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Salt the Wound
Origin Cleveland, Ohio, US
Genres Deathcore[1], melodic death metal[1]
Years active 2001-2010
Labels Rotten Records
Associated acts My Virgin Eyes
Matthew Wesolly
Vince Stropki
Jake Scott
Brian "Brooklyn" Martinez
Rob Walters
Former members
Matthew Tanner
Mike Kawkabany
Dave Mihalik
Jim Agrippe
Nick Cetrone
Kevin Schaefer
Abe Zieleniec
Tim McCullough

Salt the Wound were an American deathcore band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed on September 11, 2001.[1][2]

Salt the Wound released one demo, two EPs and two full-length studio albums. Salt the Wound have achieved mainstream success in 2008 through their debut studio album, Carnal Repercussions which has attracted radio airplay as well as touring requests. Collectively, they have sold 75,000 records worldwide.[citation needed] The band has finished recording their second full-length album, entitled Ares, which was released September 15, 2009.[3][4]

Salt The Wound was founded by original drummer Jim Agrippe, and original guitar player Mike Kawkabany in 2001. The band continued on as duo until adding singer Kevin Schafer in 2003.

On October 30, 2009, Salt the Wound announced that they are "hanging up the towel" and currently are scheduling a farewell tour that will start at the beginning of 2010.[5][6]


Musical style

Salt the Wound's musical style is essentially deathcore, which is an amalgamation of metalcore and death metal, they also include influences of melodic death metal in their music. Their vocal style contains death metal-stylized death growl vocals along with metalcore screaming (or yelling) and "pig squeal" vocals.[7] Along with "ultra-fast" drumming that includes blast beats, guitar playing that features down-tuned guitars with melodic breakdowns. Salt the Wound have stated that they are primarily influenced by bands such as All Shall Perish, The Black Dahlia Murder, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.[8]

Band members

Current members
Former members
  • Matthew Tanner – vocals
  • Kevin Schaefer – vocals (founding member)
  • Dave Mihalik – bass guitar
  • Abe Zieleniec – bass guitar
  • Jim Agrippe – drums (founding member)
  • Nick Cetrone – drums
  • Tim McCullough – drums
  • Mike Kawkabany – vocals, guitar (founding member)


  • It's Taken Too Long (2004)
  • Bedsprings and Bloodshed (2005)
  • Salt the Wound (2007)


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