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Sakura Sakurada
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Birthdate January 14, 1982 (1982-01-14) (age 28)[1]
Birth location Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Measurements 89-59-86cm
Height 1.58 m (5 ft 2 in)
Blood type B
Ethnicity Japanese
Alias(es) Sakura Matsui
Official web site

Sakura Sakurada (桜田さくら Sakurada Sakura?) is a Japanese actress, model and adult video (AV) star who has also used the name Sakura Matsui (松井さくら Matsui Sakura?) for still photo shoots. Her long and prolific career and international recognition mark her as an AV Idol.


Life and career

Early career - "Uncensored Movies"

Adult Video News has described Sakura Sakurada as having "a fantastic body - lithe, but totally buxom."[2] Making her AV debut in 2003,[3], Sakurada became known for starring in so-called "uncensored movies" i.e. the genitalia are not pixilated to disguise them. This technique, known as "fogging," or "mosaic" is used in most Japanese porn movies.[4] Sakurada has appeared in about 40 original "uncensored movies" in her career but that figure has been greatly magnified by numerous re-releases, compilations and online pay-per-view and streaming versions.[5]

Besides performing in numerous films in the more common genres, such as bukkake, gokkun, naka-dashi, sex in public, and erotic cosplay, Sakurada has also performed in several unusual projects. Among these, she has taken part in a number of fetish productions (primarily for Giga in 2003 and 2004).[6] featuring scat and omorashi (watersports). In one video for Natural High (Hot Horny Shemales Fucking Crazy) her costars were two transsexual woman actresses.[7] She has also made a video (Mother-Daughter Rice Bowl) with an actress, Satsuki Sakurada, who is identified as her mother and who also performs.[8] In a second video (see Incest Chapter released 2004-11-01 in the Filmography) they appear only in separate scenes. In addition, she has appeared in one film (The Dog Game) involving rape and a scene of bestiality.[9]

Later career

After a brief retirement in mid-2005, she returned to the adult video scene but from that point appeared almost exclusively in "censored" movies - she has not done an original "uncensored" video since late 2005. Many of her movies since then have been lesbian oriented and several have had Sadomasochism and Bondage (BDSM) themes, including the Les Noir series and others for Attackers [10]. In these videos, she often appears as the older woman dominating younger girls or men. For most of her career, Sakurada has been a freelance performer not connected with any one studio, but since early 2006, she has been closely associated with the video producer Cross[11]. In March 2008 she made her debut with them as a director in the DVD The Maniac Lesbians' Filming Party.

Sakurada's other recent activity has been for the new label Zeus, a division of Giga, the studio for which she did a number of fetish videos early in her career. Zeus specializes in fetish material including Heroine torture, scat, enemas, and omorashi. She has starred in two of their videos, Sadi-Scream Vol. 4 and Heroine Cruel Story Vol. 7 which indulge in torture, gore and copious amounts of fake blood, with little or no sex content. Additionally, she has also played minor non-sex, non-scat roles in several other Zeus videos in 2008, especially in their "Heroine Excretion Hell" series.[12] Otherwise, her appearances as an actress in 2008 and 2009 were very limited and mostly in lesbian roles. In January 2010, Sakurada made four FemDom videos for the PlanetPlus studio under their Antares label.[13]

Other activities

In addition to her hardcore career, Sakurada has also acted in a number of softcore films, including starring in direct-to-video V-Cinema and theatrical Pink film. In three of her softcore films, she worked with noted Japanese erotic and horror film director Naoyuki Tomomatsu[14] and in another with cult horror and science-fiction director Daisuke Yamanouchi (山内大輔).[15] In December 2005, Sakurada was cited in an article on AV idol-bloggers as a member of that group.[16]

Sakurada demonstrated her singing abilities in the Cross hardcore video 3 Days Recording Training Camp with AV Actress Rock Band (2006).[17] The plot involves the training of an all-girl rock band "The Skinless" and finishes with the four actresses performing a music video of a song "Body and Soul" with lyrics and vocals by Sakura Sakurada.

Popularity and recognition

It is a measure of the fame that her uncensored movies have brought her in countries outside of Japan that author Stephen Hunter uses a fictionalized Sakurada as a character in his 2007 novel, The 47th Samurai. The character "Sakura" appears in Hunter's novel while filming the video Woman Teacher in Black Sakura, one of the real-life Sakurada's works. Hunter knows Sakurada's work well enough to make reference to the gap in her front teeth in her early videos which disappeared in later appearances. In the acknowledgements section of the novel, he also acknowledges Sakurada as one of his muses.[18]

In another instance of Sakurada's popularity in the United States, her video Sakura's Squirt Tunnel Adventures (released in the US by Oriental Dream Pictures) was nominated in the category "Best Ethnic-Themed Release, Asian" at the 2008 Annual AVN Awards Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.[19]

Sakura Sakurada is also notably prolific for a Japanese AV actress. The average career of an AV actress in Japan spans about one year, during which the actress will appear in five to ten videos total.[20] Sakurada's career has spanned over five years during which she has appeared in some 250 original videos reaching a peak in 2004 when she was in nearly 100 titles. (See Filmography)


NOTE: In addition to the videos listed in the Filmography, Sakurada also appeared in minor, non-sex roles in a number of films for the Giga Zeus label as listed below. All are censored and they range in length from 60 to 85 minutes.[21]

2007-11-23 New Omorashi Story Vol. 3 - 新・おもらし物語 Vol.03 [JMRD-03] (Starring Fuuka Nanasaki)
2007-11-23 New Unko-Omorashi Vol. 4 - 新・うんこおもらし Vol.04 [JZBD-04] (Starring Ami Kawashima & Anri Hiramatsu)
2007-12-21 New Omorashi Story Vol. 4 - 新・おもらし物語 Vol.04 [JMRD-04] (Starring Mitsuna Sahara)
2008-02-08 Heroine Cruel Story Vol. 3 - ヒロイン残酷物語 Vol.03 [JHZD-03] (Starring Aika Miyazaki)
2008-02-22 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 7 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.07 [JHHD-07] (Starring Saki Ogasawara)
2008-03-14 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 8 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.08 [JHHD-08] (Starring Ako Shiina)
2008-03-28 Heroine Cruel Story Vol. 4 - ヒロイン残酷物語 Vol.04 [JHZD-04] (Starring Aya Natsuki)
2008-04-11 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 9 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.09 [JHHD-09] (Starring Shiho)
2008-04-25 New Omorashi Story Vol. 8 - 新・おもらし物語 Vol.08 [JMRD-08] (Starring Ayaka Shirai)
2008-05-09 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 11 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.11 [JHHD-11] (Starring Sakura Aragaki)
2008-05-09 New Unko-Omorashi Vol. 9 - 新・うんこおもらし Vol.09 [JZBD-09] (Starring Marin Izumi & Rumi Asakawa)
2008-06-27 New Unko-Omorashi Vol. 10 - 新・うんこおもらし Vol.10 [JZBD-10] (Starring Shizuku & Sayaka Minami)
2008-07-25 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 12 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.12 [JHHD-12] (Starring Nana Takeshita)
2008-08-08 Heroine Cruel Story Vol. 9 - ヒロイン残酷物語 Vol.09 [JHZD-09] (Starring Yuzuna Asano)
2008-08-22 Cabin Attendant Excretion Hell - l キャピンアテンダント 排泄地獄 [JDSD-04] (Starring Biki Nakahara)
2009-01-09 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 17 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.17 [JHHD-17] (Starring Yuuka Naoe)
2009-04-24 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 19 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.19 [JHHD-19] (Starring Aiko Nagai)
2009-05-08 Heroine Excretion Hell Vol. 20 - ヒロイン排泄地獄 Vol.20 [JHHD-20] (Starring Shino Nakamura)
2009-08-28 Heroine Haisetsu Tōbatsu 02 - ヒロイン排泄討伐02 [JHTD-02]
2009-09-11 The Inferno of Assumption and Excretion - ヒロイン昇天排泄地獄 [JDSD-10]


Release date[22] Video title Duration Label Director Notes
2006-03-20 Youth Movie 12 - First 7 Days of Mourning
平成青春動画 其の十二 絶倫義父 初七日の喪服新妻
70 min D.C. Holdings XMDV-012 Daisuke Yamanouchi With Manami Ogawa & 4 others
2006-09-06 My Sister's Secret
73 min NeoLips NEOD-029 Naoyuki Tomomatsu With Maho Sawai
2006-12-22 Molestation Syndrome
痴漢シンドローム 感じすぎるカラダ
74 min TMC Midnight DMNR-071 Matsuru Natsukawa, Tomoya Kanda & Yoshio Akiyama (Anth.) With Kaoruko Wakaba & Yuka Ebina
2007-01-25 Fall Victim to Hungry Spy Photo Buff
盗撮マニア 飢えた愛欲の餌食
60 min Comma Vision CHRD-006 Teruo Ozawa With Jun Katori, Wataru Narita, Masato Huziki & Azuma Yamamoto
Produced 2005
2008-05-09 Hyper Sexy Heroine Cyber Solder Etoile
ハイパーセクシーヒロイン サイバー戦士エトワール
70 min Zen Pictures CGAD-17 Motoharu Takauji Starring Yuri Yoshida & Kae Yamaura
2009-03-06 Young Wife Sex Mania Extreme Pleasure
62 min Interfilm IFD-113 Naoyuki Tomomatsu With Kyōko Kazama & Shun Kando

Pink film


  • 近所の人妻 熟れた白昼不倫 — Director: Tarō Araki (Producer: OP Eiga) June, 2007
  • ザ・スワップ 新妻絶淫調教 — Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu (Producer: Shintoho) July, 2007
  • キャバクラ嬢 しぼり出す指先 — Director: Tarō Araki (Producer: OP Eiga) September, 2007
  • 不倫航海 人妻みだら貝 — Director: Tarō Araki (Producer: OP Eiga) December, 2007


  • Grazie! (グラッチェ!) — June 2003 (52 pages)[24][25]

DIGITAL BOOKS in Keyring PDF format (a proprietary format for Digital Rights Management). All 32 pages long. Published by Graphis Press.[26]

  • 初脱ぎ娘!松井さくら Vol.1 (First Time Stripping Girl! Sakura Matsui Vol. 1) - 5-27-2004
  • 初脱ぎ娘!松井さくら Vol.2 (First Time Stripping Girl! Sakura Matsui Vol. 2) - 8-31-2004
  • 初脱ぎ娘!松井さくら Vol.3 (First Time Stripping Girl! Sakura Matsui Vol. 3) - 10-11-2004
  • 初脱ぎ娘!松井さくら Vol.4 (First Time Stripping Girl! Sakura Matsui Vol. 4) - 11-16-2004
  • 初脱ぎ娘!松井さくら Vol.5 (First Time Stripping Girl! Sakura Matsui Vol. 5) - 11-30-2004


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