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Sak K'uk'
Ajaw of Palenque
Sak K'uk' in 615
Reign October 22, 612 – July 29, 615
Full name Ix Sak K'uk'
Died September 12, 640
Predecessor Janaab' Pakal
Successor Pacal the Great
Offspring Pacal the Great
Father Janaab' Pakal

Ix Sak K'uk' (sometimes rendered as Zac Kuk) was Queen of the Maya state of B'aakal, now known as Palenque, in what is now eastern Mexico.

Her father was Pacal I. As Pacal I seems to have had no male heirs, she ascended to the throne on 22 October 612, a few months after her father's death. After his maturity, her son Pacal II, better known as Pacal the Great, succeeded her as ruler on 29 July 615. She seems to have continued to wield considerable influence over Palenque in the early decades of her son's reign. Sak K'uk' died on 12 September 640.


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