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Indehiscent (remaining closed) mericarp of Malva moschata

A schizocarp is a dry fruit that develops from multiple carpels. When mature it splits up into mericarps. Mericarps are often 1-seeded as in, for example, Malva, Malvastrum, and Sida. In others, for example, in Abutilon, the mericarps have two or more seeds.

The mericarp is either:

  • Dehiscent (splits open to release the seed), for example members of the genus Geranium. This is similar to what happens with a capsule, but with an extra stage.
  • Indehiscent (remaining closed), such as in the carrot or in members of the genus Malva.

In Abutilon, the mericarp is sometimes only partially dehiscent and does not release the seed.

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