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Scott Ambush is an American musician, best known as the bass player of jazz fusion band Spyro Gyra.[1]



He was born April 28, 1960 in Frederick, Maryland to Webster and Jeanette Lofton Ambush. He attended Ubana Elementary School in Ubana, Maryland, West Frederick Middle, and Frederick High School. After high school, he attended the University of Maryland at College Park. While studying psychology during the day, he was introduced to the Washington, D.C. music scene at night. Through word of mouth, he was recommended for the bass job with Spyro Gyra and filled the bass space after audition. He made his studio debut with Spyro Gyra in 1992 on the album "Three Wishes".[2]


His main bass is an Ambush Custom five-string bass. [3] The signal goes into a Whirlwind Selector A/B box, where it is split. One side of the box feeds a Korg tuner, while the other feeds a Countryman direct box. The signal is split again at the direct box. One side feeding the house and monitor consoles the other side is fed into the stage rig. On stage he uses an Eden Navigator preamp, fed into a QSC 3500 power amp, driving an Eden 4x10 cabinet. The cabinet is miked and fed to the house and monitor desks as well. The band uses an in-ear monitoring system, so a combination of the direct and miked signals are mixed in the monitors. As for effects, he sometimes use a TC Electronics chorus pedal and an EBS Octave pedal. In addition to the Ambush basses, he sometimes uses an Athlete acoustic bass guitar or a custom Jazz Bass with a Moses composite neck. In the studio, the bass goes direct to the console, and is combined with signal from either a miked Eden cabinet or the Navigator preamp. His home studio is a basic writer/project affair with Alesis ADAT, Mackie Board, Yamaha NS10 and KRK KROC monitors, various keyboards, Alesis DM5 drum module, Hart Dynamics Miltipad and kick drum triggers, a Power Computing CPU, MOTU Digital Performer sequencing software, and soon, Pro Tools.



Albums (with Spyro Gyra)

Title Year of Release Label
Three Wishes 1992 GRP
Dreams Beyond Control 1993 GRP
Love and Other Obsessions 1995 GRP
Heart Of The Night 1996 GRP
20/20 1997 GRP
Road Scholars (live) 1998 GRP
Got The Magic 1999 Windham Hill Jazz
In Modern Times 2001 Heads Up
Original Cinema 2003 Heads Up
The Deep End 2004 Heads Up
Wrapped in a Dream 2006 Heads Up
Good to Go-Go 2007 Heads Up
A Night Before Christmas 2008 Heads Up
Down the Wire 2009 Heads Up


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