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Scary Movie 2
Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans
Produced by Shawn Wayans
Marlon Wayans
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Barry Rosenbush
Brad Weston
Written by Shawn Wayans
Marlon Wayans
Alyson Fouse
Greg Grabianski
Dave Polsky
Michael Anthony Snowden
Craig Wayans
Starring Shawn Wayans
Marlon Wayans
Anna Faris
Regina Hall
Chris Masterson
Kathleen Robertson
David Cross
James Woods
Tim Curry
Tori Spelling
Chris Elliott
Andy Richter
Richard Moll
Veronica Cartwright
James DeBello
Music by Mark McGrath
Cinematography Steven Bernstein
Editing by Thomas J. Nordberg
Richard Pearson
Peter Teschner
Studio Wayans Bros. Entertainment
Distributed by Dimension Films
Miramax Films
Release date(s) July 4, 2001 (2001-07-04)
Running time 83 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $45 million
Gross revenue $141,220,678
Preceded by Scary Movie
Followed by Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 2 is a 2001 American dark comedy which parodies the horror, slasher, and mystery genres. It is the second film of the Scary Movie franchise.



The film opens with a parody of The Exorcist in which teenager Megan Voorhees (Natasha Lyonne) is possessed and two priests, Father McFeely (James Woods) and Father Harris (Andy Richter), must drive the demon out. The exorcism doesn't go as planned, and a chain of Exorcist-like vomiting occurs. Megan insults McFeely's mother and he shoots her in the head.

Fast forward one year later, Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris), Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall), Ray Wilkins (Shawn Wayans) and Shorty Meeks (Marlon Wayans) are at college, trying to live new lives, after the events in the previous movie. (Although most of them died in the first film, in a deleted scene, Brenda says her death was a near-death experience, and Cindy was never officially declared dead.) Cindy and Brenda get tagged by a dorky girl, Alex (Tori Spelling); Ray, who is still confused by his sexuality, has two new friends, Tommy (James DeBello) and Buddy (Christopher Masterson); while Shorty is still the same stoner he was in the last movie.

The story begins when a college teacher, Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) and his paraplegic assistant Dwight (David Cross) plan to study the paranormal activity at Helle House, with the clueless teens as bait and for Oldman to get action with the college girls. Then, Theo (Kathleen Robertson) also becomes part of the study group.

When Cindy arrives at the Hell House, she meets a talking, vulgar, and slanderous Amazon parrot (voice of Matt Friedman), and the caretaker, Hanson (Chris Elliott), who has great people skills and a genetically malformed little hand. After some weird incidents on that night, Cindy being beaten up by a cat, a toy clown (in reference to Poltergeist) attacking Ray (although due to sexual preference, it was the clown who was in trouble, as Ray rapes the clown), Shorty getting attacked and smoked by a weed-monster, Alex getting raped in her sleep by Hell House's dead owner, Hugo Kane, (and falling in love with him) the teens finally learn about the professor's plan and try to escape the mansion.

Professor Oldman gets killed by a sexy female ghost with disfigured features as the ghost of Hugo Kane seals all exits of the manor to prevent the surviving occupants from escaping. Shorty encounters the same sexy Butterface ghost, but instead of being killed is shown having sex with her with a paper bag over her head. Alex becomes a crazed stalker who pursues Kane until the ghost is forced to kill her. Realizing that killing the ghost is the only way out, the teens are equipped with several technological devices by Dwight that serve to harass and injure the spectral enemy. They are pursued all throughout the mansion. Buddy and Cindy get locked in the walk-in refrigerator. Thinking that Buddy is dying from their previous encounter with the ghost, Cindy gives him a "handjob", with explosive results evoking memories of a similar situation from the first movie. After they escape from the room, Buddy flees while Cindy is chased by an undead skeleton and Brenda rips its head off. Hanson gets possessed, and Cindy, Brenda and Theo parody Charlie's Angels to get him, but end up beaten up. Eventually, they use Cindy as bait to lure the Kane ghost to a device that ultimately destroys him.

Two months later, taking care of the parrot though he hates her for talking too much, Cindy and Buddy are in a relationship and go out on a walk until Buddy disappears without notice as she looks up to see Hanson serving at the hot dog stand. She screams "No!" while Hanson screams "Yes!" Hanson is instantly hit by a car (although is not declared dead) driven by Shorty, who was distracted because he is being given fellatio by the Butterface ghost, still with the bag over her head, with it being similar to the opening scene of the first film.


  • "The Haunting" - Main parody
  • "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - The hunchback castle carer with wiggling finger.
  • "The Exorcist" - The opening scene before the title appears
  • "Hollow Man" - The equipments that Dwight gives to the teens, and the fighting against the invisible ghost of Hugh Kane.
  • "Hannibal" - Hanson removes to top of Shorty's head and has him say "Hello Cindy"
  • "Nike Commercial"[1] - The teens and Dwight making music with the basketball
  • "What Lies Beneath" - Cindy seduces the professor in the kitchen, and Ray suddenly appears in the same dress
  • "Poltergeist" - When Ray is attacked by the clown, when Alex is dragged across the ceiling, and when the tree smokes Shorty
  • "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - Cindy getting chased by the skeleton
  • "Titanic" - When Cindy and Buddy are in the freezer
  • "Dude, Where's My Car?" - The tattoos on their backs
  • "Save the Last Dance'-When Shorty teaches Cindy how to be "Black."



In the U.S., the film grossed $71,308,997. Worldwide, it grossed $141,220,678. Although being a hit, out of the four Scary Movie films, this is the least successful to date.[2]

Despite its box office success, it was not as well received by critics achieving a rotten 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes[3] and a generally negative score of 29% on Metacritic.[4]

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Scary Movie 2 is a black comedy film about a college professor who invites his class to spend the weekend in a haunted house.

Scary Movie 2.


Cindy Campbell

  • [while fighting a possessed black cat] Help, my pussy's gone crazy!
  • [after she punched Buddy] You gotta be quicker than that, Pencil Dick.
  • Moo, motherfucker, moo!


  • [while having sex on the ceiling] Bring it on! Kinky's my middle name, bitch!
  • [deleted scene] God is good. God is great. But not all the time, sometimes He could be a real asshole. Praying for twenty-four years, not one goddamn message on my answering machine. If you're listening and I know you're up there, thanks for all this food, since it's the least you could do. Amen. Let's eat.

Shorty Meeks

  • No. I need a place to stay. Momma Dukes kicked me out.
  • Yeah. [Rips out a page from his history book] Free papers. [Laughs loudly and irritatingly and rolls a joint with the page]
  • [while being rolled up like a joint by a weed tree] I'll NEVER smoke you again.
  • Toke! Toke! Take it to the head! Take it to the head!


  • [while raping the dinner] Hiawatha!
  • [backing into the room Cindy has just walked into] Ahh, watch, my fanny's coming through... watch it, make room for fanny...
  • [laughs] My germs.
  • Let me use my strong hand!


  • Brenda Meeks: Cindy, this is a skeleton, this is bones! Would you run from Callista Flockhart?
  • Dwight Hartman: How about I take these two legs... and shove them right up your ass - all the way to the knee.
  • Father Harris: [while exorcising Megan] Holy lord, Almighty Father, Everlasting God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Virgin Mary's baby daddy, Holy Lord, Almighty Father, Everlasting God, who once concerned that Fallen Tyrant to the flames of Hell, who sent your only Son in the world to crush that Roaring Tiger, and who got that unholy bitch Jerri kicked off of Survivor!
  • Father McFeely: [On the toilet] Lord, help me release this demon! [farts and is relieved] Oh, thank you, Lord. Oh... wait. [farts again] Ahhh, ha-ha! Oh, those enchiladas!
  • Father McFeely: [as Megan's head spins around Father McFeely turns to leave] Fuck this!
  • Parrot: You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
  • Ray Wilkins: Uncle Ray Ray's got a game!


Exorcist Party Go-ers: (singing) Shake ya ass! Watch ya step! Shake ya ass! Show me what you working with!
Mrs. Voorhees: (singing) Attention, all you young players and pimps. Right now is the place to be.
Father Harris: (singing) I thought I told y'all niggas before, y'all niggas don't fuck with me.

Father McFeely: Let's pray.
Father Harris: Our father...
Megan Voorhees: Hahahhaahaha!
Father Harris: Shhhh... Stop it!
Megan Voorhees: Your mother sucks cocks in hell!
Father Harris: Oh shit...
Father McFeely: (Pulls out a gun) Suck on this.
Megan Voorhees: Oh-oh.
(He shoots her)

Father McFeely: Hi, I'm Father McFeely.
Mrs. Voorhees: I'm so glad you're here.
Father McFeely: I came as fast as I could. But you know at my age the little soldier needs a lot more thumpin' before it starts pumpin'. I do find though, that if I tickle my asshole just before I unleash the dog of war...

Father McFeely: How is she?
Mrs. Voorhees: It's gotten worse Father. She won't eat. She won't talk. The child won't let me touch her.
Father McFeely: Yes, sometimes you have to give them candy.

Cindy Campbell: [singing terribly along with the radio to Vitamin C and swerving all over the road] As we go on! We remember! All the time we! Spent To-geee-therrr! And as the time goes -
(suddenly the music comes to an abrupt stop)
Vitamin C: Hey! Will you shut the fuck up and let me sing?

Dwight Hartman: Okay, thanks, "Handyman".
Hanson: I'm actually the caretaker. Oh, aren't those cool new skates? Now you be careful with those, you don't want to fall and break something.
Dwight Hartman: Oh, that's funny, that's real funny. Um, let me give you a "hand." (starts clapping)
Hanson: Why, that's awful kind of you. Why don't you give me a standing ovation?
Dwight Hartman: Why don't you lift me up?
Hanson: Ha, ok, I see where you're going with this one. You look familiar to me. Were you in "STOMP"?
Dwight Hartman: Hey you can kiss my grits!
Hanson: I think I'll be the bigger man, now, and walk away. Walk away.

Buddy: Hey Cind.
Cindy Campbell: Hey Buddy.
Buddy: (punches her in the boob) Open chest! Oh, come on. You gotta be quicker than that A cup.
(Cindy crawls up)
Theo: Hey guys.
(All the guys say hello and look at her sexually)
Theo: Well, are you boys gonna sit there with your mouths open or is someone gonna offer me a seat.
(The males push their chairs towards her)
Dwight Hartman: (Dwight pushes wheelchair towards her and sits on Ray's leg) I warmed it up for you. It's the best seat in the house.
Ray Wilkins: Second best. (Ray touches Dwight's hair)

Hanson: All right, who's ready for a wing?
Dwight Hartman: Yours or the turkeys?
Hanson: (pauses) I know what you'd like, how bout a leg?
[everyone starts saying "ooooh"]
Hanson: How bout two? (giggles)

Ghost Voice: Cindy! I want you to know to what happened to me... Look in the music room! Check the music room!
Cindy Campbell: Where are you?
Ghost Voice: Check the fucking music room!

Dwight Hartman: Heh-hey! Hey there little guy, how are you doing?
Little Bird: Fuck off, four eyes.
Dwight Hartman: H... h... I beg your pardon?
Little Bird: I said: "Fuck off... four eyes"
Dwight Hartman: You know, I oughta kick your ass!
Shorty Meeks: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Relax, son, it's just a bird. Hi little birdy... Polly want a cracker?
Little Bird: Polly want your momma's sweet ass.
Shorty Meeks: ...what did Polly say to me?
Little Bird: I said: "Polly wants your momma's... sweet ass".
Shorty Meeks: You don't be talking 'bout my momma son, you don't know my momma son!
Little Bird: Yeah, I know your momma, I fucked her last night.
Shorty Meeks: You want beef? I'll fuck you up!
Little Bird: Ooooh! I'm shaking, I'm shaking.
Shorty Meeks: Aw no fuck this, I'm handling this shit like a gentleman, ya'll. Hold my tooth son.
Little Bird: Yeah come on bitch, you and that Kotter's hairstyle wanna piece of me? Come on, bring it on!
Shorty Meeks: What you hardcore? Gimme somethin'!
Little Bird: Lemme outta here, come on pussy. Lemme outta here, I'll fuck you up!

Ray Wilkins: (while doing push-ups) 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...Brandon. 10...11...Brandon. Come on, count with me.
Clown Voice: (clown whispers in room) Hey you. Come here. Heheheheh...
(Ray looks around the room before finally looking under the bed)
Clown Voice: Gotcha. (pulls Ray in) Come on. Lets play.
(The bed shakes as Ray fights the clown. Then, the bed suddenly stops moving)
Clown Voice: Hey, what are you doing?
Ray Wilkins: Uncle Ray-Ray's got a game for you.
Clown Voice: Hey, get your finger out of there.
Ray Wilkins: Tickle, Tickle. Tickle. (Clowns tries to run) You running from Uncle Ray? Here's a balloon animal. (Ray's penis comes out from under the bed and begins to strangle the clown) Dada...dada...dada.
Clown Voice: Aaaahhhh.

Brenda Meeks: You know, you really are my best friend, Cindy.
Cindy Campbell: Thanks, Brenda.
Buddy: Hey are you guys okay?
Brenda Meeks: Hell, yeah. It's gonna take more than a bag of bones to scare me.
Hell House Ghost: (while giving Buddy a wedgie) Wedgie!
Cindy Campbell: Oh my God! Brenda, do something!
Brenda Meeks: Okay! (runs away)
Cindy Campbell: (calling after Brenda) I thought I was your best friend?
Brenda Meeks: Was. I'ma miss you, girl!

Shorty Meeks: Woooooh!
Cindy Campbell: Oh, Shorty!
Shorty Meeks: Cindy!
Cindy Campbell: There's a monster chasing me, what are we gonna do?
Shorty Meeks: Eeeh, eeh... I got it!
(Shorty shoves Cindy out of the room and locks the door)

Ray Wilkins: Let's do something freaky...
Brenda Meeks: Like what, Ray?
Ray Wilkins: I don't know...why don't you talk dirty to me?
Brenda Meeks: I don't know what to say, Ray.
Ray Wilkins: C'mon, just make something up.
Brenda Meeks: Oh, Ray, why do you make me so bad?
Ray Wilkins: C'mon, 'cause you a bad girl.
Brenda Meeks: Okay...I'ma work this.
Ray Wilkins: Yeah, work it.
Brenda Meeks: I'ma make this mine!
Ray Wilkins: Ooh, it's all yours.
Brenda Meeks: I'ma piss on face... and I'ma fart in your mouth, (shouting) I'ma shit on these walls, Ray! Ooh!
[Ray looks disgusted]
Brenda Meeks: Too dirty?

Dwight Hartman: Let's split up.
Brenda Meeks: Unh-unh, unh-unh, unh-unh, unh-unh-UNH! Now wait a minute, hold up! How come when anytime this scary shit happens, and we should stick together, you white people always say "let's split up"?
Theo: She's right, we should stick together.
Dwight Hartman: She's right. Okay. [pointing to the white people in the group] You three, follow me!
[the three black people are left alone]
Shorty Meeks: Ain't that a bitch.
[the three of them begin to cry]
Brenda Meeks: We gonna die, y'all.

Buddy: I heard Dwight tell the professor that there could be a poltergeist in the house and that we could all be in danger!
Shorty Meeks: Aww, naw son! Not a POLTERGEIST!...What's a poltergeist?

Alex: Why won't you talk to me?
Hell House Ghost: Because you gave me crabs!

Dwight Hartman: I know what you thinking. That I fire three shots or a hundred and seventeen? Well, do you feel lucky, (pause) punk? Do you (pause) feel lucky? (says faster) Do you feel lucky, punk?
Hell House Ghost: Shoot me, motherfucker.

Buddy: Are you okay, Dwight?
Dwight Hartman: I can't...I can't feel my legs. (pause) Aaahahaha, I can't feel my legs.
Ray Wilkins: You never could.
Dwight Hartman: Hey you stay out of this, all right?

Hanson: (while reaching out to Dwight who is hanging from the third floor window) Here! Take my hand! (holds out deformed hand)
Dwight Hartman: NO! GET IT AWAY FROM ME! Give me your OTHER hand!

Cindy Campbell: Brenda! The monster is gonna kill us!

Ray Wilkins: What do you think, tucked in, or out?
(reveals he's talking about his penis, which is tucked between his legs)
Buddy, Tommy: OH! OUT!

Hanson: Ah, it's Cindy. Say "Helloo" to Cindy, Shorty.
Shorty Meeks: Helloo...Cindy. (Cindy looks at the bottles on the table)
Cindy Campbell: Oh, God. Morphine, chloroform, horse tranquilizers! You drugged him!
Hanson: I did not! That's all his stuff!

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