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The following are a list of Saturn Award winners for Best Actress (in a film):

Year Actress Motion Picture
1974/1975 Katharine Ross The Stepford Wives
1976 Blythe Danner Futureworld
1977 Jodie Foster The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
1978 Margot Kidder Superman: The Movie
1979 Mary Steenburgen Time After Time
1980 Angie Dickinson Dressed to Kill
1981 Karen Allen Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982 Sandahl Bergman Conan the Barbarian
1983 Louise Fletcher Brainstorm
1984 Daryl Hannah Splash
1985 Coral Browne Dreamchild
1986 Sigourney Weaver Aliens
1987 Jessica Tandy *batteries not included
1988 Catherine Hicks Child's Play
1989/90 Demi Moore Ghost
1991 Linda Hamilton Terminator 2: Judgment Day
1992 Virginia Madsen Candyman
1993 Andie MacDowell Groundhog Day
1994 Sandra Bullock (tie)

Jamie Lee Curtis


True Lies

1995 Angela Bassett Strange Days
1996 Neve Campbell Scream
1997 Jodie Foster Contact
1998 Drew Barrymore Ever After
1999 Christina Ricci Sleepy Hollow
2000 Téa Leoni The Family Man
2001 Nicole Kidman The Others
2002 Naomi Watts The Ring
2003 Uma Thurman Kill Bill Vol. 1
2004 Blanchard Ryan Open Water
2005 Naomi Watts King Kong
2006 Natalie Portman V for Vendetta
2007 Amy Adams Enchanted
2008 Angelina Jolie Changeling


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