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Scientology has been established in New Zealand since 1955.[1]

The 2006 census gives 357 people affiliated to The Church of Scientology[2] although the Church claims that it has 5000 followers.[3]

The church is registered as a charity[4] and Inland Revenue Department has granted charitable status to the church for tax purposes.[5] Marion Moffat is the chairperson of Church of Scientology of New Zealand.

In 1969 the government instituted a Commission of Inquiry into Scientology which resulted in the Dumbleton-Powles Report.


The cult watch website,,[6] claims that the Church of Scientology of New Zealand attempted to suppress information on their website.[7]

In 2008 a protest against the church as part of Project Chanology was held in some parts of New Zealand by "Anonymous", a world-wide group that has concerns about internet censorship by Scientologists.[8]

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