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Sakura Sena
Birthdate January 31, 1975 (1975-01-31) (age 35)[1]
Birth location Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Measurements 101-60-88 (cm)
40-24-35 (inch)
Height 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Hair colour Brunette
Ethnicity Japanese
Alias(es) Shiho Fujiwara
Misaki Karan
Miki Kagawa
Jewel J
No. of films 70+
Official web site
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Sakura Sena (瀬名 さくら Sena Sakura?, January 31, 1975) is a big-busted Japanese glamour model and adult actress known for her 32 G cup breasts and 23" waist.[2] Until March 2002 she used the name Shiho Fujiwara (藤原 史歩 Fujiwara Shiho?) in her adult video (AV) career.[3]



Early life

Sena was born January 31, 1975 to a middle-class family in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. Her father was a carpenter, and she had two older brothers and one younger brother.[2] Sexually precocious from an early age, Sena's first exposure to pornography was at the age of 13 when she secretly viewed a hardcore American video in her father's collection.[2] She attributes her preference for foreign men to this experience.[4] Another of her father's videos inspired Sena to begin masturbating with a vacuum cleaner. She recalls, "I eventually did it so hard that my skin ripped and blood was going everywhere. That's when my grandfather came in... he saw me against the wall, my legs spread apart wide and a vacuum cleaner hose in my pussy. He just told me that I had a phone call and left... He looked too embarrassed to say anything."[5]

Sena lost her virginity while still a 14 year old junior-high school student. During this time she gained sexual experience through encounters with older men, including her friends' fathers, whom she credits for teaching her about sex toys.[5] About a year after her first sexual encounter, she was picked up by members of the yakuza. The gang took her to a love hotel, where other men were waiting. She was forced to give fellatio to members of the gang for two hours. This encounter, to which she credits her oral skills, was followed by a karaoke session.[5]


Sena had always intended to do something out of the ordinary with her life, at first planning to go to design school.[2] In her late teens, Sena began her career as a nude model, posing for magazine photos.[2] In October 1994 at the age of 19, she made her adult video (AV) debut for the Kuki Tank label with Kaikin (解禁 ) using her stage name of Shiho Fujiwara (藤原 史歩 Fujiwara Shiho?).[2][6][7] She made her stage debut as a stripper in May 1995 and by October 1995 was modeling for the S&M magazine Bishojo SM Sashinsu.[6] In May 1995 she had also appeared in director Yutaka Ikejima's pink film Molester's Train: Molester Techniques (痴漢電車 痴漢のテクニック Chikan Densha Chikan No Tekunikku?), part of the long-running Molester's Train series produced by Shintoho and started by Academy Award-winning director Yōjirō Takita in 1982.[8][9]

After almost four years of working as an erotic dancer in strip tease and in several adult films, Sena decided to have an image change. Up to this point, her bust measurement had been an 85 cm metric C cup.[10] Sena decided to have her breasts enhanced.[2] Starting with a 400 cc under the muscle boob job in Japan and then in a second breast enhancement of 1000 cc saline over the muscle at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.[citation needed] These very large 32" G cup size breasts prompted the Japanese media to nickname her Cyborg Woman.[citation needed] In September 1999, mostly due to the then blooming adult Internet boom in Japan, Sena became a pioneering Japanese adult entertainer when marketing herself in a single-model website promotion.[citation needed]

She made her first post-operative appearance, and her international debut, in the December 1999 issue of the American skin magazine Score, the first Japanese woman featured in that magazine.[2] In 2001, she contracted to work with a foreign cast in the JAV-produced porn DVD, Monster Body, released in March 2002 under the Princess label.[3] Three other videos were also released by Princess starring Sena, Sakura Sena - Japanese Girl and two volumes of Sakura Sena -Sex Machine.[11]

Her website is titled Sakura Mania Club,[12] (a.k.a. SMC). When interviewed in 2003, Sena stated that she had a Canadian boyfriend of German descent.[5] Since May 2003 Sena has lived in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.[2]

Selected filmography

Video title[13] Company Director Release date Notes
Kuki Tank October 1994 Debut
Lust & Orgies (Vol.1)
Buta Gorila October 29, 1995 With 4 other actresses
Lust & Orgies (Vol.2)
Buta Gorila November 19, 1995 With 6 other actresses
Hips and Legs
Kuki Vinl
Silver Wolf November 19, 1995 With Natuho Iida & others
Flesh Battle Royal
Kuki Vinl
Hurry Sugino January 16, 1996 With Mirai Hirooka
Wild Kiss
Kuki Vinl
Koji Matsuda January 18, 1996 With Ai Mizuno
  • Monster Body, a.k.a. Born To Be Wild (March 2002)
  • Japanese Girl (April 2002)
  • SEX Machine (May 2002)
  • DDP (2002)
  • The Complete Sakura Deluxe (2002)
  • Crazy Bust
  • Japanese Girl (featuring an international cast)
  • Dekai, Dekai, PaiPai!


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