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Bavaria sw.png
Map of Bavaria highlighting the district of Schweinfurt
State Bavaria
Adm. region Unterfranken
Region Main-Rhön
District seat Schweinfurt
Area 842 km²
Population 114,444 (2008-06-30)
Pop. density 135.92 /km²
Licence plate code SW
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Schweinfurt is a Kreis (district) in the northwestern part of Bavaria, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Bad Kissingen, Rhön-Grabfeld, Haßberge, Bamberg, Kitzingen, Würzburg and Main-Spessart. The district-free city Schweinfurt is completely surrounded by the district.



Main rivers in the district are the Main and the Wern. It is located between several hill chains - Haßberge to the east, the Rhön in the northwest, the Spessart to the west and the Steigerwald in the southeast.


The area of the district became part of Bavaria in 1814. In 1972 the previous district Gerolzhofen was merged with the district.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms The coat of arms shows the imperial eagle in the top part as a symbol of the former imperial city Schweinfurt. The bottom part of the coat of arms shows the symbol of the clerical state of Würzburg, which ruled a big part of the district until 1803.

Towns and municipalities

Towns Verwaltungsgemeinschaften free municipalities
  1. Gerolzhofen¹


  1. Oberschwarzach¹
  2. Stadtlauringen
  3. Werneck

¹ administrated within a

  1. Gerolzhofen
  2. Schwanfeld
  1. Bergrheinfeld
  2. Dingolshausen
  3. Dittelbrunn
  4. Donnersdorf
  5. Euerbach
  6. Frankenwinheim
  7. Geldersheim
  8. Gochsheim
  9. Grafenrheinfeld
  10. Grettstadt
  11. Kolitzheim
  12. Lülsfeld
  13. Michelau im Steigerwald
  14. Niederwerrn
  15. Poppenhausen
  16. Röthlein
  17. Schonungen
  18. Schwanfeld
  19. Schwebheim
  20. Sennfeld
  21. Sulzheim
  22. Üchtelhausen
  23. Waigolshausen
  24. Wasserlosen
  25. Wipfeld

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Coordinates: 50°00′N 10°15′E / 50.0°N 10.25°E / 50.0; 10.25



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