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Saint Augustine's Prayer Book is an Anglo-Catholic devotional book published for members of the Episcopal Church by the Anglican monastic community the Order of the Holy Cross.

The first edition of this little book of devotions was edited by Fr. Loren Gavitt and published in 1947. Now in its seventeenth printing of the revised edition from 1967 it remains a popular-selling book among High Church members of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada. It is considered a companion to the prayers and devotions of the Book of Common Prayer (American editions of 1928 and 1979). In addition to various prayers and devotions, it includes the order of Mass according to the American Missal, with the Prayer Book Canon of the Mass.


  1. Christian Obligations
  2. Common Forms of Prayer
  3. Daily Prayers
  4. Various Prayers
  5. Praise and Thanksgiving
  6. The Mass
  7. Devotions for Holy Communion
  8. Spiritual Communion
  9. Sacrament of Penance
  10. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
  11. Devotions to the Blessed Sacrament
  12. Stations of the Cross
  13. Prayers for the Sick
  14. Prayers for the Dead
  15. Requiem Mass
  16. Devotions to the Trinity
  17. Devotions to the Holy Ghost
  18. Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  19. Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  20. Devotions to St. Joseph
  21. Devotions to the Angels
  22. Various Litanies
  23. Novenas
  24. Devotions for Christmas
  25. Devotions to the Passion
  26. Holy Hours


Saint Augustine's Prayer Book, Revised Edition, Rev. Loren Gavitt and Rev. Archie Drake, editors, Holy Cross Publications. (1967) Library of Congress Number: BV260.G3 1949

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