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Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf
Written by Jim Ryan
Directed by Ray Patterson
Starring Casey Kasem
Don Messick
Hamilton Camp
B.J. Ward
Rob Paulsen
Frank Welker
Alan Oppenheimer
Pat Musick
Ed Gilbert
Mimi Seaton
Rob Paulsen
Jim Cummings
Joan Gerber
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
Executive producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Producer(s) Berny Wolf
Running time 90 min.
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Distributor Worldvision Enterprises
Original channel Syndication
Original airing 1988

Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf is a 1988 animated movie for television produced by Hanna-Barbera. It is the third full-length movie for telecast featuring the Scooby-Doo characters, and was the last to be aired as part of the Superstars 10 series of TV movies.

It also marks the last proper appearance of Scrappy-Doo in an animated Scooby-Doo series, special, or film. It aired on the Disney Channel in the 1990s.



Every year, all of the classic Hollywood monsters such as Frankenstein's monster, The Mummy, and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, gather at Count Dracula's castle in Transylvania for the "Monster Road Rally", an ultimate road race similar to Wacky Races, awarding the winner with the "Monster of the Year" award as well as many other prizes only monsters would enjoy (and one prize—a trip to Hawaii—that none of the monsters want). This year however, Dracula receives a postcard from the Wolfman stating that he has retired to Florida and will not be participating. Lacking one of the most well known monsters, Dracula fears they will have to cancel the race. Luckily, Dracula's minion Wolfgong notifies him there is an another option, namely, to create a new werewolf. After searching an old book for information on whom is next in line to become the next werewolf, it is revealed that it is none other than Shaggy Rogers (or Shah-Gee, as Dracula pronounces it).

Dracula sends his horrible henchmen (the mushmouthed, incomprehensible Crunch and the well-articulated British Brunch, together known as "The Hunch Bunch", since both of them are hunchbacked) to America to transform Shaggy into a werewolf and bring him back to his castle. After a few thwarted attempts, the Hunch Bunch manage to transform Shaggy by exposing him to moonlight while he is at a drive in movie with Scooby, Scrappy, and Googie in his customized race car. The Hunch Bunch then picks up the car using their "bat-copter" and flies the group back to Transylvania. Here, Shaggy is informed that he was chosen to be the next werewolf and that he must participate in the monster race. Shaggy, wanting to return to his normal life, is displeased with his current situation. Ultimately, however, Shaggy chooses to make a deal with Dracula, and states that he'll only race under the condition that if he wins, Dracula must return him back to his human state, and allow him and his friends to leave.

Dracula agrees but secretly begins planning ways to keep Shaggy from winning. After being kept up most of the night, driving the severely detuned "wolf-wagon" in the race, being sent on misleading detours, rescuing Scrappy and Googie from traps, and dodging dangerous monsters and magic spells, Shaggy manages to win. Dracula refuses to revert the spell, claiming he had his fangs crossed when they made the agreement. Infuriated, the heroes steal Dracula's book on transformation and make their getaway. Dracula chases them in his bat-like car and airplane, where the four narrowly escape Dracula's powerful "Drac-Vac" and his "Munchie-Missiles." In the end, Googie uses the book to change Shaggy back to normal and the group is happy for shaggy to be normal. That night, the gang all sit down to watch another horror movie, but nobody sees Dracula, Brunch and Crunch creep up to the window, leaving the film with an open ending.



  • The music playing at the party once Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, and Googie arrive is the beat to "Gleep Glorp" from the other superstar 10 movie, Rockin' with Judy Jetson.
  • This is also the final appearance to date of Scrappy Doo in animated form in the Scooby Doo series.
  • This is the last Scooby-Doo project of the 80's where Shaggy is wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. In Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase, Cyber Shaggy wears this outfit.
  • Fred, Daphne, and Velma do not appear in this animated film. but B.J. Ward who voices Velma, actually voices Googie in this animated Scooby Doo film.
  • Both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's names are mispronounced throughout the film as "Dr. Jackyll" and "Mr. Snyde."
  • Shaggy the werewolf makes a brief appearance in the What's New Scooby-Doo Halloween episode.

DVD release

  • In March 2002, the TV movie was released on VHS and DVD from Warner Home Video. In common with the releases of the other late 80's Scooby Doo movies no references to Scrappy are made on the outer case, giving the false impression that the film only features Shaggy and Scooby.

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Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf is a 1988 TV film about Shaggy is turned into a werewolf, and it's up to Scooby, Scrappy and his girlfriend to help him win the contest.



  • I don't why she is so uptight. [transforms into a werewolf] Just because... [transforms back to normal] I have a little case of... [transforms into a werewolf] hiccups.
  • Like why do girls always scream in these dreadful horror movies.
  • Some people can choke up anything.
  • [while being chased by the crowd] Look, I know I'm not handsome, but I'm no monster!
  • [after the crowd chases him again] Not again! Like this is nuts!


  • Shah-Gee? Shah-Gee?! What kind of a name is Shah-Gee?
  • [attempting to stop the monsters from fighting] WAIT A MINUTEEEEEE!!
  • Wolfgong, drop a cage. [Wolfgong drops a cage on himself] Not on you, stupid, on them!
  • I'm such a dirty guy.
  • [to Shaggy] Now, you're beginning to bug me. [to the crowd] Your nerves bug me too.
  • What's the matter with all of you?! How could you let that werewolf make monster monkeys out of you?! Put those pedals to the metal!
  • [singing] Pardon me, boy, is this the Transylvania choo-choo?
  • Alright, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! I'm going to unleash G.K.
  • [getting his book from Vanna Pira] Give me that! Alright to the moon! Bang! Zoom!
  • [getting his book from Shaggy] Ha ha ha to you, too!
  • [after the Hunch Bunch got his Dracmobile] What took you so long?
  • [after the Hunch Bunch got his Batplane] What take you?
  • I just wanted to thank you for your visit.
  • Fools. That won't protect you against my Munchie Missile.
  • So they think they can escape Dracula. Aha! Don't worry, I still have my doomsday weapon, the Headstone Rocket!
  • [after Shaggy said that they're through with monsters] That's what he thinks.


  • Brunch: Ah, yes, allow me translate. Crunch said "Top ho, everyone."
  • Brunch: He said "Ta-ta for now."
  • Brunch: We have the master's reluctant werewolf!
  • Googie: Go, Shaggy, go! Don't be a bum! Leave the other guys in the dump! Yay, Shaggy!
  • Googie: Go, Shaggy, go! Keep up the pace! Go all the way and win the race! Yay!
  • Googie: Way to go, Shaggy! Give it the guts! You're gonna finish number 1! Yay, Shaggy!
  • Googie: Shaggy, don't drink too fast. You'll get the hiccups.
  • Googie: That boy. It's a good thing for him that I'm crazy about him.
  • Googie: Shaggy, don't eat too fast. You'll get the hiccups and turn into a werewolf again.
  • Narrator: Tighter county U.S.A., a funny car race is in progress. A bright driver named Shaggy maneuvers for the lead in his Double Dino Turbo Blaster. Assisted by his faithful companions, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy, and cheered on by his adoring, but little airhead girlfriend, Googie.


Vanna Pira: [reading about Shaggy] It says he's an American, and he's cute.
Dracula: A cute werewolf? Bah, the Hunch Bunch will take care of that.
Vanna Pira: Oh no! Not the Hunch Bunch!
Frankenstein: Not the Hunch Bunch!
Swamp Monster: Ohhhhh yuck!
Witch: They're so awful!
Frankenstein: And so horrible!
Dracula: Yes! [laughs] The Hunch Bunch!

Dracula: Get off, Crunch, you monster mush mouth! I want to speak with Brunch.
Brunch: Yes, Your Evilness, we had a spot of bad luck this evening. But never fear, we'll bank your werewolf tomorrow night or our name isn't the Hunch Bunch.
Dracula: You better or your name will be Mud. Or maybe even Blood.

Crunch: Master!
Brunch: Master, wha-what are you doing here?
Dracula: Aha! I am not here. This is my image transmitted by my Bat Laser. How do I look? [opens his cape, revealing to lose his pants]
Brunch: I think you lost something in the transmission, sire.

Crunch: Movie monsters. Ah, phooey!
Brunch: Yes, I quite agree. They don't resemble us in the least.

Brunch: Hello, what's this? Oh, it's you, master.
Dracula: Yes, well, where is my Shah-Gee werewolf?
Brunch: Over there, you buffooness.
Dracula: Excellent. Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get him.
Brunch: Well, there's one minor problem, sire. It seems he has the hiccups.
Dracula: Hicups? Hicups? Big deal! So what if he has the hicups? [sees Shaggy transforming from normal to werewolf] Oh no, convertible werewolf. You get rid of his hicups fast or I'll put bombs in your humps.
Brunch: Rest assured, sire. We'll have him back at the castle within the hour.

Scooby-Doo: There's a monster on the loose.
Shaggy: There's two of them, and the crowd thinks one of the monsters is me.
Scooby-Doo: You? No. [laughs with Shaggy also laughing and transforms into a werewolf] Oh, it is you!
Shaggy: What?!
Scooby-Doo: Look.
Shaggy: Oh no! Oh no! I'm a werewolf! Scooby, old buddy, old pal, what do I do? Scooby? [sees Scooby attempting to run away] Get back here! You gotta help me, Scoob, old friend, old pal, old dear good buddy.
Scooby-Doo: Okay.

Googie: Stop this car, you yucky monster! What did you do to Shaggy?!
Shaggy: Like knock it off, Googie! I am Shaggy!
Googie: Oh no!

Googie: Oh, Shag, you poor dear! Why would such a thing happened to you?
Shaggy: Like how should I know? Phew. I guess we lost them.

Dracula: Crunch, Brunch, bring the revival spray and awaken our guests.
Crunch: Bles Blaster,
[arrives wearing a revival spray pack]
Crunch: Turn it on, turn it on.
Brunch: Roger old boy. [turns the knob]
Crunch: [sticks the hose into Draculas face] Like this? But I'm not Roger, I'm Crunch!
Dracula: You're going to be history if you don't take that thing off my face!
Crunch: Bloops.

Dracula: Let me introduce myself. I'm Count Dracula and I have brought you, Shah-Gee, to Transylvania to drive the Werewolf Car in the Monster Road Race.
Scooby-Doo: Monster Road Race?
Scrappy-Doo: Transylvania?
Googie: Werewolf Car?
Shaggy: Don't tell me that's why I got turned me into a werewolf.
Dracula: Precisely.
Shaggy: Oh, I told you not to tell me that.

Dracula: So, Shah-Gee, you still refuse to drive the Werewolf Car in the Monster Road Race?
Shaggy: Like you got it, sir.

Dracula: Please do have some spiderweb spaghetti.
Scooby-Doo: Sp-sp-sp-spiderweb?
Dracula: And you must try the plasma pizza.
[Scooby turns green]
Dracula: And the wart pudding.
[Scooby swallows and faints]
Scrappy-Doo: [carrying Scooby off] Come on, Shaggy, let's get out of here.
Dracula: Wait! You haven't tried the finger sandwiches, made with REAL fingers.

Brunch: This will blow their minds, as well as their ears, now take the microphone old boy and hold it near the water.
Crunch: Blokay.
[puts the microphone under the leaky faucet, causing it to electrocute them both and blow up]
Brunch: I say pick up your ears old friend, I said NEAR the water not IN it.

Brunch: The master is going to be testy about this.
Dracula: Yes, I'll be testy. [laughs] I'm furious! If you two don't keep Shah-Gee from winning this race, it will be both your necks.

Dr. Jekyll: Master, there's a train approaching. Should we better stop?
Dracula: Who cares? Keep going!
Dr. Jekyll: But this madness! Madness, I tell you! We all get creamed... [transforms into Mr. Hyde]
Mr. Hyde: Including me.
Dracula: Step on the gas or I'll chop your necks, both of them.

[Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Crunch, Brunch, and Dracula are fighting for the book]
Shaggy: Ha ha ha!
Crunch: Bla Bla!
Scooby-Doo: Ha hee hee!
Brunch: Ha ha ha, old bean!
Shaggy: Like ha ha ha to you!
Dracula: Ha ha ha to you, too!
Scrappy-Doo: Ditto, Drako!

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