE Volvo B10BLE SBS Transit.jpg Volgren CR221L (Diesel)
Volgren CR222L (CNG)
1997 13 Euro 2
Demonstrator registered as SBS1688K
Volvo B10BLE SBS Transit SBS2988J.jpg 2001-2002 Euro 3
Registered as SBS2988M - SBS2999G
Volvo B10M SBS0823T on 16.jpg Duple Metsec 1992-1993 775 Mk 3
Deregistering Registered as SBS582M - SBS881A
B10M-Mk4SoonChow.JPG PSV Soon Chow 1993-1995 Euro 1
Mk 4
Previously deployed on Sentosa Services and are SH-plated buses
Registered as SBS8019X – SBS8028U
SBS903X.JPG Duple Metsec 1995-1997 Euro 1
Mk 4
Registered as SBS882Y - SBS996C
1 Superlong demonstrator registered as SBS997A
SBS997A is 14.5 meters long and has 3-axles
Refurbishment ongoing
SBS1961X on 99.jpg Walter Alexander Strider 1996-1997 Euro 1
Mk 4
Registered as SBS1896B - SBS1999M and SBS2593T - SBS2688D
Refurbishment ongoing
SBS Transit B10M Mk4, S2006.JPG Duple Metsec DM3500 2001 Euro 2
Mk 4
Registered as SBS2689B - SBS2838M
SBS2754X is the first bus to be fitted with outswing plug doors
SBS2779A is fitted with EDS and a CCTV camera beside the left front lights
Volvo Olympian VolvoOlympian2X.JPG Walter Alexander Royale 1994 100 Euro 1
Registered as SBS7198T - SBS7297R
SBS9483Gfront.JPG 1994-1995(Batch 1 and 2)
1996-1997(Batch 3)
1999-2000(Batch 4)
471 Euro 1 (Batch 1 and 2)
Euro 2 (Batch 3 and 4)
Registered as SBS9200G - SBS9670H
Batch 4 Volvo Olympians are to be retrofitted with LECIP EDS
Volvo Super Olympian
(Volvo B10TL)
Sgvso.JPG Volgren CR222LD 2001-2002 51 Euro 3
Registered as SBS9800A - SBS9849K
SBS9810X is assembled in Australia and is fitted with an EDS
VSO-SBS9889U.JPG ComfortDelgro Engineering 2005 Euro 3
Demonstrator registered as SBS9889U

Non-commissioned buses

Model Image Bodywork Year Units to be introduced Notes/Comments
Volvo B9TL Accessibility-directory.svg Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 2010 150 Euro 5
Yet to be delivered

Former buses (Deregistered from 2001 onwards except for the Volvo B10M demonstrator)

Model Image Bodywork Year Introduced Units Introduced Notes/Comments
Leyland Atlantean Walter Alexander R-type 1984-1986 200


Leyland Lynx Walter Alexander PS 1989 1 Demonstrator (SBS3572Y)
Used a Scania N113CRB front bumper after an accident in August 2001
Leyland Olympian 2-axle Walter Alexander R-type 1986-1988 200 Non-aircon
2 buses are bought by private companies and are preserved while the remaining buses were either sold to overseas or are scrapped
MAN 16.240 HOCL PSV Soon Chow 1986 1 Demonstrator (SBS81S)
Mercedes-Benz O305 Walter Alexander R-type 1984-1986 200 Scrapped
Mercedes-Benz 811D Asia Coach 1993 5 Minibuses
7.6 meters long
Sold to private companies
Scania L113CRL [1] PSV Soon Chow 1995 12 Previously deployed on Airbus Services and are SH-plated buses
PA-plated and painted in SBS Leisure livery
3 buses were sold to Westpoint, a private company in 2005 while the remaining buses were scrapped
Scania N113CRB ScaniaN113-SBS.JPG Walter Alexander PS 1989-1990 200 Scrapped by May 2009
Volvo B10M Van Hool 1986 1 Demonstrator (SBS9C)
Sold to New Zealand in late 1990s
Volvo B10M MK 2 B10M-MK2.JPG Walter Alexander PS
Duple Metsec
1988-1989 200 Scrapped by 2008
Volvo B10MA Duple Metsec 1996 1 Demonstrator (SBS998Y)
Sold to New Zealand in 2006[2]
Mercedes-Benz O405G Volgren 1996 1 Demonstrator (SBS999U)
Sold to New Zealand in 2006[2]
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE Gemilang 2009 1

SBS Transit rejected the trial for the OC500LE demostrator. This bus is now sold to Chitson Transport Services

Volvo Super Olympian
(Volvo B10TL)
Volgren CR222LD 1999 1 Euro 2
Demonstrator registered as SBS9888Y
SBS9888Y had its EDS removed in 1 December 2005
First bus to have TVMobile
SBS9888Y on service 25 was burnt on 7 March 2010 due to a fire in Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot, status is unconfirmed yet(Not deregistered yet).

Bus routes

SBS Transit operates many different types of bus routes and bus services, taking up the majority of the pie of Singapore's duopoly bus system in almost all areas of Singapore, with the notable exception of the North and Northwest areas, where bus services are mainly run by its competitor, SMRT Corporation.

  • Trunk: Routes that ply between towns. These are the basic forms of SBS Transit bus services. Fares are distance-related and differential up to 8 fare bands.
  • Short working Trips (SWT): Routes that operate short haul trips between origin-destination pairs with high demand, such as the area near an MRT station. It operated a subset of the parent route and there can be more than one SWT per trunk route.
  • Feeder: Services that operate within a neighbourhood, connecting outlying areas to the town centre or bus interchange. (Loops around from an interchange, around one or more neighbourhoods or towns and then terminates at the starting interchange). As a name suggest, it is to feed the commuters to the trunk services or MRT services at the terminal/interchange. A flat fare, equivalent to the first fare band is charged per entry.
  • TownLink: Routes that consist of combined feeder services to provide links and improve connectivity between neighborhoods within the same town. (Similar to a feeder service except that, other than when stopping a 'session', the service will not terminate at the interchange but will re-run its route immediately after letting passengers alight, in essence, a true loop)
  • Express: Routes that stop at several nominated and sparsely located stops and generally run on expressways for faster travel between several towns. This is a basic-plus service charging higher fares.
  • Fast Forward: A modification of basic trunk routes, Fast Forwards are an innovation of SBS Transit, which provides faster travel between places where there is higher demand, by calling at fewer stops and skipping low demand areas. This is also a basic-plus services charging higher fares.
  • Premium: A single trip from the designated neighborhoods during the morning peak hours on weekdays to Shenton Way and Raffles Place via expressway. They were introduced following the liberalization in regulations for public operators providing such services. Fees are flat rated ($3.10 or $3.40 for ez-link card users depending on the distance travelled) and standing is prohibited on Premium Services.
  • Nite Owl: These are after-hour services on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays. There are only a handful of bus routes for this service and fees are $1.45 (ez-link) or $1.50 (cash) for intra-town commutes and $3.80 (ez-link) or $4 (cash) between CBD and HDB towns served.
  • Chinatown Direct: Introduced in 2005, these are routes that run from suburban towns to Chinatown via expressway. Such routes are very popular in the period before the Lunar New Year. A fare of $1.75 (ez-link) or $1.80 (cash) is charged per boarding ($0.95-$1.00 for child/concession card holders).
  • Parks: Services that run from major parks to the nearest bus interchange/terminal.
  • Stadium Direct: Services that run from the Singapore Indoor Stadium to major towns after major concerts or events being held there.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

SBS Transit is the operator of the North East Line since it opened in 2003. The North East Line is the third Mass Rapid Transit line in Singapore, and also the world's first fully underground and automated rapid transit line. The line is 20 km long with 16 stations.

The operating license was given to SBS Transit in order to foster competition with SMRT Corporation and to create multi-modal public transport companies, each specializing in their own district.

As the name implies, the line connects central Singapore to the north-eastern part of the island. Transfer to the North South Line is provided at Dhoby Ghaut station East West Line at Outram Park station and Circle Line at Serangoon Station. The rolling stock used is Alstom Metropolis. By 17 April 2010, it will connect to the Circle Line at Dhoby Ghaut station too. It is expected to become an interchange station with the Circle Line at Harboutfront Station in 2011.

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

In addition to the North East Line, SBS Transit is also operates two LRT systems, Sengkang and Punggol. Both lines connect the estate to one of two NEL Stations and is total of 29 stations including Sengkang and Punggol interchange stations.

Key operating statistics

Monthly Ridership for Bus and Rail [3]

Month 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Bus Rail Bus Rail Bus Rail Bus Rail Bus Rail Bus Rail Bus Rail
January 71,225,011 173,786 64,324,473 6,004,948 64,885,728 6,834,446 62,247,969 7,683,908 67,380,546 8,857,847 73,235,547 10,482,340 69,833,080 11,376,659
February 60,357,864 176,260 62,548,766 5,295,081 56,837,060 6,057,296 59,854,200 6,822,060 59,429,412 8,255,520 65,270,126 9,638,353 65,783,396 10,073,000
March 66,842,727 205,468 66,351,036 5,746,222 64,890,223 6,732,828 65,965,396 7,590,381 68,315,754 9,157,896 69,948,803 10,286,389 69,451,005 11,084,732
April 57,407,730 179,940 63,487,500 5,435,070 62,479,980 6,426,390 62,070,030 7,224,930 64,984,800 8,541,180 70,427,160 10,036,560 68,923,860 10,608,300
May 64,069,312 230,950 64,064,538 5,826,574 62,302,994 6,740,609 65,193,992 7,645,809 68,075,039 9,165,708 71,036,035 10,496,414 70,184,899 10,986,555
June 61,078,440 5,754,480 58,792,110 5,786,490 59,278,140 6,729,450 60,320,040 7,486,080 63,261,870 9,135,180 66,607,710 10,403,520 64,626,930 11,301,060
July 66,929,000 4,896,605 66,508,609 6,105,977 64,967,196 7,107,649 66,616,613 7,900,846 69,919,973 9,518,922 74,758,329 11,221,008 72,516,285 11,511,819
August 66,998,998 5,209,860 65,082,175 6,010,931 65,473,116 7,075,905 67,592,493 7,991,924 70,018,739 9,570,413 73,311,156 11,135,107 71,006,802 11,615,111
September 64,138,650 5,070,510 62,920,620 5,908,380 62,254,350 6,956,040 63,886,170 7,847,130 66,016,800 9,226,680 70,400,310 10,886,250 68,542,950 11,364,840
October 65,437,838 5,327,040 63,445,158 6,039,513 63,613,023 7,232,610 64,805,469 8,775,790 69,212,119 9,854,032 71,997,252 11,430,258 71,927,657 11,936,550
November 60,143,490 5,176,680 58,936,800 6,008,850 59,570,430 7,016,160 63,188,790 8,779,170 64,996,140 9,630,330 67,726,470 10,830,150 67,368,480 11,356,920
December 60,760,868 5,871,276 60,215,888 6,575,844 60,499,569 7,653,001 61,434,405 9,420,497 64,456,068 10,454,285 66,448,221 11,614,181 67,325,707 12,384,903
Year Total 765,389,928 38,272,855 756,677,673 70,743,880 747,051,809 82,562,384 763,175,567 95,168,525 796,067,260 111,367,993 841,167,119 128,486,341 827,967,548 135,600,449


  • Rail ridership includes North East Line (NEL), Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT rides.
  • The Sengkang LRT and NEL commenced revenue service on 18 January 2003 and 20 June 2003 respectively. The Punggol LRT began service on 29 January 2005.
  • Monthly rail ridership exceeded 10 million for the first time in December 2007.

See also

  • TVMobile - an outdoor digital television previously installed in SBS Transit buses. (currently discontinued on 1 January 2010)
  • SBS Transit Service 143 - an up-to-date article on an SBS Transit-operated route.


  • Ilsa Sharp, (2005), SNP:Editions, The Journey - Singapore's Land Transport Story. ISBN 981-248-101-X

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