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Occupation Actor, Police Inspector, Soldier (Commissioned Officer of the Viceroy of India), Clerk, School Teacher
Religion Christian
Spouse(s) Jessy
Children Prakash, Sathish, Jeevan
Parents Manuel, Lilly Amma
Awards 1969 - Various Films
1971 - Karakanakadal

Sathyaneshan Nadar (11 November 1912 - 13 June 1971) commonly known by his stage name Sathyan, was a double-Kerala State Film Award winning[1] Malayali actor and Police Inspector. He is considered as one of the superstars in Malayalam cinema in the 50s and 60s. He was known for his versatile and natural acting, when compared to his colleagues who at that time essentially followed the drama-style rendering of the dialogues.


Early life

Sathyan was born to a Christian Nadar family in the village of Aramada, near Thirumala at Thrikkannapuram in Southern Travancore on 9 November 1912 as the first child of Cheruvilakathu Veettil Manuel and Lilly Amma[2]. Sathyan passed the Vidwan exam, equivalent to Master of Arts before joining Saint Joseph's School as teacher[2]. After some time, he got job as a clerk in the Kerala Secretariat and worked there for about a year[2]. He joined the army in 1941 and got posted as a Commissioned Officer of the Viceroy of India. He served the British army in Manipur, Burma (now Myanmar) and British Malaya (now Malaysia) during the World War II period[3]. After finishing his term in the army, he returned home and joined the then Travancore State Police as a Police Inspector. During the communist riots in 1947–1948, Sathyan was the Police Inspector at Alappuzha North Police Station[4]. He was publicly known as Nadar Inspector[4].

Entry to films

Sathyan's entry into the field of acting started during his tenure as the police officer. At that time he acted in several amateur plays[2] and that experience made him more interested in acting. His entry to film industry was accidental. He got introduced to a film musician Sebastian Kunju Bhagavathar during his tenure as Inspector in Alappuzha North Police Station. The musician introduced Sathyan to various film personalities and one producer promised to cast him in a film; however, Sathyan did not get any calls from the producer[5]. Sathyan came to know about a film that Kaumudi Chief Editor K. Balakrishnan was planning. He met Balakrishnan and the latter was impressed by Sathyan. Balakrishnan cast him as the protagonist in the film written and produced by him, titled Thyagaseema. Sathyan resigned his job from Police to concentrate in acting and shortened his name to Sathyan from Sathyaneshan Nadar. However, the film was never released. That was in 1951[6].


In 1952, Sathyan' first film got released. The film was titled Athmasakhi and it earned him recognition in the industry. Sathyan rose to fame with the legendary Neelakkuyil (1954). The film was also a milestone in Malayalam film history. It was the first film to have an authentic Malayalam story[7]. The film was written by renowned literary figure Uroob and directed by Ramu Karyat-P. Bhaskaran duo. The songs in the film written by P. Bhaskaran and set to tunes by K. Raghavan were superhits. The film became the first Malayalam film to win national recognition when it was awarded the Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus Award). The film's success at the box office raised Sathyan and his co-star Miss Kumari to stardom[7]. Sathyan's career was influenced by great directors like K. S. Sethumadhavan, A. Vincent and Ramu Karyat. Sathyan's roles in various films directed by K. S. Sethumadhavan like Pappu in Odayil Ninnu, Jayarajan in Daham, Prof. Sreeni in Yakshi and the pratogonist in Vazhve Mayam were well appreciated[5]. Sathyan's other major performances include those in Snehaseema, Nair Pidicha Pulival, Mudiyanaya Puthran, Bharya, Sakunthala, Kayamkulam Kochunni, Adimakal and Karakanakadal[6]. Sathyan is considered as one of the most talented actors the Malayalam film industry ever had. His role in "Chemmeen", the poignant love story set against the background of the coast of Alappuzha did not win him the best actor award for the year, but is one of the most popular roles of his career. He acted in over 150 Malayalam films and 2 Tamil films[6].

Sathyan won the first Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in 1969. He was posthumously awarded the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in 1971 for his performance in Karakanakadal[6].

Awards & Accolades

Kerala State Film Awards:

Awards established in his name

1. Sathyan National Award: An award instituted by the Sathyan Foundation to honour various persons from the field of cinema.

  • Winners: Nedumudi Venu (2006)[8], K. S. Chithra (2007)[9]

2. Sathyan Award: An award instituted by Kerala Cultural Forum. The award carries a sum of Rs. 10000 and a plaque.

  • Winner: Innocent (2007)[10]

3. Sathyan Memorial Film Award: An award instituted by Sathyan Memorial Arts and Sports Club. The award is given in various fields including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Anti-Hero, Best Comedian, Best Newcomer and Best Singers (Male and Female) taking the last years performance into consideration.

  • Winners:


Actors: Prithviraj, Kavya Madhavan
Anti-hero: Siddique
Supporting actors: KPAC Lalitha, Narain
Comedian: Bindu Panicker
Newcomers: Vinu Mohan, Bhama
Singers: Madhu Balakrishnan, Manjari

Selected filmography

  • Thiramala (1953)
  • Neelakuyil
  • Nayaru Pidicha Pulivalu
  • Bharya
  • Mudiyanaya putran
  • Palattukoman
  • Thacholi othenan
  • Puthiya aka sam puthiya bhoomi
  • Chemmeen
  • Yekshi
  • Triveni
  • Kaarthika
  • Ashwamedem
  • Kootukudumbam
  • Ningalenne communist aaki
  • Dhattu putran
  • Otenenta makan
  • Vazhvemayam
  • Kattukuragu
  • Odayil ninnu'
  • Laila majnu'
  • Anubhavangal Palichakal
  • Kadalpalam
  • Oru pennintne katha
  • Inquilab zindhabad
  • Karakanakadal
  • Thara
  • Sarasayya


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