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Samsara is a large format non-narrative film currently in production.[1] The film is directed by cinematographer and filmmaker Ron Fricke, and it will pose as a sequel to the highly acclaimed 1992 film Baraka.

The word Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means "cyclic existence", but is used often to describe worldly activities, and in the words of Fricke, the film "will delve deeper into my favorite theme: humanity's relationship to the eternal."[2] As with Baraka, this new film will be shot in Todd-AO 5 perf 65 mm film using movie cameras Fricke and his crew designed and built themselves, and will use music to help propel the film forward. Samsara does not have a published release date, but is expected in 2010.

Content summary

The director has proposed an outline for the two-hour film:[2]

  1. Prologue: Creation.
    Moving from a view which encompasses an atom, the views will expand in scale, until a sand painting is shown. Using the painting as a kind of portal, the viewer will be introduced to four ancestor spirit guides.
  2. Act 1: Spirit taking form.
    This section will focus on an amorphous spirit, seeking expression. At the end of the segment, that spirit will come into form as a newborn baby.
  3. Act 2: Matter, one turn of the wheel.
    This section expands on the single birth of Act I, and explores the global cycle of birth to death, represented by the ancestor spirits of the prologue.
  4. Act 3: Samsara, the wheel of life.
    The focus of this section is the journey of the spirit after death, and the impermanence of the material world. Abandon, decay, and death will be the primary themes.
  5. Epilogue: Rebirth.
    The view will go back through the sand painting of the prologue, which will be reassembled, and the portal will be sealed.


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