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Scott Cain (born April 2, 1981) is the winner of the third Australian Popstars competition in 2002.

In his earlier years he was a member of a band named Funkapation, who released the album Peanut Butter Brick in 2000. In the same year Funkapation competed in the Hastings Valley Battle of the Bands earning Scott the award for Best Vocalist. He first entered the charts with his version of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition", which was featured on a Popstars Final 7 compilation single that peaked at #7. His first solo single after winning the competition was "I'm Moving On", which reached #1 and spent some time on the charts afterwards. However Cain's stardom quickly diminished; despite protest from the artist "Crazy People Rock" was released as the followup single proving much less successful, peaking only at #36. Cain had intended to release own song Perfect Day as the second single but was denied the opportunity by his then record label Warner Music Australia. Perfect Day was not heard in its original form until Scotts 2004 Album Roller Coaster. His album release Controlled Folly peaked at #49 before sinking to #123 and disappearing entirely. Both of his initial singles are notable for having been written by Gregg Alexander of New Radicals fame. He also released the non-album single "Oceans in Between", a song based upon the events of September 11th 2001.This was a collaboration with Vents limited to 1,000 copies and released only through his website. Scott also performed this song at various charity events.

In 2003 he began hosting the AMTV show on the Disney Channel, and released the song "Step Into My World" on a Roadshow compilation. The following year, Cain signed with ABC Kids and soon released his second album entitled Roller Coaster, which was mostly a commercial failure, but met limited airplay success with the song "Hilary Duff". Later that year he supported Hilary Duff on her national Australian tour.

Cain currently works at Harvey Norman in Taylors Lakes, Melbourne.[1] He is currently in a longterm relationship with Danielle Stearman, his runner up on Popstars 3. In 2009 they recorded and self-released a new album together, Spero.






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