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Same as it Never Was, is a novel by novelist Claire Scovell LaZebnik.

It was published in 2003, and was made into a TV movie in 2006 called Hello Sister, Goodbye Life starring Lacey Chabert and Wendie Malick and directed by Steven Robman. The movie was filmed in New Orleans right before Hurricane Katrina occurred.

Same As It Never Was is also a Salt Lake City based tribute band to the Talking Heads.

Plot summary

In this sparkling debut novel, a tough and irreverent UCLA student discovers that you can harden your heart against charm and sex appeal, but there's no defense against good old-fashioned decency.

Olivia Martin has mastered the art of cynicism. She's sailing through college, indifferent to grades or the people around her, just grateful to be living on her own, away from her divorced parents. Her rich father's second marriage is no happier than his first and has only strengthened Olivia's determination never to let herself fall in love. Unfortunately, some things are out of control, and while Olivia does her best to stave off the early signs of infatuation, she can't deny she's interested in her dangerous handsome T.A. Just when she's thinking she might let herself fall for the guy, a car accident changes her life in ways she never expected. Suddenly, Olivia has to figure out the right thing to do-and whether or not she wants to do it.

Olivia narrates her own story in a bold and honest voice. Plunked down against her will in a huge mansion in the wealthiest part of Los Angeles, and forced for the first time in her life to take responsibility for others, she finds herself more pampered than she's ever been before-and more burdened. Used to skimming along the surface of life, Olivia learns that no amount of ironic detachment can completely insulate you from the siren call of family and love.

Claire Scovell LaZebnik's affection for her characters shines through, even when she's skewering their excesses. Set in the privileged world of the West Side of Los Angeles, SAME AS IT NEVER WAS is touching, romantic, and wickedly humorous.


" An amazingly assured first novel full of dry wit, an observant eye, and a lot of heart. LaZebnik's heroine pushes all the emotional buttons-you hate her, you relate to her, you root for her, and, above all, you laugh at her hilarious one-liners. This is a romance with bite, and I enjoyed every morsel." -Jane Heller, author of "Lucky Stars" and "The Secret Ingredient"

"Claire LaZebnik has written an amazingly surefooted, witty, and delicious novel, romantic and smart. A pure pleasure" -Beth Gutcheon, author of "More Than You Know"

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