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Saxon Police HK.jpg
A Saxon AT105 in serve of the Hong Kong Police Force
Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Service history
Used by Operators
Production history
Manufacturer GKN Sankey
Weight 10.6 tonnes
Length 5.17 m (17 ft 0 in)
Width 2.49 m (8 ft 2 in)
Height 2.63 m (8 ft 8 in)
Crew 2

7.62 mm MG
Engine Bedford 500 6-cyl diesel
164 hp (122 kW)
Payload capacity 10 passengers
Suspension Wheel 4x4
510 km (320 mi)
Speed 96 km/h (60 mph)

The Saxon is an armoured personnel carrier used by the British Army and supplied in small numbers to various overseas organisations. It was developed by GKN Sankey, from earlier projects, AT 100 IS and AT104, and is due to be replaced by the Future Rapid Effect System.



The Saxon was intended to act as a cheap but efficient "battle-taxi" for units that would have to make long journeys from the UK to reinforce the BAOR. As a lightly armoured wheeled vehicle it is much faster - especially on roads - and easier to maintain than a tracked vehicle. Indeed, it shares many parts with commercial trucks, reducing the operating cost.

It is armoured against small-arms fire and shell splinters, but is not intended to stand up to any anti-vehicle weaponry. The vehicle has a single machine gun for local air defence, and can carry up to ten men.

A number of Saxon IS, or Saxon Patrol, vehicles were acquired for service in Northern Ireland, serving both as troop carriers and used in riots with extendable wings to be used as protective shields as well as being used as ambulances. These have various minor modifications compared to the normal version, such as searchlights and wire cutters, intended for internal security operations.


The first operational Saxons's were deployed in Germany in 1983, to equip mechanised infantry battalions. Currently, the Saxon is used by four mechanised infantry battalions in the 3rd Infantry Division in the United Kingdom. Each vehicle cost over £100,000 at 1984 prices.[1]

The Saxon has been deployed to places such as: Bahrain, Brunei, Malaysia, Oman, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Hong Kong Police Saxon's were withdarwn from service and replaced by Unimogs in 2009.


Saxon can be fitted out as

  • AT105A - Ambulance
  • AT105E - Turret armed with one or two machine guns
  • AT105MR - 81 mm mortar
  • AT105C - Command vehicle

Also the Simba range of vehicles, and a variant with the French Milan ATGW turret.



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