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Kiyotada Sannosuke Ueshima (1893 - 1987) was a Japanese martial artist.

At the age of three he began his training in Konshin Yujoyitsu (Jujutsu) in the Academy of Matsubara in the city of Akou, under his teacher Kiyotada Kajei Matsubara. At the age of nine he knew Mr. Sugaya, a police officer in the city of Akou, who was from Okinawa. From Sugaya Ueshima learned and practiced the Karate kata Channan and Kata Kūshankū.

In 1918, at the age of 25, Ueshima received the title of professor of the Style Konshin Yujoyitsu from professor Matsubara and professor Guikyo Mazai Akada. After receiving his title Ueshima transferred to the city of Osaka where he opened the academy Konshin-Ryu Yujoyitsu. After opening his academy in Osaka several teachers of Karate arrived from Okinawa to the city of Osaka. On arrival to Osaka they visited Ueshima's academy practice and teach martial arts.

The professors were:

  • Chōki Motobu, that taught the [[Shurite and Tomarite style.
  • Kanamori Kinzyo, that taught the styles Shorin and Goju.
  • Chōshin Chibana, founder and professor of the Shorin style.

In 1932 Ueshima founded the style of Kushin Ryu Karate Do, result of the union of the Konshin-Ryu with elements of the Karate that the teacher added. In 1935 and for the first time in Japan, the Dai Nippon Butokukai conferred the title of professor of Karate (KYOSHI) to Ueshima with other two professors.

The teachers who received such distinction in Karate were:

  • Chōyun Miyagi (Founder of the Goju style)
  • Kiyotada Sannosuke Ueshima (Founder of the Kushin style)
  • Yasuhiro Konishi (Founder of the Shindo Shizen/Jinen style)

In 1940 the Kinzyo received the title of professor of Karate (Renshi) from the Association of Martial Virtue of the Great Japan. In 1946, at the end of World War II, the dissolution of the Dai Nippon Butokukai took place. In 1965, Ueshima received the title of Eighth Dan of Judo Kodokan. The teacher Kanamori Kinzyo, professor of the styles Shorin and Goju and professor of Karate to Ueshima, return to its native Okinawa where he spread the Kushin Ryu style.



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