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SKY HD is the brand name of the HDTV service launched by SKY Italia on 20 April 2006 in Italy - during 2006 FIFA World Cup - to enable high definition channels on SKY Italia to be viewed. The service requires the user to have a Skybox HD (distributed by SKY Italia), and a HDTV with HDCP enabled. A HD PVR decoder called MySKY HD was launched on 26 May 2008 (on 20 December 2008 was sold a particular edition designed by Fendi in favour of the international organisation Child Priority).


Technical information

The first generation of Skybox HD were produced by Amstrad and Pace.

HD Skybox Pace


The following channels can be found on the given channel numbers. On standard definition SkyBoxes the corresponding SD channels are availabile on the same position of their HD counterpart.

Channel Number Channel Owner/parent company Package
110 Fox HD Fox International Channels Italy Mondo/Entertainment Mix
114 Fox Crime HD Fox International Channels Italy Mondo/Entertainment Mix
201 SKY Sport 1 HD SKY Italia Sport
202 SKY Sport 2 HD SKY Italia Sport
203 SKY Sport 3 HD SKY Italia Sport
205 SKY SuperCalcio HD SKY Italia Sport/Calcio
210 Eurosport HD TF1 Group Sport
251 SKY Calcio 1 HD SKY Italia Calcio
252 SKY Calcio 2 HD SKY Italia Calcio
253 SKY Calcio 3 HD SKY Italia Calcio
254 SKY Calcio 4 HD SKY Italia Calcio
255 SKY Calcio 5 HD SKY Italia Calcio
256 SKY Calcio 6 HD SKY Italia Calcio
257 SKY Calcio 7 HD SKY Italia Calcio
258 SKY Calcio 8 HD SKY Italia Calcio
301 SKY Cinema 1HD SKY Italia Cinema
306 SKY Cinema Hits HD SKY Italia Cinema
309 SKY Cinema Max HD SKY Italia Cinema
351 SKY PrimaFila HD 1 SKY Italia All (PPV Service)
352 SKY PrimaFila HD 2 SKY Italia All (PPV Service)
401 Discovery Channel HD Discovery Networks Europe Mondo/Knowledge Mix
402 National Geographic Channel HD Fox International Channels Italy Mondo/Knowledge Mix

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