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A scald is a type of burn injury caused by hot liquids or gases. It can also refer to:

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This article is from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica. Medical science has made many leaps forward since it has been written. This is not a site for medical advice, when you need information on a medical condition, consult a professional instead.

SCALD, an ancient Scandinavian bard who recited or sang at feasts compositions in honour of chiefs and famous men and their deeds. This word represents the Icel. skald, Dan. skald, Swed. skjald, the regular term for a poet. Authorities differ as to its derivation. It seems certain that the word was originally derogatory in sense; some connect it with skalda, a pole, on which libels were cut. Others, e.g. Skeat, refer it to Swed. skalla, Icel. skjalla, to make a loud noise or clatter, and take the original sense to have been a "loud talker." This would link the word with "scold," to rail at, find fault with, which is formed from Dutch schold, past tense of scheldan, cf. Ger. schelten, in the same sense.

Of different origin is the verb "scald," to burn or injure the skin or flesh by hot liquid or steam (see Burns And Scalds); also to cleanse an object, or to remove hair, bristles, feathers &c., from an animal, by exposure to moist heat, such as boiling water, steam, &c. This word is derived from the O. Fr. escalder, eschauder, mod. echauder, Lat. excaldare, to wash with hot water (caldus, calidus, hot).

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