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Sarwara is a small clan of Jat[1] people of north India as listed on List of Jat clans. This is a very small one basically centered in Patiala district (some parts are now in Mohali district). Most of the villages of sarwara's are around Ambala city of Hariyana. Historically All the sarwara's were living in 22 villages in patiala district and their SARDAR living in village Lohsimbly near Ambala City.

List of all 22 villages of Sarwara's

In Patiala District

  1. Lohsimbly (ਲੋਹਸਿਬੰਲੀ)
  2. Dharampur (ਧਰਮਗੜ) (now non-existent)
  3. Shakhupur (ਸ਼ੇਖੁਪੁਰ) or Shakhpura (ਸ਼ੇਖਪੁਰਾ) (now non-existent)
  4. Untsar (ਉਂਟਸਰ)
  5. Samaspur (ਸਮਸਪੁਰ)
  6. Gadhapur (ਗਧਾਪੁਰ)
  7. Jandmangoli (ਜੰਡਮਗੋਲੀ)
  8. Kaami kallaan (ਕਾਮੀ ਕਲਾਂ)
  9. Kaami Khurd (ਕਾਮੀ ਖੁਰਦ)
  10. Lachroo kallaan (ਲਾਛੜੂ ਕਲਾਂ)
  11. Lachroo Khurd (ਲਾਛੜੂ ਖੁਰਦ)
  12. Mahriyan (ਮਾੜਿਆਂ)
  13. Rampur (ਰਾਮਪੁਰ)
  14. Nanheri (ਨਨਹੇੜੀ)
  15. Raipur (ਰਾਏਪੁਰ)
  16. Mirjapur (ਮਿਰਜਾਪੁਰ)
  17. Chamaroo (ਚਮਾਰੂ)
  18. Mardanpur (ਮਰਦਾਂਪੁਰ)
  19. Harpalan (ਹਰਪਾਲਾਂ)
  20. Sanjarpur (ਸਂਜਰਪੁਰ)

In Mohali District

  1. Sadhupur (ਸਾਧੂਪੁਰ))
  2. Sarsini (ਸਰਸਿਣੀ)

Note: villages Dharamgarh and Shakhpura are now non existent and all Lands and properties of these villages are owned by people of Lohsimbly.


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