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The Sauk arms heist is a crime event in Malaysia on 2 July 2000. Led by Al-Mau'nah group.

On 2 July 2000 on an outpost and a camp manned by members of Bn 304 of Rejimen Askar Wataniah was involved in an arms heist by the Al-Mau'nah militant group. In the small hours of the morning, 21 members of the militant group visited the outpost and camp of Bn 304 Rejimen Askar Wataniah under the guise of a surprise inspection and relieved the soldiers' weapons and carted away weapons from the armoury. They took away a huge cache of firearms and ammunition, including 97 M16 assault rifles, four GPMGs, five grenade launchers, 9,095 rounds of 5.56mm and 60 rounds of 40mm ammunition. The group was later cornered in the village of Sauk, Perak and involved in a stand-off the Malaysian Army and Royal Malaysian Police forces. Police threw a containment cordon of Bukit Jenalik.

The Al-Mau'nah group later surrendered, and the leaders brought to trial for "waging war upon the King". Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali and his group were brought to trial for charges of "waging war against the King", and became the first people convicted of such charges in Malaysia. Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali and his two lieutenants, Zahit Muslim and Jamaluddin Darus, were sentenced to death. Sixteen others were given life sentences. A police personnel Detective Korporal Sangadevan and another soldier, Trooper Matthew ak Medan were murdered during the incident. Both and another Special Branch officer caught by the group, Sgt Ahmad Shah were awarded with the Panglima Gagah Berani. Asisten Supritendan Polis Abdul Razak Mohd. Yusof was awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa for his role resolving the stand-off.


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