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Palatinatus Sandomirensis
Województwo Sandomierskie
Sandomierz Voivodeship
Voivodeship of Poland¹
14th century – 1795

Coat of arms of Sandomierz

Coat of arms

Location of Sandomierz
Sandomierz Voivodeship in
the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1635.
Capital Sandomierz
 - Established 14th century
 - First partition August 5, 1772
 - Third partition October 24 1795
Area 23,860 km² (9,212 sq mi)
Political Subdivisions Urban counties: 6
Land counties: 2
¹ Voivodeship of the Kingdom of Poland in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Voivodeship of Grand Duchy of Lithuania before 1569.

Sandomierz Voivodeship (Polish: Województwo Sandomierskie, Latin: Palatinatus Sandomirensis) was a unit of administration and local government in Poland from the 14th century to the partitions of Poland in 1772–1795. It was part of the Little Poland region. Originally Sandomierz Voivodeship also covered the area around Lublin, but in 1474 its three eastern counties were organized into Lublin Voivodeship.

Sandomierz Voivodeship was also one of the voivodeships of Congress Poland. Created in 1816 from the Radom Department, in 1837 it was transformed into the Sandomierz Governorate.


14th century-1795


Municipal government

Voivodeship Governor (Wojewoda) seat:

Regional council (sejmik generalny) seats:

Administrative division

In 1397, part of the Sandomierz Voivodeship which was located on the western bank of the Vistula, was divided into three counties:

Later on, in the XV century, additional powiats were added:

In the early XVI century, two counties - Tarnow and Szydlowiec, were liquidated, and their lands were taken over by the Pilzno, Wislica and Sandomierz counties.


Neighbouring Voivodeships


Sandomierz Voivodeship was also a proposed voivodeship of Second Polish Republic, which never was created because of the Nazi and Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939. The idea of creation of this unit was the brainchild of Minister of Industry and Trade Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, and it was directly linked with creation of one of the biggest economic projects of interbellum Poland, Central Industrial Region. It was to cover south-central Poland, and most probably, it was to be created in late 1939. Its projected size was 24.500 square kilometers, and it was to incorporate 20 or 21 powiats.



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