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SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron
Format Action, Cartoon
Created by Christian Tremblay
Yvon Tremblay
Starring Charlie Adler
Lori Alan
Jim Cummings
Barry Gordon
Mark Hamill
Tress MacNeille
Candi Milo
Gary Owens
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 25 completed episodes
1 clip episode
3 unfinished episodes
See Episode List
Executive producer(s) Buzz Potamkin
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Turner Program Services (1993-1994)
Distributor Turner Entertainment (original run)
Warner Bros. Television (reruns)
Original channel first-run syndication
Original run September 11, 1993 – January, 1995

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is an animated series for television created by Christian Tremblay and Yvon Tremblay and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and Turner Program Services.

Every episode of the series was directed by Robert Alvarez. The bulk of the series was written by either Glenn Leopold (13 episodes) or Lance Falk (6 episodes). Jim Stenstrum contributed two episodes, while David Ehrman, Von Williams, Eric Clark (with Lance Falk), Mark Saraceni and Jim Katz all contributed one episode.

The show ran in syndication as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera from 1993 to 1995, when it was given its series finale. There were a total of twenty-five finished episodes and a special episode, that features a report on the SWAT Kats and of all their missions and gadgets as well as three unfinished episodes and two episodes still in the concept stage.[1] The show was based in the fictional metropolis of Megakat City, which is populated entirely by anthropomorphic felines, known as "kats".



Swat Kats Season 2 title card; featuring T-Bone, Razor, and the Turbokat.

Chance "T-Bone" Furlong and Jake "Razor" Clawson were members of Megakat City's (their version of New York City, NY) paramilitary law enforcement agency, known as the Enforcers. While in pursuit of Dark Kat, one of the main arch-villains of the series, the two rebelled against Enforcer Commander Feral's orders to fall back and leave Dark Kat to him. When they objected, citing their already-acquired target lock, Commander Feral used his jet to slap their wing, sending Chance and Jake's jet crashing into Enforcer headquarters and allowing Dark Kat to get away. In his anger, Feral discharged Chance and Jake from the Enforcers and reassigned them to work at the city's military salvage yard to pay for the damage to the Enforcer Headquarters.

Using discarded military parts and weapons from the salvage yard, Chance and Jake built themselves a three-engine jet fighter called the Turbokat (resembling several different aircrafts, most notably the Grumman F-14 and the Saab Draken), along with a handful of other vehicles (including the Cyclotron, a motorcycle built into the jet; the Turbo Mole, a subterranean vehicle used to drill underground; the Hoverkat, a militarized hovercraft, the Thunder Truck, a militarized Jeep modified from their tow truck) and they also have two jet skis which they use in Mutation City. All these vehicles, along with a training area and other equipment is stored in a secret hangar below the yard.

They now patrol Megakat City as the SWAT Kats, defending it against any kind of menace that threatens the city. Their enemies include the criminal mastermind Dark Kat; the undead sorcerer the Pastmaster; the mutant evil genius Doctor Viper; and the robotic gangsters the Metallikats. The SWAT Kats also faced many villains-of-the-week, such as Madkat and Volcanus (see Characters below).

T-Bone and Razor keep their identities secret from everyone, and their closest ally is deputy Mayor Callie Briggs (who is, ironically, a character more important than the mayor himself). Their methods do not endear them to Commander Feral, and in the series the three often clash. The Metallikats are the only characters in the series to learn their true identities, when they invade the secret hangar. In the second season, Lieutenant Felina Feral, who disagrees with her uncle's view about the SWAT Kats' activities, becomes another ally.

Select episodes of the show were released on VHS in NTSC format. Since the early days of eBay, VHS copies of the entire series (recorded from television) have sold for considerable amounts.

Remco produced a line of action figures in 1994 which included T-Bone, Razor, Dr. Viper and Dark Kat (who looks nothing like the Dark Kat from the show).[2] They can be seen here. Other products were produced including a Super Nintendo game, a handheld game, posters and fast food tie-ins at Carls Jr. and White Castle.




Jake and Chance aka. Razor and T-Bone.
  • Chance Furlong (alias: T-Bone) (voiced by Charlie Adler) - The larger member of the SWAT Kats and pilot of the Turbokat jet. T-Bone is one of the best pilots in the SWAT Kat universe, as seen in Cry Turmoil. He loves aerial warfare history, as seen in The Ghost Pilot, and Scaredy Kat cartoons. It was revealed in The Ci-Kat-A that he has a strong dislike of bugs that he eventually overcomes. In Mutation City, it was revealed that he is unable to swim though later in the episode he learns and rescues an unconscious Razor from drowning. He is very protective of his partner and the Turbokat and gets extremely upset if anything happens to either. He had a huge crush on Callie Briggs, but never got any attention from her. He commonly flies the Turbo Kat out of tough situations by coaxing the plane and calling it "baby". Chance likes to catch episodes of Scaredy Kat, and reads the Kat Kommandos comics.
  • Jake Clawson (alias: Razor) (voiced by Barry Gordon) - The smaller member of the SWAT Kats who is a mechanical genius. He designs the various gadgets and advanced weaponry used in the Turbokat and he serves as the radar interceptor and weapons control officer in the Turbokat. He is a martial arts master. He is the more sensible one out of the two kats. He loves the late night show with David Litterbin (a pun on David Letterman).
  • Calico[3] "Callie" Briggs (voiced by Tress MacNeille) - Deputy Mayor of Megakat City and the one who does the real work of City Hall. The SWAT Kats' biggest supporter, she has a radio communicator which enables her to call them directly when danger threatens the city. Although she does not know who they are, Callie usually trusts her life to the SWAT Kats if required. In The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats, her equivalent in a parallel universe is an evil ally of Dark Kat. In Bride of the Pastmaster, her ancestor Queen Callista was leader of the medieval kingdom of "Megalith City". Though T-Bone has a crush on her, she has a crush on Razor (more evident in the fact that even her ancestor seemed to favor Razor over T-Bone), likewise, she also seems to favor Jake. Her name is a pun on Calico cat breed.
  • Commander Ulysses[4] Feral (voiced by Gary Owens) - Head of the Enforcers, Feral has a strong and obvious dislike for the SWAT Kats, whom he considers "reckless vigilantes". He has worked with the SWAT Kats when the situation calls for it, such as in Katastrophe and A Bright and Shiny Future, but often calls on his men, saying "The Enforcers will handle this" and "Get me chopper back-up!" The SWAT Kats themselves hold him in contempt since, while they themselves were Enforcers, he fired them for their reckless flying, but it was really his fault for interfering in the first place. He may be jealous of the Swat Kats, because they make him and the Enforcers look incompetent. Callie herself thinks more of the SWAT Kats than Feral, but it could be said that he is a lot bolder and more efficient than they give him credit for. Most of the time his ego gets the best of him. He is a leader of sound principles, and when the Metallikats offer to reveal the identities of the Swat Kats in exchange for their freedom, he refuses the offer, saying "I never deal with criminal scum".
  • Lieutenant Felina Feral (voiced by Lori Alan) - Commander Ulysses Feral's niece (she is Feral's brother's daughter) first appeared in season 2's Mutation City as a new female heroine.[5] Being something of a reckless hothead herself, she appreciates the help of the SWAT Kats, unlike her uncle, and will work openly with them. Out of the two of them, she seems to like T-Bone the best. Feral himself faces something of a dilemma over her: trying to keep her out of danger but not show any favorable treatment. She is also a very skilled pilot, as seen in When Strikes Mutilor and Cry Turmoil. She won't take "No" for an answer, a fact to which T-Bone once remarked, "You are one stubborn she-kat!"

Main Villains

  • Dark Kat (voiced by Brock Peters) - Dark Kat is the main arch-enemy of the SWAT Kats. He is very large, intelligent and evil; Dark Kat wants to destroy Megakat City to create a new lawless town called "Dark Kat City". Being highly intelligent and calculating, Dark Kat often anticipates his foes' actions with great accuracy, and it is a recurring theme throughout the series that all of his hideouts are rigged with explosives. He first appeared in The Wrath of Dark Kat. His attempt to bomb the Enforcer headquarters indirectly lead to Chance and Jake's fallout with the Enforcers and the birth of the SWAT Kats, a fact Commander Feral has taken to heart. He is the only main villain that does not have an origin story of his own in the series.
    • Creeplings (vocal effects provided by Charlie Adler) - Small pink bat-like creatures that are extremely vicious and appear to be protected from radiation. They serve as Dark Kat's primary henchmen.
  • Dr. Viper (voiced by Frank Welker) - Dr. Elrod Purvis, who worked at Megakat Biochemical Labs, tried to steal an experimental regenerative formula he and Dr. N. Zyme were developing. He became covered in the formula when he fell down the stairs and the shock ultimately killed him. The chemicals revived him from death, mutating Purvis into a snake-like creature. With knowledge in the fields of biology, genetics and robotics, he seeks to turn Megakat City into Mutation City, where he will reign as its absolute ruler. He is able to turn people like Morbulus into monsters. He is by far the deadliest enemy of the Swat Kats and he and his creatures have murdered a number of innocent people (including his former colleague Dr. N. Zyme) in the series. He is similar to the Spider-Man villain The Lizard. He first appeared in The Giant Bacteria.
  • Mac and Molly Mange (voiced by Neil Ross and April Winchell) - The husband-and-wife criminal team, the Metallikats. They drowned when the boat they were in was hit by a larger boat while attempting to escape from Alkatraz prison. Their bodies were found by Professor Hackle's robot servants and their minds were placed in that of robot. Mac was supposed to be a robot-chauffeur (though ironically, he is a terrible driver) and Molly was to be a robot-maid, but instead remained criminals. They had a vendetta against Mayor Manx for denying their parole request when it turns out that it was Callie Briggs that denied their parole as Mayor Manx would be too busy to handle it. Mac and Molly often bicker with each other but will come to each other's aid when one is in trouble. Mac is conisdered the "muscle" of the team, while Molly is considered the "brains". In Metal Urgency, they both discover the secret identities of the SWAT Kats, but both have their memories erased by Commander Feral. They first appeared in The Metallikats.
  • Pastmaster (voiced by Keene Curtis) - An undead sorcerer from the Dark Ages who tried to conquer his home city. He travels through time using his magical mechanical pocket watch, and with his magical book The Tome of Time, he's able to summon extinct or mythical creatures (such as dinosaurs and dragons). Although the tome was destroyed in his first appearance. Seeks to transport Megakat City back to the Middle Ages. He first appeared in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice. In A Bright and Shiny Future the SWAT Kats were drawn into a future where the Metallikats together with the Pastmaster had created a Terminator-inspired future where machines ruled over katkind. All the Pastmaster really wants is to go back home to his own time. He is occasionally shown to lust after Callie Briggs (the spit image of her ancestor Queen Callista, the Pastmaster's ancient crush). He repeatedly captures her and 'asks' her to marry him, but Callie will have none of it. He was supposedly killed in The Deadly Pyramid.

Other Characters

  • Mayor Manx (voiced by Jim Cummings) - Mayor of Megakat City for 10 terms. He spends nearly all of his time working on his golf game, as Callie has stated "he hasn't done an ounce of paperwork in years!"[3] He also tries to rent out Megakat Towers to investors (a first season running gag had the building constantly being ruined in Destructive Nature and The Ci-Kat-A). He has descended from a famous and brave fighter pilot named the Blue Manx who is the sworn enemy of the Red Lynx, as revealed in The Ghost Pilot. In contrast to his ancestor, Mayor Manx is a coward who usually runs and hides whenever danger arises, but he did act bravely and shoot down the ghost of the Red Lynx in the same episode – only after Razor goaded him into action on the grounds that he would not be re-elected if he did not fight back. His name is derived from the Manx cat breed.
  • Ann Gora (voiced by Candi Milo) - The star reporter for Kats Eye News. She is usually on the scene whenever the SWAT Kats are in action, and has been rescued by the SWAT Kats in The Ci-Kat-A and Caverns of Horror. Besides the Deputy Mayor Briggs, Ann has also warned the SWAT Kats a few times of dangerous situations. Her name is a pun on the cat breed angora, or Turkish Angora.
  • Jonny K. (voiced by Mark Hamill) - Ann Gora's cameraman, who often cares about Ann's safety, whenever she gets herself in danger. He doesn't talk very much and is seen always wearing sunglasses and a red baseball cap. His largest role was in The Ci-Kat-A and Caverns of Horror, where he helped the Swat Kats, along with his partner, Ann Gora.
  • Professor Hackle (voiced by George Hearn) - Professor Hackle is the one who built the robot bodies of Mac and Molly Mange, and transplanted their brains into them. He spent his life as a military weapons researcher for Pumadyne (creating the Metallikats' hovercraft, as well as two giant "Macrobots", the centerpieces of Metal Urgency), but renounced his profession and turned to the civilian sector. In The Deadly Pyramid, he created Cybertron, a friendly and very brave little robot to help the SWAT Kats. In Bright & Shiny Future, he restores the damaged Turbokat to its flying condition & subsequently reprograms the Machines who have taken over the city after T-Bone & Razor destroys the Robotics HQ.
  • David Litterbin (voiced by John Byner) - Litterbin is the undisputed "King of Late Night" and host of The David Litterbin Show. Razor is his biggest fan and he is seen on television numerous times. He actually appears in Enter the Madkat, where he is believed to have descended from the jester responsible for making Madkat insane, as years later, he won the title for "King of Late Night," making Lenny Ringtail insane. His character is a parody of the real life late night talk show host David Letterman.
  • Burke and Murray (voiced by Mark Hamill and Charlie Adler) - Two cats who constantly bug Chance and Jake. They're brothers, and usually do the job of dumping the junk in the salvage yard that Chance and Jake work in, though do it mockingly.
  • Little Old Lady (voiced by Candi Milo) - A cranky old lady whose car always seems to be breaking down. She consistently threatens to report Chance and Jake to her auto club, but never actually reports them. On one occasion, she received a free pizza and three free tune-ups when Jake and Chance apologized for rushing off in the middle of a towing job when Dark Kat attacked.



SWAT Kats became the number one syndicated animated show of 1994, according to Nielsen Television Index (NTI) and Nielsen Syndication Service (NSS).[6] Hanna Barbera Productions also stated this in a SWAT Kats Poster ad that they were going to release new episodes, posters, and other works in 1995.[6] Toon Magazine also published a section about the success of SWAT Kats in Fall 1994 issue.[7] Modelsheets of characters were also released in the same issue. The show was canceled with three unfinished episodes.[1] In a 1995 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Ted Turner stated, "We have more cartoons than anybody: The Flintstones, The Jetsons, the Smurfs, Scooby-Doo. They're nonviolent. We don't have to worry that we're encouraging kids to kill each other - like SOME of the other cartoon programs do."[8] In addition, before the Turner/Time Warner merger, Hanna-Barbera Productions ended their syndication block, The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera to focus on producing original works for Cartoon Network.

Video Game

Only one game about the SWAT Kats has been made. It was produced by Hudson Soft and released on August 1995 for the SNES. It is a 2-D Action Platformer which features a character select screen where the player can choose between T-Bone or Razor, a level-selection screen, a password system, and third-person flying sequences in the Turbokat Fighter.

DVD Release

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SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron
Box artwork for SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.
Developer(s) Hudson Soft
Publisher(s) Hudson Soft
Release date(s)
 August, 1995
Genre(s) Platform, Shooter
System(s) SNES
Mode(s) Single player
ESRB: Kids to Adults

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is primarily a platform developed and published by Hudson Soft in 1995. Unlike traditional platformers, the game features simplistic leveling system. At the end of every level, the game goes into a "Mode 7" third person flying shooter where the player commands a fighter jet in an attempt to take on extremely large enemies.

The game is based off of the animated T.V. series and features both of the protagonists, the mayor of the city, and several of the villains shown in the show. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron has a limited plot, but gameplay varies as different obstacles are thrown at the player, depending on the level chosen. Although it seems open ended at first, the end of the game is reached by simply completing all of the available levels.


Unfortunately for Megakat City, the most villainous criminals have simultaneously started to wreak havoc. Mayor Manx has turned to his last resort: the mighty SWAT Kats.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
  • Controls
  • World 1: Dr. Viper
  • World 2: Madkat
  • World 3: The Pastmaster
  • World 4: The Metallikats
  • Passwords


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