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Three services in the New York Subway are designated as S (shuttle). These are short services that connect passengers to longer services:

The following services run as shuttles during off hours, but are not designated S:

  • NYCS-bull-trans-5.svg late nights (Dyre Avenue Shuttle), originally SS
  • NYCS-bull-trans-A.svg late nights (Lefferts Boulevard Shuttle)
  • NYCS-bull-trans-M.svg weekends and late nights (Myrtle Avenue Shuttle), originally SS
  • NYCS-bull-trans-R.svg late nights (Bay Ridge Shuttle)


Former uses

Other lines have in the past been designated S; the label has also been used for temporary shuttles due to construction. Before 1985, all shuttles had the label SS, and S was reserved for 'special' services, including IND trains to Aqueduct Racetrack. The SS label was first applied in 1967, when all services were labeled due to the completion of the Chrystie Street Connection.

See the articles about the old Court Street Shuttle and the later Rockaway Park Shuttle. See 8 for the old Third Avenue Shuttle in the Bronx (shown as SHUTTLE on rollsigns).[1]

Former uses of the S or SS designation are as follows:


Lenox Terminal Shuttle (1905?–ca. 1970)

The Lenox Terminal Shuttle (also Lenox Shuttle and Lenox Avenue Shuttle) ran between 148th Street and 135th Street when the 3 didn't run. Prior to May 13, 1968, it was the 145th Street Shuttle, running only to 145th Street, and only from 21:00 to 01:00. It was in place by 1918, and may have been started in 1905, when the IRT White Plains Road Line opened to the IRT Lenox Avenue Line.

When the extension to 148th Street opened, the hours were extended to run all the time that the 3 didn't run (late evenings and late nights). Then between 1969 and 1972 it was folded into the 3, but continued to run as a shuttle at those times. Late night 3 service was terminated after September 10, 1995, and was not restored until July 27, 2008. During the intervening years, the route was served during late nights by a shuttle bus.[2]

Myrtle Avenue Shuttle (1969–ca. 1973)

This was only around for a few years from 1969, picking up the slack from MJ, before it was merged into the M.

Nassau Street Shuttle (1999)

This ran only in 1999 during Williamsburg Bridge rehabilitation, providing Manhattan service for the J, M and Z. The shuttle ran from 06:00 to 22:00 daily from Essex Street to Broad Street (Chambers Street on weekends).



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