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Scarface: The World Is Yours
The World is Yours.jpg
Developer(s) Radical Entertainment
Publisher(s) Vivendi Universal Games
Platform(s) Wii, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Release date(s) PC, PS2, Xbox:
United States October 8, 2006
Europe October 13, 2006
Australia November 16, 2006
Hong Kong October 20, 2006
Republic of China October 20, 2006

United States June 12, 2007
Europe June 30, 2007
Australia July 12, 2007

Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: M (Mature)
PEGI: 18+
USK: 18
BBFC: 18
System requirements OS: Windows XP or Windows 2000 CPU: 1.8 GHz or faster Intel Pentium 4 (2.8 GHz recommended) or equivalent AMD Athlon processor RAM: 256 MB or more (512MB or more recommended) Disc Drive: 16x or faster DVD drive Hard Drive: At least 2.9 GB (5 GB recommended) of uncompressed free space Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (ATI Radeon 9200 or greater; NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 (with 128MB RAM) or greater (ATI Radeon x800 or NVIDIA 6800 or greater recommended) Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card.

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a video game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal Games. The game is based on and is a quasi-sequel to the 1983 motion picture Scarface starring Al Pacino reprising his role as Tony Montana, with André Sogliuzzo providing Montana's voice. It was released on the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox on October 8, 2006 and on Wii on June 12, 2007.



The game begins with Tony's mansion being attacked by hordes of assassins. Tony slaughters most of the men, surviving the confrontation that killed him in the film, and he eventually manages to escape from the mansion via a secret passageway.

Tony manages to fight through his mansion's grounds, before the police arrive on the scene and begin to attack the assassins. In the ensuing confusion, Tony sneaks to the front of the mansion, barely alive, and manages to escape in his car. Alejandro Sosa, the man who sent the assassins after Tony, is then informed that Tony's mansion has been seized and his massive drugs empire has been reduced to nothing. Hiding in a safehouse located outside of Miami, while looking at himself in a broken mirror, Tony regrets outloud the decisions he has made and swears revenge on Sosa.

3 months after the failed assassination attempt, Tony returns to Miami. His businesses have all been seized and the districts of Miami that he used to dominate have been divided between other cartels and drug barons. The general consensus throughout Miami is that Tony is dead. Tony's first action is to ask George Sheffield to become his lawyer again. Sheffield reluctantly agrees to this, but at a higher cost than before - Tony's influence throughout the city is gone and he has no choice but to accept.

Starting off again by selling cocaine to personal dealers, he manages to pay off the police to get his mansion back and travels to confront Gaspar Gomez at his penthouse. Despite Gomez not being there, Tony killed many of his men, stole a satellite phone for his personal use and highjacked an armed van carrying $50 000, enabling him to open a new bank account. Tony then takes over Little Havana, claiming all of its businesses and turfs, before wiping out the Diaz Gang. However during a rest at the Babylon Club, he was attacked by assassins and, after killing them, one surviving assassin reveals that the Diaz Brothers have killed the only family connection Tony has left; his mother. In a rage he brutally slaughters both brothers at their garage, gaining complete control over Little Havana.

Shortly after taking over Little Havana, one of George Sheffield's underlings, Pablo, lures Tony to a dock meeting with the promise of information on his missing wife, Elvira. However, this meeting turns into an ambush, and Tony survives a third assassination attempt, killing Pablo and his men, and swearing revenge on Sheffield. Tony purchases all businesses in the Downtown district, before claiming all turf and conquering the Contreras Cartel. Tony now controls half of Miami, and his empire is slowly starting to return again. His mansion has been renovated, he is rich and powerful, but lacks a solid supplier. In answer to his prayers, a man going by the alias The Sandman offers to help him out at the Islands. The Sandman reveals that he owns a colossal cocaine plantation, and wishes to run Sosa out of business with it. He agrees to become Tony's business partner, and then informs him that Nacho Contreras (a powerful drug baron who had been in control of Downtown) has a massive tanker that acts a means to smuggle both humans and cocaine, and doubles as an illegal casino. Tony invades the boat and kills Nacho. After this, he slaughters what is left of the Contreras Cartel, seizing control of the tanker with a gunship. Recruiting countless Cuban refugees to become his staff, he uses the tanker to ship huge quantities of cocaine to Miami, and then begins his assault on the Gomez Cartel.

With the Montana Cartel set up and operating effectively, Tony takes advantage of the confused state of Miami's drug underworld and takes South Beach for his own, again claiming all businesses and turfs. Shortly after this, he claims North Beach in a similar fashion, wiping out what is left of the Gomez Cartel. Tony now controls all of Miami once again, and his empire is flourishing. His supply lines, however, are still far from perfect, due to Columbian interference. Eventually, The Sandman calls Tony, telling him he is declaring war against the Colombians. Tony initially advises against it, citing their power and size as reasons, but is eventually won over to The Sandman's way of thinking. The Montana Cartel destroys all Columbian influence on the islands, and Tony's supply lines are finally secured, meaning he can not only get back to his old positions of wealth and power, but exceed them. However, before he can celebrate, the Colombians take over Tranqilandia, a small island that is owned by The Sandman, and a crucial drugs base for the Montana Cartel. Tony takes it back, killing the Colombians, rescuing The Sandman's workers, and preventing the Columbians from seizing the cocaine there. Finally, everything is clear on the Islands. The Montana Cartel's power rises and Tony Montana becomes even more wealthy and powerful than ever before. Finally, he has gathered the strength to destroy Alejandro Sosa, and so he heads to Bolivia.

Sosa is hosting a sit-down in his exotic mansion, with Sheffield and Gomez in attendance (both fled Miami to escape the wrath of the powerful Montana Cartel), and they are arguing over who should take responsibility for Tony surviving the assassination attempt at the beginning of the game. Gomez complains that Tony has waged war on everyone in Miami, and that he won't stop until himself, Sheffield and Sosa are all dead. At that point, an explosion is heard, shaking the room. Tony Montana has come to exact his revenge.

Slaughtering countless amounts of Sosa's men, Tony first confronts Sheffield. Though Sheffield is armed with a rocket launcher, Tony overpowers him and corners him outside the entrance to the mansion. Sheffield first attempts to talk his way out of an execution, but sensing that it is impossible, he insults Tony a final time before being shot in the head or has his neck broken (depending on the weapon the player chooses). After killing Sheffield, Tony uses his rocket launcher to blow his way into the mansion itself. The remainder of the Gomez Cartel confront Tony, but they too are killed quickly. After killing the rest of Sosa's men, Tony chases Gomez throughout the mansion, eventually shooting him down with an AK-47. Gaspar, fatally wounded, tries to slither away, but collapses and dies from his wounds in seconds.

After killing Sosa's elite guard, he bursts into Sosa's office. Tony expresses his disbelief that Sosa would care so little about killing innocent children. Sosa, however, defends himself, stating that "when you move 400 kilos a month, it is imperative that you do kill children." A gunfight then breaks out between the pair of them, and despite Sosa managing to shoot Tony, Tony empties an entire magazine of machine-gun ammunition into Sosa, who finally dies.

Upon leaving, however, Tony finds a single surviving henchman of Sosa's. He begs Tony to spare him, for his wife and kids' sake, to which Tony, instead of killing him, offers him a job.

The game ends with that surviving henchman now serving as Tony's butler, and Tony's empire restored to full power and wealth. Tony finally has the "world" that he felt was coming to him, and with all competition eliminated, the Montana Cartel is the most powerful of its kind in Miami.

Development and history

According to Game Informer and Vivendi Universal, Scarface: The World Is Yours sold over a million copies in North America, Europe, and Australia. The commercial for the game featured the Mötley Crüe song Kickstart My Heart, although the song was not in the game. However, the band's drummer, Tommy Lee, played the role of the manager of Fidel's Records and Tapes


The game has received largely favorable reviews. At the time of writing, only eight of the twenty-nine reviews cited by Metacritic for the Xbox version of the game have given the game a score lower than 75%, with most reviews lying in the 80-90% range (IGN gave it a review of 8.7/10, making it an Editor's Choice game, and Game Informer awarded it 85%). However, a small number of reviews have been less favorable, with GameSpot only giving it 6.6 out of 10 and the G4 TV show X-Play giving it a 3 out of 5, and OXM giving it only 4.5/10. The PS2 reviews have been very similar to those of the Xbox, with the 80-90% range dominating but several notable sources voicing dissent. The PC version had been released with several bugs, especially in controls and map loading systems, thus giving the game mixed reviews, but with a similarly respectable average score of around 72-75% in Metacritic and GameRankings. Gamespot gave the Wii version 5.8 for what they thought was a poor control method, while IGN gave it an 8.5, praising the new controls and saying that it was the best version of the game available, scored slightly lower only due to its late release and nature as a last-gen port.


These are songs that are included in the Scarface game


80's Pop



Latin Music




Scarface O.S.T.

(*)- Songs that are on the 1983 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

(locked song)- Locked songs are songs that are not available at the start of the game but can be unlocked by buying Montana Records for $100,000. One of the locked songs however must be unlocked by beating the story mode of the game.

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Scarface: The World Is Yours
Box artwork for Scarface: The World Is Yours.
Developer(s) Radical Entertainment
Publisher(s) Sierra Entertainment
Distributor(s) Vivendi Games
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action
System(s) Xbox, PlayStation 2, Windows, Wii
Mode(s) Single player
ESRB: Mature
PEGI: Ages 18+
USK: Ages 18+
OFLC: Mature Accompanied & Restricted
BBFC: 18
System requirements (help)
CPU clock speed


System RAM


Disk space


Optical drive speed


DirectX version
Version 9.0c

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a video game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment. The game is based on, and is a quasi-sequel to, the 1983 motion picture Scarface with André Sogliuzzo hand-picked by Al Pacino to provide Tony Montana's voice. It was released on the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox on October 8, 2006, and on the Wii on June 12, 2007.

Scarface: The World Is Yours begins in the last scene of the film, where Tony Montana is being attacked by Sosa's assassins. The player takes control of Tony, who then kills all the assassins, including the one who kills Tony in the film. His last surviving men inform him that the police and the DEA have arrived and raided the mansion, causing Tony to escape through an underground passage. He arrives in an undisclosed location, and begins making his recovery from the assassins' attack.

While recovering, he reminisces about the mistakes that he made while admitting he has a cocaine addiction. From that moment on, Tony goes cold turkey and vows to get revenge on Sosa. With his drug empire in shambles and his assets seized by the authorities, he must start from the bottom once again and rebuild his empire to get his vengeance. The game then starts on Tony's new path to glory – kill many of Tony's competitors, and finally raid the mansion of Sosa and kill him. The player makes contacts, friends, and sets up accounts with banks to launder his or her money, though the banks take a percentage of it depending on how far the player is in the game and how good his negotiation skills are.

Early on, Montana buys his mansion back from the authorities and the game allows a great deal of customization. The player buys and deals his own cocaine using a mini-game with which the player tries to get more cocaine for less money, and sell a gram of cocaine for more money. The banks are used to save and launder money, while also acting as save points.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
  • Controls
  • Cops
  • Gangs
  • Coke
  • Turf
  • Henchmen
  • Garage
  • Boathouse
  • Mansion
  • Unique collectibles
  • Furniture
  • Decor
  • Investments
  • Weapons
  • Cheats
Starting missions
  • Combat Tutorial
  • Tony's Downfall
  • The Return
  • The Road To Sosa
  • Felix
  • Gasper Gomez
Little Havana missions
  • Pedro's Pawn Shop
  • Cabana Cigar
  • Oakley Drive-In
  • Babylon Club Redux
  • The Diaz Brothers
  • Havana Storehouse
Downtown missions
  • Freedom Town Redux
  • O' Grady's Liquor Store
  • Fidel's Records & Tapes
  • U-Gin Shotgun Bar
  • Babylon Club
  • Marina Storehouse
The Island missions
  • Nacho Contreras
  • The Dock Boss
  • The Informer
  • Nacho's Tanker
South Beach missions
  • Macau Fast Food
  • Chi Peso Trattoria
  • Swansong Hotel
  • Sun Ray Hotel
  • Shoreline Storehouse
  • Un-Load
  • Deliver
North Beach missions
  • Angel Dust Donut Shop
  • Whippet Gambling
  • Peninsula Lounge
  • Stein Jewelry
  • Coco's Lounge and Disco
  • Leopard Storage
Sandman missions
  • The Plantation
  • Tranquilandia
Final showdown
  • Bolivia
Extra Island missions
  • Kidnapped
  • Gangland
  • Baggage Check
  • Contra Band

Simple English

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a video game based on the events from the movie Scarface.


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