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Saïda (Arabic: سعيدة‎) is the capital city of Saïda Province, Algeria.

Saïda: City located in northeastern Algeria, on the southern slopes of the Tell Atlas mountain range situated on the northern fringe of the High Plateaus (French = Hauts Plateaux). The city lies along the right bank of the Wadi Saïda, protected by wooded mountains on the opposite shore that rise steeply from the valley floor to an elevation of some 4,000 feet (1,200 metres). The city’s site has been of military importance since the construction of a Roman fort. Saïda was a stronghold of Abdelkader, the Algerian national leader who burned the town as French forces approached it in 1844. Modern Saïda was founded as a French military outpost in 1854 and once housed a regiment of the French Foreign Legion. Its growth was stimulated by the arrival of the Oran-Béchar (narrow-gauge) railway, which was incorporated in 1862.



Saïda is served by a narrow gauge railway from Mohammadi, however a standard gauge line is proposed.

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Coordinates: 34°50′N 0°09′E / 34.833°N 0.15°E / 34.833; 0.15Template:Saïda-geo-stub



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