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Scala may refer to:

  • SCALA, the Student Chapter of the American Library Association
  • FF Scala and FF Scala Sans, typefaces by Dutch typeface designer Martin Majoor
  • Scala Sancta or Holy Stairs, a staircase in Rome, Italy
  • One of several fluid-filled cavities in the cochlea
  • Scala (unit), a unit of area equal to 1,600 square yards (1,300 m2), used in Cyprus, 20th century

In music:

  • Scala (band), an electronic rock group from England which produced three albums in 1996-1998
  • Scala & Kolacny Brothers, a Belgian girls' choir
  • Former name of Escala, an electronic string quartet
  • Scala, an album by This Heat

In computing:

Entertainment establishments:


  • Scala (SA), a village on the Amalfi Coast
  • Scala (Saxony), a part of German community Kittlitz


  • Gia Scala (1934–1972), an actress
  • Nevio Scala (born 1947), an Italian soccer coach
  • Darren Scala (born 1968), a photographer


  • Scala (genus), a genus of marine snails.


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Scala: A Pragmatic Programming Language

Scala is a language designed to integrate the functional style of programming within an object-oriented framework. It introduces a set of abstractions that is powerful enough to accommodate both of the paradigms but still manages to remain scalable.

The current implementation of the language is actively being developed for the Java Virtual Machine the .NET framework was also supported but has been deprecated. This approach has the advantage of utilizing widely-tested platforms with well-developed libraries.

This book assumes working knowledge of object-oriented programming and familiarity with at least one of the currently targetted platforms. However, only a basic understanding of functional programming should suffice.


This book is aimed at making the transition from Java/C# to Scala as smooth as possible. The syntax is there to begin with, though many aspects of it will be covered along the way. The Scala type system, arguably the hardest stumbling block, is explained next. Then, the key aspects of functional programming as adapted by Scala are discussed. Finally, the book sheds light into the inner workings of the implementation strategy, something that a Scala programmer should find helpful in order to handle large projects.

Scala Basics

Scala Type System

  • Template:Scala chapter/Scala Type System

Functional Programming

  • Template:Scala chapter/Functional Programming

Inner Workings

  • Template:Scala chapter/Inner Workings

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