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Standard Estonian military map symbol for a fireteam.
Active present
Country  Estonia
Branch Estonian Ground Force
Type infantry
Size 5
Equipment small firearms
grenade launchers
Commander Corporal ES-Army-OF2.jpg

Salk, (English: fireteam) is a small military unit led by a senior soldier that is subordinate to an infantry squad. Salk is bigger than a lahingpaar (fire and maneuver team) but smaller than a jagu (squad). It is also one of the smallest military formation among the Estonian Ground Force infantry units.[1]



It usually consists of three to five soldiers, and may be further subdivided into fire and maneuver teams. A salk is composed of two fire and maneuver teams of two soldiers each, as well as a fireteam leader (salgapealik) who is usually a corporal (kapral).[2]


One single salk is meant to operate on a battlefield along with other salk's on a landscale not greater than 50 x 100 metres. There are no logistical support elements in the structure of a jagu.


Other military uses

In the Canadian Army 'fireteam' refers to two soldiers paired for fire and movement. Two fireteams form an 'assault group' and two assault groups form a section of eight soldiers. Many other armed forces see the squad as the smallest military unit; some countries' armies have a pair consisting of two soldiers as the smallest military unit. In others a fireteam is composed of two pairs of soldiers (fire and maneuver team) forming a fireteam.

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