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Saint Hyacinth
"Saint Hyacinth
Confessor; Apostle of the North
Born c. 1185, Kamień Śląski
Died August 15, 1257, Kraków, Poland
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast August 17
Attributes statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Monstrance or Ciborium
Patronage UST- College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, invoked by those in danger of drowning; Basilica of St. Hyacinth

Saint Hyacinth, Święty Jacek, Jacek Odrowąż (b. c. 1185 in Kamień Śląski (Ger. Groß Stein) near Opole (Ger. Oppeln), Upper Silesia – d. August 15, 1257 in Kraków, Poland of natural causes) was educated in Paris and Bologna. A Doctor of Sacred Studies and a priest, he worked to reform convents in his native Poland. While in Rome, he witnessed a miracle performed by Saint Dominic, and became a Dominican. He brought the Dominican Order to Poland, then evangelized throughout Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Russia, Turkey, and Greece.

One of his miracles is connected with the Tartarian attack on a monastery in Kyiv. Hyacinth was about to save a Monstrance (or possibly a Ciborium, it is unknown exactly which one) containing the Holy Host when he heard the voice of Blessed Virgin Mary asking him to take her too. So he decided to take also the statue of the Holy Virgin. Despite the fact that it weighed far more than he could normally lift, it became miraculously weightless. Thus he saved both the Holy Host and the Mother Mary. For that reason the saint is usually shown holding these two items.

A close relative of Hyacinth was Saint Ceslaus, and may have been his brother.[1] He was canonized on April 17, 1594 by Pope Clement VIII, and his memorial day is celebrated on August 17. In 1686 Pope Innocent XI named him a patron of Lithuania.

In Spanish-language countries, Hyacinth is known as San Jacinto - which is the name of numerous towns and locations in Spanish-speaking countries, and of two battles fought in two of these locations.

He is the patron saint of St. Hyacinth's Basilica, in Chicago, Illinois and of those in danger of drowning.

He is also the patron saint of Ermita de Piedra de San Jacinto in Tuguegarao city, Philippines wherein his feastday is celebrated with a procession and folk dance contests. A town called Camalaniugan in the Philippine is also under the said saint's patronage.

The town church dedicated to San Jacinto or Saint Hyacinth is home to the oldest church bell (the Sancta Maria 1595) in the Far East.

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