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Santacittarama is the name of the Italian Theravada Buddhist monastery in the Thai Forest Tradition lineage of Ajahn Chah located near Rome. It was established in the '90s by the former Italian Bhikku Ajahn Thannavaro, a disciple of Ajahn Sumedho's, near Latina in the south of Rome. Later, with the important contribution of the Thai community, a location was found at Poggio Nativo in the beautiful countryside of Sabina and a larger monastery was established in 1997 with separate buildings for visitors and Kuti's in the wood for resident and visiting Bhikkus. After the disrobing of the previous Abbot, Ven. Ajahn Chandapalo was invited to become the new abbot, a position he has held to the present day.

Sangha Composition at this day

  • Ajahn Chandapalo (British) - Abbot
  • Ajahn Jutindharo (Thai)
  • Ajahn Junthee (Thai)
  • Ajahn Suvaco (Thai)
  • Ven. Mahapanyo (Italian)
  • Anagarika Gianni (Italian)
  • Anagarika Manuel (Spanish)

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