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"Scott Tenorman Must Die"
South Park episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 1
Written by Trey Parker
Directed by Eric Stough
Production no. 501
Original airdate July 11, 2001
Guest stars

Radiohead as themselves

Season 5 episodes
South Park season 5
June 20, 2001 – December 12, 2001
  1. Scott Tenorman Must Die
  2. It Hits the Fan
  3. Cripple Fight
  4. Super Best Friends
  5. Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow
  6. Cartmanland
  7. Proper Condom Use
  8. Towelie
  9. Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants
  10. How to Eat with Your Butt
  11. The Entity
  12. Here Comes the Neighborhood
  13. Kenny Dies
  14. Butters' Very Own Episode

Season 4 Season 6
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"Scott Tenorman Must Die" is episode 69 of the Comedy Central animated series South Park. It originally aired on July 11, 2001. It features the band Radiohead as guest stars.



Cartman excitedly brags to the rest of the gang that he is the first to reach puberty, since he has gotten his first pubes. It turns out, however, that he has only bought the pubic hairs from Scott Tenorman, a teenage boy. Cartman was under the impression this would be sufficient to reach puberty rather than awaiting natural growth. Cartman is outraged at having been conned and tries to get back his $10 through various methods, but he is always outwitted by Scott. He even loses an additional $6.12 in the process. He also gets tricked into traveling 106 miles to Fort Collins because Scott told him of a "pube fair," and that he could sell them at $5 a hair. Cartman falls for it, thinking that he will get "a million dollars" for the pubes. Upon arrival, he finds that the fair was a lie and receives a delivered package full of more pubic hair. Finally, he tells Scott his grandmother will die without the money, but Scott, after tricking Cartman into acting like a "little piggy" burns the money in front of Cartman.

An irate Cartman angrily plots his revenge. His first major plan involves training one of Farmer Denkins' ponies to bite off Scott's penis. He trains one to attack a scarecrow with a hot dog hanging from its pants. The pony does not bite it off the first time, instead performing fellatio on it. Jimbo and Ned turn up, stating that the best way to humiliate Scott is to exploit his weaknesses. The major weakness Cartman, Jimbo, and Ned find is that Scott likes the band Radiohead. Now armed with new information, Cartman comes up with a scheme that involves (poorly) dubbing his voice over that of Radiohead to make it appear that the band is telling Kurt Loder that Scott Tenorman is "totally not cool." This plan fails and Scott further humiliates Cartman by showing the entire town the film of Cartman's acting like a pig in order to get his money back. Everyone laughs at Cartman, and Kenny laughs so hard that he dies. This only intensifies Cartman's desire for revenge.

Cartman then proceeds to carry out a new plan. He invites Radiohead, Scott's favorite band, to come to South Park to meet Scott (who, according to Cartman's letter, is dying from "cancer ... in his ass") saying he might not make it past "next Tuesday around 5." Cartman then reveals to Stan and Kyle that he will get Farmer Denkin's pony to bite off Scott's penis in front of Radiohead, which will humiliate him. Kyle and Stan promptly betray Cartman, telling Scott about Cartman's plan. Cartman then invites Scott to a chili cookoff, telling him that he can have a free pony ride at the event. Scott accepts, pretending to know nothing of Cartman's plan. He decides to humiliate Cartman once again by having all the kids in South Park put their pubic hair in Scott's chili and watch Cartman eat it. He then tells his parents that there is an abandoned pony at Farmer Denkins' place, and convinces them to go there in order to have the pony sent to an animal shelter.

At the cook off, everybody is waiting for Cartman to get humiliated (except for Chef, who actually believes it to be a chili cook-off). Scott eats Cartman's chili first, and then taunts Cartman to do the same. When Cartman has almost finished a bowl of chili that is apparently Scott's, Scott begins to tell Cartman what he did. However, Cartman has anticipated Scott's move, and reveals that he switched his chili with Chef's. He then goes into detail about how he figured out Scott's plan. First, Cartman knew that Stan and Kyle would betray his original plan to Scott. He also knew that Scott would try to get rid of the pony, but that, out of fear of having his penis bitten off, he would probably send his parents to do the deed. Having known all of this, and also knowing that Denkins shoots trespassers on sight, Cartman had gone to Denkins' farm and warned him about violent pony killers in the area. When Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman came for the pony, Denkins shot and killed both of them (Denkins later says that he was just protecting himself). Cartman returned to the farm later that night and stole the bodies. After spending a night cutting the bodies up with a hacksaw, Cartman was able to create "Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chili", which Scott has just eaten. Scott now examines the chili closely and finds his mother's finger with her wedding ring still attached, confirming Cartman's story. Scott is horrified and devastated at the loss of his parents, while the whole of South Park is shocked into silence by this. Scott throws up, and Cartman mocks him for eating his parents. At that moment, right on cue, Radiohead show up. They see Scott sobbing and mock him for being a 'cry baby' and 'the most uncool kid they've ever met'. Finally, as Scott is crying over the death of his parents, Cartman licks the tears off Scott's face, enjoying his victory. Astounded at the depths to which Cartman has sunk for revenge, Stan and Kyle agree they should never "piss off" Cartman again.

Cultural references

  • The episode loosely follows the plot of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, in which the titular character tricks the mother of his daughter's rapists to eat her own two sons.[1]
  • The ending parodies the Looney Tunes cartoons, with Cartman saying "That's all folks!".[2]
  • The part where Cartman tries to persuade other children to support him in his fight is a parody to William Wallace's pre-battle speech in the Braveheart movie.

Popularity and reception

  • In a poll held by Comedy Central, this episode ranked 8th most popular of all-time. In another poll, it was named Cartman’s Greatest Moment[3].
  • This episode is currently one of the highest-rated South Park episodes on[4] and,[5] and also appears on the South Park: The Hits and The Cult of Cartman DVD.
  • The episode was voted number one, on a five top episodes countdown, on 'South Park Super Fan Night', on Comedy Central.


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