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Saint October
Saint October logo.PNG
Saint October logo
(Seinto Okutōbā)
Genre Magical girl, Mystery, Parody, Action, Supernatural, Tarot cards
TV anime
Director Masafumi Satō
Studio Konami Digital Entertainment, Studio Comet
Network Chiba TV
Original run January 4, 2007June 28, 2007
Episodes 26
Author Kiira~☆
Publisher Mag Garden
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Comic Blade
Original run June 30, 2006July 30, 2007
Volumes 2
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Saint October (セイントオクトーバー Seinto Okutōbā ?) is a Japanese anime television series created by Konami Digital Entertainment and animated by Studio Comet. It was also adapted into a manga series by mangaka Kiira~☆, which was serialized in the Japanese magazine Monthly Comic Blade published by Mag Garden in August 2006. The anime series premiered on Chiba TV on January 4, 2007 in Japan. The series revolves around three young girls who work for a detective agency who one day receive magical powers from a mysterious boy. The series' portrayal of magic makes extensive use of tarot symbolism.



Saint October concerns a group of three girls and the detective agency they work for called the Kuroki Detective Agency (黒木探偵社 Kuroki Tanteisha ?) in Alkana City (アルカナシティ Arukana Shiti ?). The story begins during a case to catch a mysterious masked kidnapper who has been kidnapping young boys for a strange man he answers to as his boss and leader. Kotono is a young girl and a member of the agency, who, due to her young age, is working harder during this case. One night after returning home late alone, Kotono runs into a young boy who's crying alone. With no where else to take him, Kotono brings him back to her home at Joshuna's church where it is discovered that he has amnesia and cannot remember even his own name. While there, Natsuki Shirafuji, Kotono's friend and fellow detective, arrives to add further information to the kidnapping case. Suddenly, the masked kidnapper appears and successfully kidnaps the boy, but Kotono chases after him and gets the boy back after a short scuffle. Just when all looks lost, the boy uses a magical power to bestow unto Kotono a similar power in order to defeat the kidnapper. After she won, he reveals that he has remembered what his name is: Juan. Now the focus has turned to who is the kidnapper's boss who has been pursuing Juan.



Kotono Hayama (葉山 小十乃 Hayama Kotono ?) Voiced by: Azusa Kataoka
Kotono is a young, usually cheerful, girl working for the Kuroki Detective Agency. As a child, she was abandoned near a church with no memories of who she was or where she came from. The church's priest, Joshua, took her in as his own daughter. Her card is Justice and she transforms into Loli Black. Her weapon is a sword which she uses as a final attack on the enemy.
Natsuki Shirafuji (白藤 菜月 Shirafuji Natsuki ?) Voiced by: Yukari Fukui
Natsuki is Kotono's good friend of equal age and fellow member of the agency. She comes from a rich family. Her card is Moon and she transforms into Loli White. Her weapon is a pair a nun chucks.
Misaki Hijiri (聖 三咲 Hijiri Misaki ?) Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi
Misaki is a mysterious and agile girl. In the past episodes it was shown that her hometown was attack and that she has a mission. Her card is Strength and she transforms into Loli Red. Her weapon is a bow and arrow
Joshua (ヨシュア Yoshua ?) Voiced by: Yuuki Ono
Joshua is a priest who is a member of the detective agency and Kotono's foster father after she was left at his church. Despite Kotono insisting he is merely her foster father, he thinks of himself as her real father.
Kōshirō Kuroki (黒木 功士朗 Kuroki Kōshirō ?) Voiced by: Naru Kawamoto
Kōshirō is head of the Kuroki Dectective Agency though is often bogged down by work and doesn't get much respect from his fellow colleagues.
Juan (ユアン Yuan ?) Voiced by: Masami Suzuki
Juan is a young boy who has amnesia. He initially gave Kotono her magical powers and the other Goth Loli.
Artista (アルティスタ Arutisuta ?) Voiced by: Yumiko Hosono
Eddie Tsukahara (エディ塚原 Edii Tsukahara ?) Voiced by: Hitoshi Hibu


Kurtz (クルツ Kurutu ?) Voiced by: Kenjirō Tsuda
Ash (アッシュ Asshu ?) Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu
Esmeralda (エスメラルダ ?) Voiced by: Erika
Herlock (エルロック ?) Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Maeda
Originally he is the masked man who steals the boys and takes them away. He took it up as a mission but soon got bored from doing it. After he kidnaps them he keeps them in his room, allowing them to destroy the place. He works for Kurtz and, he too, had a card. His number was the "Number 1" card which gave him the Magician ability. He was the first to get judgment from Kotono and soon after was jailed. His name is considered to have come from Captain Harlock.


Richard (リチャード Richaado ?) Voiced by: Takashi Matsuyama
Ryōhei Mikado (帝 猟兵 Ryōhei Mikado ?) Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga



The Saint October anime series, created by Konami Digital Entertainment, first aired in Japan on January 4, 2007 on Chiba TV and is set to contain 26 episodes. The first DVD will go on sale on March 21, 2007.


Ep# Title Original air date
01/26 "Loli Born! A Girl Becomes Super Goth-Loli!"
January 4, 2007
A masked man has been kidnapping young boys for an unknown purpose and the Kuroki Detective Agency is hot on the case. Kotono meets a young boy named Juan who is mysteriously connected to the whole ordeal. 
02/26 "Loli Surprised! The Rumored Beauty Super Invades!"
January 11, 2007
Firena, a washed up TV personality with breast implants, has been enlisted by Company Reverse to attempt to kidnap Juan, but is ultimately stopped by Kotono. 
03/26 "Loli United Battle! Even the Young Lady Super Transforms!"
January 18, 2007
Natsuki becomes jealous of Juan because Kotono is constantly spending time with him and worrying about him, to the point that Kotono forgot about the plans Natsuki and her had made to go shopping after school, instead going to the Reverse company headquarters to ask about Firena and what she wanted with Juan. When Kotono realizes why Natsuki is acting strangely, she brings Juan with her to apologize at Natsuki's mansion. Meanwhile, a black cat that Kurtz enlisted to make him look more like a villain is being controlled by Kurtz to find Kotono. Back a Natsuki's, Natsuki's various attempts to eliminate Juan have failed, and she, Kotono, Juan, and Koushirou are outside having tea. When Juan says he has to go to the bathroom, Natsuki jumps on the chance and offers to take him. Even then, her plots fail. But when Juan finds a Kotono doll in Natsuki's room, she realizes she's been attempting to terrorize a young boy with no memory out of spite, and feels guilty when she thinks about Kotono being all he has. She is beginning to warm to him when Kurtz's black cat finds Kotono, turning into a huge, panther-like cat with the fangs of a saber-tooth tiger. Kotono runs away into the woods, but the panther is close behind. Juan gives Natsuki powers like Kotono's and the two defeat the cat. 
04/26 "Loli Troubled! The Vampire from the Super Daytime!"
January 25, 2007
05/26 "Loli Rematch! Elrock's Super Revenge!"
February 1, 2007
06/26 "Loli Formation! The Super Detective Squad of Gothic Girls!"
February 8, 2007
07/26 "Loli Suspicion! Joshua, His Super Hidden Love.."
February 15, 2007
08/26 "Lolis Devotion! Why? The Super Bowling with You!"
February 22, 2007
09/26 "Loli Infiltration! At That Moment, the Super Big Thing on TV!"
March 1, 2007
10/26 "Loli First Love! My Super Heart Reaches You!"
March 8, 2007
11/26 "Loli Suspicion! Joshua, His Super Hidden Love!"
March 15, 2007
12/26 "Loli Pure Love! Sophia's Love Super Shines.."
March 22, 2007
13/26 (ロリ慟哭!悩んで迷って、超乙女!!)  March 29, 2007
14/26 (ロリ復讐!あたちのうらみを超くらえでち!!)  April 5, 2007
15/26 (ロリ昔日!記憶のあなたに超会うために...)  April 12, 2007
16/26 (ロリ桃色!フォーリンラブに超ホーミータイトでち!)  April 19, 2007
17/26 (ロリ抹殺!山で遭難超二人きり!)  April 26, 2007
18/26 (ロリ救出!お嬢の決意が超マグマ!)  May 3, 2007
19/26 (ロリ水着!波に消えた超片思い...)  May 10, 2007
20/26 (ロリ救急!友情?同情?過剰に超看病!)  May 17, 2007
21/26 (ロリ帰国!世界よ、われに超ひざまづけ!)  May 24, 2007
22/26 (ロリ公開!超NAZO·NAZOな私のヒミツ!)  May 31, 2007
23/26 (ロリ窮地!いつの間にやら超敵だらけ!)  June 7, 2007
24/26 (ロリ激怒! 愛を奪還、超突入!)  June 14, 2007
25/26 (ロリ激戦! 信じて見つめて超正義!)  June 21, 2007
26/26 (ロリ決着! めくるめくあなたと超運命!)  June 28, 2007

Theme songs

Opening theme
"Wheel of fortune" by Azusa Kataoka, Yukari Fukui and Yu Kobayashi
Ending Theme 1
"Michi naru Basho e" by Yukari Fukui(Ep 1-10, 12-13)
Ending Theme 2
"Sora no Kotoba" by Yu Kobayashi(Ep 14-25)
Ending Theme 3
"Melow Stereo" by Azusa Kataoka, Yukari Fukui and Yu Kobayashi(Ep 26)


The Saint October manga adaptation was first serialized in the Japanese shōnen manga magazine Monthly Comic Blade in August 2006, published by Mag Garden. It is illustrated by Kiira~☆.


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