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SC Freiburg
Full name Sport-Club Freiburg
Nickname(s) Breisgau-Brasilianer
Founded May 30, 1904
Ground Badenova-Stadion
Freiburg, Germany
(Capacity: 25,000)
Chairman Germany Fritz Keller
Manager Germany Robin Dutt
League Bundesliga
2008-09 2. Bundesliga, 1st (Promoted)
Home colours
Away colours
Third colours

Sport-Club Freiburg, commonly known as SC Freiburg, is a German football club, based in the city of Freiburg in the Breisgau district of Baden-Württemberg. Volker Finke, who was the club's manager between 1991 and 2007, was the longest-serving manager in the history of professional football in Germany.



The club traces its origins to a pair of clubs founded in 1904: Freiburger Fußballverein 04 was organised in March of that year; FC Schwalbe Freiburg just two months later. Both clubs underwent name changes, with Schwalbe becoming FC Mars in 1905, Mars becoming Union Freiburg in 1906, and FV 04 Freiburg becoming Sportverein Freiburg 04 in 1909. Three years later, SV and Union formed Sportclub Freiburg, at the same time incorporating the griffin head.

In 1918, after the devastation of World War I, SC Freiburg entered a temporary arrangement with Freiburger FC to be able to field a full side called KSG Freiburg. The next year, SC Freiburg associated themselves with FT 1844 Freiburg as that club's football department, until 1928 when they left to enter into a stadium-sharing arrangement with PSV (Polizeisportvereins) Freiburg 1924 that lasted until 1930 and the failure of PSV. SC Freiburg then picked up again with FT 1844 Freiburg in 1938. The club managed to play on highest level from 1928, first in the Bezirksliga Baden, then in the Gauliga Baden, from which they were relegated in 1934.

At the end of World War II, Allied occupation authorities disbanded most existing organizations in Germany, including football and sports clubs. The clubs were permitted to reconstitute themselves after about a year, but were required to take on new names in an attempt to disassociate them from the so-recent Nazi past. SC Freiburg was therefore briefly known as VfL Freiburg. By 1950, French-occupation authorities had let up enough to allow the clubs to reclaim their old identities. Finally, in 1952, SC Freiburg left FT Freiburg behind again.

To this point, the history of the club had been characterised by only modest success. Through the 1930s, SC Freiburg played in the Berzirkliga (II), with the occasional turn in the Gauliga Baden (I), and captured a handful of local titles. After World War II, they picked up where they left off, playing in the Amateurliga Südbaden (III).

While only a small club, SC Freiburg became known for the fight and team spirit in their play. This led them to the 2.Bundesliga in 1978-79 where they played for a decade-and-a-half before making the breakthrough to the Bundesliga in 1993-94 under the management of Volker Finke. In their first Bundesliga season Freiburg narrowly avoided relegation. They made an exciting run in their second season at the top level, finishing third, just three points behind champions Borussia Dortmund. It was at this time that they were first nicknamed Breisgau-Brasilianer (literally Breisgau-Brazilians) due to their attractive style of play.

The club's greatest success was reaching the UEFA Cup in 1995 and 2001.

SC Freiburg's first Bundesliga relegation was in 1997, after they finished in 17th position. While they have been relegated three times since first making the Bundesliga, they have twice managed to win immediate promotion back to the top league - but failed to do that in the most recent season, 2005-06. It was the first time since 1992 that Freiburg was playing in the 2. Bundesliga for two consecutive seasons.

Freiburg finished the 2006-07 season in fourth place in the 2nd Bundesliga, missing out on the third automatic-promotion spot on goal difference to MSV Duisburg. They won twelve of their last sixteen league games. They were knocked out of the German Cup in the second round by VfL Wolfsburg on October 24, 2006.

On May 20, 2007, Volker Finke resigned as the club's coach after sixteen years in the job. He was succeeded by Robin Dutt.

On May 10, 2009, SC Freiburg managed to secure promotion into the Bundesliga once again, beating TUS Koblenz in an away game 5-2.





International Tournaments

Reserve team




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Current squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 France GK Simon Pouplin
2 Czech Republic DF Pavel Krmaš
3 Germany MF Felix Bastians
4 Tunisia MF Hamed Namouchi
5 Germany DF Heiko Butscher (captain)
6 South Korea DF Cha Du-Ri
7 Democratic Republic of the Congo MF Cedric Makiadi
8 Cameroon FW Mohammadou Idrissou
9 Senegal FW Papiss Cissé
10 Morocco MF Yacine Abdessadki
11 France FW Jonathan Jäger
13 Denmark FW Tommy Bechmann
15 Germany DF Oliver Barth
16 Germany FW Felix Roth
No.   Position Player
18 Germany MF Johannes Flum
20 Croatia MF Ivica Banović
21 Austria GK Michael Langer
23 Germany MF Julian Schuster
24 Croatia MF Mensur Mujdža
25 Italy DF Sandro Sirigu
26 Germany GK Manuel Salz
27 Germany FW Stefan Reisinger
37 Germany GK Oliver Baumann
38 Turkey DF Ömer Toprak
39 France DF Jackson Mendy
40 Germany MF Daniel Caligiuri

Players out on loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Germany GK Michael Müller (at 1. FC Saarbrücken)
Georgia (country) MF David Targamadze (at FC Aarau)
Cameroon MF Alain Junior Ollé Ollé (at Rot-Weiss Ahlen)
Nigeria MF Eke Uzoma (at TSV 1860 Munich)
Germany MF Andreas Glockner (at TuS Koblenz)

SC Freiburg II squad

As of 22 May 2009

Manager: Germany Marcus Sorg

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Germany GK Jürgen Rittenauer
Germany GK Dominik Wohlfarth
Germany GK Michael Müller
Germany DF Sandrino Braun
Germany DF Michael Schlegel
Germany DF Thomas Fuhrler
Germany DF Dennis Klossek
Germany MF Daniel Caligiuri
Austria DF Daniel Sereinig
Algeria DF Anis Bouziane
Germany DF Timo Scherer
Germany MF Michele Borrozzino
No.   Position Player
Germany MF Gabriel Gallus
France MF Julien Matter
Germany MF Maximilian Mehring
Germany MF Fabio Dell'Era
Germany MF Uwe Zangl
France MF Alexandre Maisonneuve
United States MF Daniel Williams
Germany FW Timo Waslikowski
Germany FW Florian Hornig
Germany FW Andreas Glockner
Germany FW Rahman Soyudogru

Managers past and present

  • Robin Dutt (June 2007 to present)
  • Volker Finke (July 1, 1991 to May 20, 2007)
  • Eckhard Krautzun (July 1, 1990 to June 30, 1991)
  • Bernd Hoss (December 1, 1989 to June 30, 1990)
  • Uwe Ehret (August 27, 1989 to November 26, 1989) (second time)
  • Lorenz-Günther Köstner (July 1, 1989 to August 26, 1989)
  • Uwe Ehret (April 9, 1989 to June 30, 1989)
  • Fritz Fuchs (January 1, 1989 to April 8, 1989) (second time)
  • Jörg Berger (July 1, 1986 to December 17, 1988)
  • Horst Zick (March 23, 1986 to June 30, 1986) (second time)
  • Jupp Becker (January 25, 1986 to March 22, 1986)
  • Anton Rudinski (July 1, 1984 to January 1, 1986)
  • Fritz Fuchs (July 1, 1983 to June 30, 1984)
  • Werner Olk (July 1, 1982 to June 30, 1983)
  • Lutz Hangartner (July 1, 1981 to June 30, 1982)
  • Horst Zick (January 25, 1981 to June 30, 1981)
  • Jupp Becker (July 1, 1980 to January 24, 1981)
  • Norbert Wagner (July 1, 1979 to January 24, 1980)
  • Heinz Baas (September 30, 1978 to June 30, 1979
  • Manfred Brief (July 1, 1972 to September 30, 1978)
  • Edgar Heilbrunner (1969 to 1972)
  • Hans Diehl (1964 to 1969)
  • Hanns Faber (1963 to 1964)
  • Hans Roggow (1960 to 1963)
  • Kurt Mannschott (1956 to 1958)
  • Willi Hornung(1953 to 1955)
  • Andreas Munkert (1950 to 1953) (second time)
  • Arthur Mattes (1949 to 1950)
  • Andreas Munkert (1946 to 1949)

Women's section

Current squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Germany GK Lisa Schneider
2 France DF Stephanie Wendlinger
3 Germany DF Kerstin Boschert (captain)
4 Germany MF Nicole Söder
6 Germany DF Valeria Kleiner
7 Germany FW Susanne Hartel
8 Germany MF Juliane Maier
9 Montenegro FW Merza Julevic
10 Switzerland MF Martina Moser
11 Germany MF Sinah Amann
12 Germany GK Martina Nübling
13 Germany MF Katrin Rothaug
14 Germany DF Verena Faißt
No.   Position Player
15 Germany MF Mona Maurer
16 Germany FW Annik Richter
17 France MF Jeanne Haag
18 Germany FW Julia Zirnstein
19 Germany DF Jana Linke
20 Germany MF Myriam Krüger
21 Germany FW Nadine Enoch
22 Switzerland GK Marisa Brunner
23 Germany FW Sandra Schmidt
24 Germany MF Katharina Strohm
25 Germany GK Kristina Kober
27 Germany DF Jessica Bonacker

Recent seasons

SC Freiburg

Year Division Position
1999-2000 Fussball Bundesliga (I) 12th
2000-01 Fussball Bundesliga 6th
2001-02 Fussball Bundesliga 16th ↓
2002-03 2nd Bundesliga (II) 1st ↑
2003-04 Fussball Bundesliga 13th
2004-05 Fussball Bundesliga 18th ↓
2005-06 2nd Bundesliga 4th
2006-07 2nd Bundesliga 4th
2007-08 2nd Bundesliga 5th
2008-09 2nd Bundesliga 1st ↑

SC Freiburg II

Year Division Position
1999-2000 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg (IV) 6th
2000-01 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 6th
2001-02 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 7th
2002-03 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 3rd
2003-04 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 5th
2004-05 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 4th
2005-06 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 4th
2006-07 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 7th
2007-08 Oberliga Baden-Württemberg 1st ↑
2008-09 Regionalliga Süd (IV) 14th
2009-10 Regionalliga Süd

Notable chairmen

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