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SCRIPT/VS is a text formatting language developed at IBM in the 1980s. SCRIPT/VS uses inline commands such as .ce to center a piece of text, or .sp 3 to add three lines of vertical space.

IBM's Generalized Markup Language (GML) is a macro language encapsulating a set of SCRIPT/VS commands. While SCRIPT/VS was used to describe physical formatting, GML was used to describe logical structure of a document. Both SCRIPT/VS and GML were part of IBM's Document Composition Facility (DCF), used in the System/370 platform. Nowadays, DCF/GML is commonly known as "IBM Bookmaster".

The Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is a descendant of GML.

Some common formatting commands

  • .sp - space
  • .ce - center
  • .im - imbed media
  • .lf - left format
  • .ju - justify
  • .rh / R / C / L - running header
  • .rf " - running footer

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