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Sabrina's Secret Life
Sabrina and Salem
Format Animated television series
Starring Britt McKillip
Maurice LaMarche
Bill Switzer
Jane Mortifee
Tifanie Christun
Moneca Stori
Vanesa Tomasino
Tina Bush
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 26
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Syndicated
Original run November 10, 2003 (2003-11-10) – February 3, 2004 (2004-02-03)
Preceded by Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina's Secret Life is an American animated television series based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina, the Teenage Witch produced by DiC Entertainment. Originally aired in syndication in 2003 as a spinoff of Sabrina: Friends Forever, Sabrina: The Animated Series and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. The plots for each episode featured educational elements to meet the FCC's federal E/I requirements.

In the series, Sabrina is a 14-year old teenager (older than in Sabrina: The Animated Series, but still younger that usually portrayed in the comics) attending Greendale High School. Chloe has moved away, and Gem Stone attends a private school far away from Greendale. Sabrina's new best friend is a girl named Maritza; additionally, Sabrina still has a crush on her friend, Harvey.

Salem, Hilda, and Zelda, who also appear in this series (though for unexplained reasons, Uncle Quigley doesn't appear in this series), still work hard to train Sabrina so she can learn how to use her magic well. They also continue to help her get out of tough scrapes when her spells backfire. For some reason, the Spooky Jar has disappeared as well.

Although Sabrina is half-mortal (as was the case in the previous animated series and the original comic), she is not the only one at her school who is a witch in this series—her nemesis in this series, Cassandra, also attends Sabrina's high school, and is a full witch and also the niece of Enchantra. Both Sabrina and Cassandra, in addition to their regular courses, also attend courses on witchcraft at a secret witch's academy hidden within the school.

Reruns of Sabrina's Secret Life aired on Toon Disney and previously in syndication on the DIC Kids Network.

In Germany, Sabrina's Secret Life is simply a third season of Sabrina, the Animated Series, both under the title Simsalabim Sabrina.[1][2]


Continuity Changes

Although Sabrina's Secret Life is set during her high school years, Sabrina's magic is portrayed as weaker than it was in Sabrina, the Animated Series. Unlike the previous series where Sabrina made magic with a wave of her hand and an incantation, here she uses a wand to cast spells . Most of the original voice cast did not return for this series.


Episode list

Episode number Original Air Date Episode title Detailed episode summary
1 11/11/03 At the Hop Both Sabrina and Cassandra want to ask Harvey to the school dance, but Maritza asks instead for Sabrina. Cassandra and Sabrina then make a potion as revenge for Maritza to be used on the night of the dance.
2 11/11/03 School Spirit Sabrina is determined to become "the best" by beating Cassandra in the school fund-raiser by selling the most cookie dough and monster mix boxes. But Cassandra messes with Sabrina's dough causing all the mortals in Sabrina's neighbourhood to turn into monsters.
3 17/11/03 I'm a Slave for Who? Sabrina puts a spell on Harvey so that he would devote all of his time to her. When Sabrina finds it annoying that Harvey follows her around everywhere, she tries to reverse the spell; only to find out that it makes Harvey egotistical .
4 18/11/03 Putting Off Sabrina leaves her class report on Attila the Hun to the last minute and struggles to find information on him. She then conjures him up from the past where he fights with Genghis Khan, the person who Cassandra conjured up for her report.
5 24/11/03 Just a Rumor Cassandra starts spreading rumours about Harvey (that he cheated on his maths test), and Sabrina (that she dyed her hair blonde); around the school. She tries to track down the source of the rumours and eventually pays a visit to the Rumour Mill in the Netherworld; where all of the Rumours have been set free and escaped to Greendale.
6 25/11/03 Green Eyed Monster Cassandra fakes an arm injury so that Harvey would spend more time with her. It works, and Cassandra makes Sabrina jealous of all the attention she is receiving from Harvey. Sabrina then ruins her potion in class and accidentally conjures a green worm that makes everybody jealous of each other.
7 01/12/03 Lather, Rinse, Repent Sabrina uses a magic hair lotion that makes her hair smooth, silky and curly. All the boys in school start to admire her for her hair. This makes Sabrina take advantage of her new popularity. Cassandra then takes the lotion bottle and gives some to the whole school, who turn into werewolves after using it.
8 02/12/03 J'achoo Sabrina gets the highly contagious Gargoyle Flu, and refuses to take Salem and her aunt's advice to stay in bed until she is fully cured. But Sabrina ignores that and uses a sleeping potion on Salem to go to a Netherworld party.
9 08/12/03 Living Her Dreams Sabrina delays upgrading her broomstick for Witch School to go to Dreamland (in the Netherworld) instead. She uses up her credits to see herself as an Egyptian princess ordering around Margo, Tiffany and Cassandra (her slaves/worshippers) in a palace. But Cassandra then almost gets killed, and it is up to Sabrina to save her.
10 09/12/03 Teacher's Pet Salem becomes Sabrina and Cassandra's History of Warlock teacher. Sabrina takes advantage of her class, and fails to study. This leads her to get an 'F' in her pop-quiz. After trying to retrieve Salem (who resigned from his post), Sabrina learnt that it was important to study and that she should have paid attention in her class.
11 15/12/03 Pet Peeve Cassandra ruins Sabrina's spell in Witch School, but she has another chance to retake. With the spell comes a 'dog' who is wanted by the Netherworld Detectives working with the Police. Sabrina keeps the dog and names him Spunky. Salem, on a number of occasions, gets framed by Spunky for doing bad things. The 'dog' is in fact a disguise of a warthog, whose real name is Carnivorous. He broke out of Netherworld prison, and is after Sabrina to drain her of her magic powers. This will then cause her to fall into an enchanted sleep.
12 16/12/03 Half There Both Sabrina and Cassandra want to try out for the part of Ophelia in the school play "Hamlet", since Harvey is going to play the lead character. Sabrina's audition turns into a disaster when Cassandra ruins her performance by using an invisibility potion to trick her. Soon they both try to get even with each other; but it turns out wrong when the potion gets out of control and they constantly fade unaware. Salem tells them to go to the "Middle of Nowhere" in the Netherworld to find an antidote. Maritza ends up getting the part of Ophelia, even though she didn't try-out.
13 22/12/03 Matchmaker Sabrina After Sabrina gets slightly jealous that Cassandra got to read Juliet's lines to Harvey who was playing Romeo in class, she tries to make Mr. Snipe fall in love with Ms. Magrooney using a spell she found. It works, and she soon finds an antidote to the spell in the "Grey Area" in the Netherworld; after the spell goes out of control. She tries to reverse the spell, but instead of reversing Mr. Snipe's love for Ms. Magrooney, it makes Ms. Magrooney fall in love with Mr. Snipe. She then goes as a last resort to Enchantra (the Queen of witches), to ask for help. After the problem is fixed, Sabrina has to repay Mr. Snipe by cleaning his class of flowers, a Cupid statue, and chocolate boxes; all given as gifts by Ms. Magrooney.
14 22/12/03 Sabrina: Part 2 After Sabrina gets in trouble by her aunts for using advanced magic, Sabrina and Cassandra conjure up Doppelgänger's of themselves so that they can attend Witch School and go to Harvey's party at the same time. But the spell goes goes wrong when the Doppelgänger's switch personalities, and Sabrina's ruins Harvey's party; plotting to become the real Sabrina. 'Sabrina' then gets taken back to her world after being caught by Enchantra in the Netherworld, where the 2 Cassandra's and Sabrina were chasing her to rescue Harvey.
15 29/12/03 Spell-ing Bee When Sabrina and Cassandra are asked to take part in the "Netherworld Spelling Bee" together, they practise on their own. Sabrina decides on using the spell that her aunts used when they were in the Spelling Bee. When Sabrina rehearses the spell in front of her aunts, they become joined by the heads, and have no choice but to go to the Spelling Bee like that, but with a cloak covering one head. When Sabrina tries to reverse the spell on her aunts, it works, except for Sabrina and Cassandra are the ones who are joined head-to-head. Through teamwork (when they confess the truth}, they conjure up a monkey riding a horse and manage to win the Spelling Bee.
16 30/12/03 Best of Show When Cassandra gets an A+ on her story, and Sabrina an A—, she is furious and determined to beat Cassandra at something. Harvey intends to enter his dog Billbow, in a dog show, and Sabrina becomes his trainer; but she takes the competition a little too seriously and gets fired, only using him to beat Cassandra who intends to enter her 'dog' too in the contest. Her 'dog' is actually her bunny, whom she transforms into a poodle, and names him Olympia. Sabrina then finds out and turns Salem into a dog; whom she enters into the dog show. They both use magic to cheat in the dog show, and Cassandra uses catnip to distract Salem while he is doing his talent: skating with magic rollerblades. In the end, Harvey and Billbow win the "Best of Show" contest.
17 05/01/04 Food 'Tude When Salem uses a spell on Sabrina's clothes to get them quickly washed and dried (after he slept on them), it accidentally shrinks her jeans. She notices that they suddenly become tight for her; and starts exercising and starving herself. This causes her to lose concentration in class and she ends up with cafeteria detention. Salem then finally confesses to shrinking her jeans when he notices that Sabrina feels more and more tired. While on her second cafeteria detention, she dreams that she gets armed against General Cheesehead and his troops; who are trying to persuade her to eat healthily. But that dream becomes reality when she does get armed against General Cheesehead, who storms into the school and ties everyone up onto the ceiling, including Hilda and Zelda. Sabrina fixes the problem by learning her lesson...and having another cafeteria detention as punishment.
18 06/01/04 Baby Makes Three Whilst Hilda and Zelda are off to the Netherworld Beauty Spa, Sabrina hosts a secret party at her house. But a babysitter by the name of Ms Pratt comes to babysit Sabrina before her guests arrive. Salem comes up with a plan: he distracts Ms Pratt while Sabrina searches for her aunts' spell book to make Ms Pratt young. Thinking that Ms Pratt is eighty, Sabrina adds six times the ingredients, hoping to make her twenty. But she isn't as old as Sabrina thinks. When she casts the spell, Ms Pratt turns into a baby, just as Maritza comes in. They both tend to Ms Pratt and go to a store to buy baby-supplies in a baby carriage Salem transformed from a pumpkin. He then finds out that the transformation will end soon, and rushes to tell Sabrina. He catches up with her and Maritza just as they leave the store and the baby carriage turns back into a pumpkin. They return home and Sabrina's guests come in. While Sabrina is warming up milk for Ms. Pratt, the lights go out and Cassandra gets suspicious. She finds Ms Pratt sleeping and goes through her bag where she finds Ms Pratt's identity card with her real picture on it. She then turns her back into an adult and leaves the party with her friends. The friends who stayed behind had a party downstairs; and Harvey notices Ms Pratt come peep into the room. When Sabrina finds out that Ms Pratt is an adult again she calls off the party to find Hilda and Zelda at home. Ms Pratt returns home, dropping off Sabrina's friends on the way.
19 12/01/04 Hot Item Sabrina and Cassandra take a trip to the Netherworld with Ms Magrooney to learn about the history of magical creatures. While there, Cassandra gets hit with chocolate chip cookies by Alchemus Al for almost taking his gold. He accidentally mistook her for a gold-snatching beast. Sabrina takes an egg home that she believes to be a rock to add to her collection, even though Ms Magrooney gave strict orders not to touch anything or take anything as a souvenir. During the night the egg hatches, and a dragon pops out. Sabrina names him Baby D. and is reluctant to return him back to his mother; but decides to keep him due to his cuteness. The dragon is the beast that Alchemus Al spoke about that was attracted to shiny objects. It steals Salem's rhinestone dress-collar, Sabrina's watch and Cassandra's expensive necklace. Since Maritza had wanted the necklace before Cassandra did in the store, she blames her for the theft. Sabrina finds out that Baby D. is the culprit and tries to return him back to his home-town, but the spell fails. Alchemus Al appears and they try to trap Baby D. and return him to his mother. They try to distract him with cookies but it doesn't work, since Baby D. has diamond-eye; which means he can't see the cookies, only the diamonds. They then finally manage to return him to his mother.
20 13/01/04 What's in a Name?
21 19/01/04 Greendale Idol
22 20/01/04 Time Flies
23 26/01/04 Here's Looking at You
24 27/01/04 Cat Man Do
25 02/02/04 Witchycology
26 03/02/04 Midsummer's Nightmare


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