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Sarah Dougher

Background information
Also known as Dusty (while in Cadallaca), The Doog, Doogs
Genres Indie
Occupations Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter,Composer, Professor, Author, Artist, Label Owner, Zinester
Instruments Guitar, Farfisa organ
Years active Early 1990's - present
Associated acts Cadallaca, The Crabs, The Lookers

Sarah Dougher is an author, teacher, and singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon.




Dougher has a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Texas.[1] Apart from her musical endeavours, Dougher teaches courses on the History of Women in Rock music and Lyric Poetry in the Women's Studies department at Portland State University.

Dougher has been an organizer for the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls, and is currently involved with the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, an international coalition of girls' rock camps. She is a full time teacher and development person for p:ear, a mentoring program for homeless teens in downtown Portland.[2]

In the absence of Mr. Lady, Dougher started the record label Cherchez La Femme which centers around the same grassroots feminist ideals of the labels Dougher herself has previously recorded under.[3] In 2006, Dougher was hired to score a version of Euripides' classical Greek tragedy Orestes, which ran for five weeks in Portland.[4]


Dougher has released eight albums over the past ten years, a combination of work with bands as well as solo releases.


The first of her solo albums, Day One, was released on indie label K Records in 1999; the latter two, 2000's Walls Ablaze and 2001's The Bluff, were released on Mr. Lady records. In June 2005, Dougher released Harper's Arrow on the Cherchez La Femme label. Beginning with "Day One", Sarah began a long-lasting collaboration with Jon Nikki (Prima Donnas, Gene Defcon, Mocket, Sir, Sarah Dougher, Puce Moment). Jon Nikki contributed guitar, keyboards and piano, bass and drums on many of Sarah's recordings as well as a songwriting credit on the album "Walls Ablaze" for the song "What's Good Is Better Than Gone".


Dougher has also worked with Sleater-Kinney vocalist Corin Tucker and novelist sts in the band Cadallaca, where she provided backing vocals and played the Farfisa organ. In the tradition of 1960's girl groups, each member of the band assumed an alias, Dougher being credited as Dusty. The band put out two official albums: Introducing Cadallaca and Out West.


Dougher is bisexual and an advocate for the gay rights movement. Dougher was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.[5] Her cancer is in remission.


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