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Salyut 5 (OPS-3)
Station statistics
Call sign: Salyut 5
Crew: 6
Launch: June 22, 1976
18:04:00 UTC
Launch pad: LC-81/23, Baikonur Cosmodrome, USSR
Reentry: August 8, 1977
Mass: 19,000 kg
Length: 14.55 m
Width: 4.15 m
Living volume: 100 m³
Perigee: 223 km (139 nmi)
Apogee: 269 km (167 nmi)
Orbit inclination: 51.6 degrees
Orbital period: 89 minutes
Days in orbit: 412 days
Days occupied: 67 days
Number of orbits: 6,666
Distance travelled: ~168,024,746 mi
(~270,409,616 km)
Statistics as of de-orbit and reentry
Salyut 5 diagram

Salyut 5 (OPS-3) (Russian: Салют-5; English: Salute V/5) was launched on June 22, 1976 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome aboard a Proton 8K82K rocket. It was the third and last Almaz military space station, included in the Salyut program to conceal its true purpose. Structurally similar to Salyut 3, it had a total mass of approximately 18-19 tons. It had two solar panels laterally mounted on the docking/EVA section of the station. It was equipped with an information module for the return of research data and materials. It was inhabited by two Soyuz crews.



The Soyuz 21 cosmonauts worked in the station from July 7 - August 24, 1976. Soyuz 23 attempted to dock on October 15, but was unable to enter the station. The Soyuz 24 crew worked in the station from February 8 - 25, 1977.

Its KSI capsule was ejected on February 26, 1977, and recovered. Salyut 5 reentered on August 8, 1977 after fuel reserves were depleted and the planned Soyuz 25 mission was no longer possible.


  • Length - 14.55 m
  • Maximum diameter - 4.15 m
  • Habitable volume - 100 m³
  • Weight at launch - 19,000 kg
  • Launch vehicle - Proton (three-stage)
  • Orbital inclination - 51.6°
  • Number of solar arrays - 2
  • Resupply carriers - Soyuz Ferry
  • Number of docking ports - 1
  • Total manned missions - 3
  • Total long-duration missions - 2


  • Agat Earth-observation camera
  • German, "Kristall furnace"; "Crystal furnace"; for crystal growth

Visiting spacecraft and crews


Salyut 5 Expeditions

Expedition Crew Launch date Flight up Landing date Flight down Duration (Days) Notes
Soyuz 21 Boris Volynov,
Vitali Zholobov
June 6, 1976
12:08:45 UTC
Soyuz 21 August 24, 1976
18:32:17 UTC
Soyuz 21 49.27 Launch from Baikonur; landing 200 km southwest of Kokchetav. Docking with Salyut 5; main military experiments; observation of aquarium fish in microgravity; solar observation; TV conference with pupils; premature return to Earth in part due to suspected contamination of the atmosphere in the space station; Zholobov suffered from space sickness and the crew from psychological problems; at landing date the crew was in very bad psychological and mental condition.
Soyuz 24 Viktor Gorbatko,
Yuri Glazkov
February 7, 1977
16:11:00 UTC
Soyuz 24 February 25, 1977
09:38:00 UTC
Soyuz 24 17.73 Launch from Baikonur; landing 36 km northeast of Arkalyk; docking with Salyut 5 on second flight day; repairing work on the station and changing cabin air, although the air was not toxic; scientific experiments for solar studies.

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