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The Saharo-Arabian Region is a floristic region of the Holarctic Kingdom proposed by Armen Takhtajan. It occupies the temperate parts of the Sahara desert, Sinai Peninsula, Arabian Peninsula (geographically defined), Southern Palestine and Lower Mesopotamia. Much of its flora is shared with the neighboring Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian Regions of the Holarctic Kingdom and Sudano-Zambezian Region of the Paleotropical Kingdom. However, about a quarter of the species, especially in the families Asteraceae, Brassicaceae and Chenopodiaceae, are endemic. Some of the endemic genera are Nucularia, Fredolia, Agathophora, Muricaria, Nasturtiopsis, Zilla, Oudneya, Foleyola, Lonchophora, Gymnarrhena, Lifago. The region is covered by hot deserts, semideserts and savannas.



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