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Sacred Love is a way to describe an ultimate love relationship that is made up of four equal compelling areas of compatibility: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual compatibility. Having these four areas of compatibility present in a relationship allows both individuals to experience a more passionate, meaningful and lasting relationship dynamic than a relationship with only one, two, or three out of the four components.

A willing and receptive individual who wants to enjoy a more satisfying love and sex life can create Sacred Love with another who is also willing and receptive. Experiencing Sacred Love starts with nurturing and cultivating the self-love and confidence of the lover in you first, then expressing it with another in a healthy, consciously-committed way.

Sacred Love is not a religion. However, Sacred Love is appropriate and supportive for adults of all spiritual/religious orientations who acknowledge that having a truly meaningful union with another is a healthy, natural part of being a whole human being.


The experience of a Sacred Love relationship is one of alignment: a feeling of alignment within yourself and with someone else. It is not two halves becoming whole, but your whole person meeting another whole person. It is a feeling of correct connection with another human being. It is the meeting of equals and resonating harmony between persons. It is an experience of joyful chemistry, sharing, understanding, and growing into your truest you with someone.

Emotionally, Sacred Love feels like generosity in your capacity to give love and receptivity to the abundance of the love your loved one has to give. It feels like words are not required, yet verbal communication is shared easily. Emotionally, Sacred Love is supportive, joyful, and passionate.

Mentally, Sacred Love feels stimulating, unifying, and growth oriented as you share complementary ideas, viewpoints, and intentions for your life.

Physically, Sacred Love looks and feels like sexual chemistry and electrical connectivity with another person. It feels mutually pleasing, nurturing, and even ecstatic.

Spiritually, Sacred Love looks and feels like kindredness that is beyond the mental and physical connection. It feels as though there is an organic closeness, understanding, respect, and knowledge of each other. And there is a natural agreement to grow as human beings, awakening and sharing consciously together.

When you cultivate the philosophy of Sacred Love you will naturally enhance the love and intimacy you share with your partner. In addition, love can become a rich and rewarding art form surpassing a "normal relationship routine" experience.


The concept of Sacred Love has been explored and developed by Karinna Kittles-Karsten since 1989 and is the basis of the book Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love, as well as the philosophy expanded upon at the empowering, relationship-based media company she created in 2001 called Sacred Love Inc. where she has helped millions world-wide.



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