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City of Salona in the 4th century
The ruins of Salona

Salona was an ancient Illyrian Delmati city in the first millennium BC [1].The Greeks had set up an Emporion there [2]. After the conquest by the Romans, Salona became the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia [3]. When the Roman Emperor Diocletian retired, he erected a monumental palace nearby; this massive structure, known as Diocletian's Palace, became the core of the modern city of Split. In present times Salona (or Salon) is situated near today's town of Solin (near Split).

Salona was largely destroyed in the invasions of the Avars and Slavs first in 614, when Slavs occupied Emperor Diocletians 3rd century palace and then around the year 639 AD.[4]

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