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Basilica San Giovanni in Tuba is where the Timavo resurgences , in San Giovanni di Duino, the province of Trieste, Italy.

There are remains indicating that in the beginning it was a pagan temple dedicated to god Diomede, Temavus, Hercules and Saturn. In 568 with the arrival of the Lombards in 610, or with the invasion of the Avars, the relics that had been laid under the altar was hidden in another place. The invasion of the Hungarians completely destroyed the Benedictine Monastery. In 1112 the patriarch Vodolrico ordered the reconstruction work of the church. In mid-1400 the Walsee Duino, feudal lords of the of Timavo resurgences and its port, built an Gothic apse. Other damage to the structure of the church were caused in the XV and XVI century by the Turks, so there was a further restoration in 1519 by Giovanni Hoffer, Captain of Duino in 1642, when the bell tower was built in Venetian style.

The church of San Giovanni in Tuba was heavily damaged during the fist world war in 1917: the frescoes were almost all lost.What was saved is the floor of the ancient Christian basilica, a polychrome mosaic with geometric motifs, flowers and knots of Solomon

Today, mass is not celebrated in the Church.


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