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The SCR-694 was a portable two way radio set used by the U.S. military during World War II.

SCR-694 Radio Set



The SCR-694 replaced the SCR-284 and was later replaced by the AN/GRC-9. Designed to provide communication between moving or stationary vehicles or as a portable field radio set, the SCR-694 was originally intended for use by mountain troops and airborne forces but soon became the Army-wide standard at battalion level.


The SCR-694 was designated as "Radio set, Portable/Vehicular" consisting of the BC-1306 transmitter/receiver capable of AM and CW mode operation between 3.800 to 6.500 MHz. Ranges up to 15 miles on voice and up to 30 miles on morse code between moving vehicles were reported. Crystals used in the transmitter operated at one half of the transmitting frequency. The set used vacuum tubes and operated from 6, 12 or 24 Volts DC supplied by a PE-237 Vibrator Power Unit. Optional accessories could include a hand crank generator with seat, antenna system, spares tube kit, canvas bags, and Jeep mounting plates. [1] According to military manual TM 11-230C, the net weight of the set was 191.5 pounds.[2]

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